drive train game !

  1. Many of us use the same engines over and over and have had to make special mounts to make the set-up work. Making it work and making it ridiculous are two different things. RELOCATION, where the motor and trans are set so far back that a portion of the firewall has to be removed, is strictly for protecting the front of the motor and the radiator. This also shortens the drive shaft, making it less likely to become damaged.
  2. Homemade skid plates protecting the underside of the motor, trans, or driveshaft are reinforcement.
  3. Some folks run a lower geared truck rear end or change the ring and pinion to very low ratio to make short but powerful runs on other cars. This however, greatly increases the torque and strain on the trans and makes the engine run at a much higher r.p.m. when accelerating.
  4. Rule #4 is a reminder of the most important drive train cheat.....RULE #1 !!!!