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Designed by: Jessie Anglin
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Author's Note: Flying has become special and very rewarding to me. I have made a lot of friends and seen a lot of cool places. I am a member of the Georgia Sport Flyers.. This club is very active and sponsors many events each year. The biggest is the S.E. Regional Air Rally. At the Rally, Pilots compete at precision landings, bomb drops, torpedo runs, navigation and observation. The majority of the members fly Ultralights. Ultralights have become as safe as you want to make them. Do you remember when Sex was safe and Ultralights where dangerous. All the club's aircraft are super STOL. This gives us the advantage of flying low and slow. My J3 Kitten is a kit plane that falls under the experimental category. We can also land at airfields where most aircraft can not land...Like Paradise Falls. This strip is at High Shoals Ga. It is a great place to swim and cool off on hot summer days. The 2nd biggest event in the USA is the annual "Sun & Fun" fly in. Sun & Fun attracts about 800,000 people each year. About 8,000 aircraft arrive for the event. It looks like a bee's nest at times. You will find my friends and I there every year. Unbelievable air shows and fun.

The J3 Kitten is a 3/4 scale version of a Piper Cub. The first model flew in 1984. Jessie Anglin designed the J3 Kitten and J4 Sportster aircraft shown on this page plus the well known Space Walker. Hipp's Superbirds bought the Co. and has been manufacturing Jessie's J3 Kitten, J4 Sportster, and Super Kitten. Hipp's added to this line, the Reliant and Super Reliant. These two are fastback versions of the J3 Kitten. These Aircraft are very docile to handle and are built to last. The space frame is made out of 4130 Cromemolly steel...superior to alum. aircraft for safety. The two seat J6 Karatoo version is sold by Carl McIntosh of N. Carolina.

My J3 Super Kitten is powered by a Rotax 503 dual ignition & carb., oil injected engine. The acceleration is awesome as she will hit 50 mph in about 190'! An Ivo carbon fiber 3 blade, ground adjustable propeller pulls her to a top speed of 110 mph. VNE is 120 mph. Keep in mind the power on stall is 28 mph. That is a 4:1 ratio! The climb rate is about 1000' per min., which at 45 mph give the appearance of a 45 deg climb out! We are talking about Super STOL here(short take off & landing aircraft). For safety a BRS ballistic parachute is installed. Ballistic parachutes attach to the aircraft frame and lower both the occupants and the aircraft down to safety. The biggest advantage of a ballistic parachute is that it has worked down to 60' and operates in 9/10ths of second. Not a bad confidence builder. For navigation I use a Trimble Flight Mate Pro GPS. An Icom radio and Aircom intercom & Blackhawk headset provide excellent communications. 96 Rock keeps me rocking. Air-Touch handles the cell phone.

Currently the Kitten is in for major modifications. The tail is being converted to a fastback design, fuel supply is being doubled, and the landing gear is being stretched 6".

If you want to rock the sky, a J3 Kitten is an excellent way to do it.

Photo of J3 Kitten

Photo of View Flying

Photo of J3 Kitten - close up

Photo of Rotax 503DC Engine

Photo of J6 Karatoo (2 seat).

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