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illiam Robert Herion

born: July 26 1880 Putnam County Tennessee
marr: December 29 1898 Oklahoma

Allie Duncan


Infant Son

Bessie Lee

marr: September 28 1902 Oklahoma

Bertie Jay Chapman

Marriage License


Joe, Joseph, Infant, Infant

( 2 were a set of twins, all died in infancy or birth )

Clinton Daniel,

Lee ( twins ),




Maggie May,



Holly ( twins),

William Robert JR.

Leaving his home state as an infant, Bob traveled with his family out west to Texas and the Indian Territory of Oklahoma.  He worked the oil fields with his father and brothers and married twice by the time he was 22 years of age.

His first marriage was to Allie Duncan on December 29, 1898 and were married for three years before her death at the birth of their daughter, Bessie Lee, January 17, 1902.  They also had a son that probably died at birth since we don't have a name for him.

Allie was the first cousin of his second wife, Bertie Jay Chapman.  Bertie was 161/2 when she married Bob on September 28, 1902 and this marriage of 64 years ended when Bertie died in 1974.

Bob and Bertie moved their family to California in 1941, when their son Clinton died in an automobile accident.  Settling in Clovis, Fresno County, this family still maintains it as our hometown. 

Bob, as my grandfather, was a kind, if not a doting man.  He spoiled me rotten and always had a dime for the ice cream truck, no matter how many times he came by our house.  He almost drowned me once, when I was very small.  I had passed out and fell out of my swing while Popa was watering the lawn.  Instead of picking me up, he simply turned the water hose on me and it did rouse me, but Grandma had a fit about it and a fuss was raised.

When I was small, I thought he was making up stories when he told me he saw Cochese when he was captured and sent on a train to a prison.  After I got grown and read some history and checked dates, I've found out that this was a very possible story.  I could never tell when he and the aunts and uncles were pulling my leg.  They have the knack of telling a story with a straight face and making you wonder.  They also have a knack for being closed mouthed when they want to be, especially on family matters.

Bob's favorite pastime was to go to the card rooms in Clovis.  He always had a wad of bills on him, so I quess he was good at it, as are most of the family. I always said that the day Popa couldn't go to town for cards would be the day we laid him in the grave. That is one trait I did not inherit, I'm not a gambler.  His other passion was horses and horse racing.

Bob was 94 1/2 when he died, and had enjoyed good health for most of those years.  He suffered from cataracts as did his mother and became senile after a operation a couple of years before his death.  At that time he moved into the past, thinking I was his sister Flora.  My heart broke the day he told me I was not Bobbye Joyce, because she was a little girl and I was a woman of 28, with four kids of my o