Script code patches for Sierra SCI games

These patches fix bugs and (in some cases) add features to Sierra games that use the SCI interpreter. Even though one might work around some (not all) of these problems by using DosBox, these patches are not substitutes for using that emulator --- rather, it is recommended to use these patches in addition to running the games under DosBox (mostly for sound compatibility).

Usage notes:

  1. Make sure you have installed the game completely on your hard disk. Usually, the game's install/setup program asks you how much of the game you want to copy to your hard disk. Always select the MAXIMUM install option. If you have a collection CD-ROM and the SETUP program doesn't provide such an option, copy over the whole game manually from the CD to a hard disk directory.
  2. Read the "notes" text file on this page for your game. Unless mentioned otherwise, the patches offered here are to be applied to any English version of the game, to the exclusion of all others. Compatibility with international versions is possible, but not guaranteed.
  3. Download the fix created for your game's version (if available) by right-clicking on the download link and then selecting "Save As..." from the context menu. Save the file to a temporary directory.
  4. Use a .zip extraction utility to extract the .zip archive containing the patch into the directory where the game is installed. In case you are asked whether you want to overwrite any files, select "yes". Don't worry about Windows claiming that these files are "screensavers", they're not. Do NOT double-click on any of these files --- just put them into your game's directory.
  5. Run the game as usual. If you did everything correctly, those issues listed in the "notes" file to your game should be fixed.
  6. Saved games that were saved prior to installing the patch work in most, but not all cases. If you restore a saved game saved inside a room for which the script code has been changed, you might need to exit and re-enter the room before you notice any difference.

Last updated on March 26th 2005. Do NOT email asking me to send you games.