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Welcome to Boothill Bob’s HomePage. As you can see, I kinda enjoy Outlaws, the somewhat outdated but eternally playable 3D western shooter from Lucas Arts. 

My thinkin’ is to put out an Outlaws page that enhances the enjoyment of the game by goin’ a little off the beaten path with such idea’rs like my Outlawholism and Excuse pages. Any visitin’ varmits are encouraged to put their own 2 cents worth in on those two pages.

Click on the Fellow Cowpokes to learn a little about the ornery little band of hombres that I like to swap lead with on a regular basis.

You may want to visit my Tall Tales page, where you’ll see player submitted tales of their latest wins (and losses—yeah, right!). A few tips and strategies will be tossed in too.

You want maps? I ain’t sayin’ I got the biggest collection, but I can say that they’re some of the best darn maps goin’ on the net. I don’t make them; probably never will. But if you do and you want me to post yours, just let me have a looksee and I’ll give it a dry run with my Pards. If it’s a good one, it’ll be posted.

February 1, 2008

Huh? Wh-what time is it? Holy horsefeathers! It's 2008!?? Now lookit what you gone and dang done did. Here I was--a tired 'ol cowpoke tryin' to kick back and catch some well deserved shuteye in my r'tirement--and you had to go and click on me.

Ah Hell, I was gonna get up anyway. Those dang guns goin' off over the the Warzone make it so a fella can't git no rest 'round here. Every sundown at 'round 7 or 8 o'clock you can hear 'em. Looks like 'ol Boot'll have to gather up the posse and ride on in to see what all the fuss is about.

Word around the waterin' hole is that Jalepeno and his boys are stirrin' up quite a ruckus over there, callin' out all us old guns for a few more go 'rounds. Well alrighty then...the guns'll have to be dusted off, but I'm on my way...

* * * * * * *

January 20, 2006

Well it seems some of my fellow GTN'ers wanted to get back in the saddle the past few days. I ain't gonna lie - its been awhile, but you know the old sayin' about gettin' back on yer horse and never forgitin' how to ride. 'Cept of course things have changed a bit. We all got our fancy schmancy XP's and Routers and they don't like to play too nice. We're gettin it done though. Seems as though the Outlaws community has been gravitatin' over towards this here waterin' hole lately. It's message board for us lonely gunslingers to hang our hats.

* * * * * * *

Febuary 6, 2002

Ok, pardners, here's my website nearly refurbished. I converted the whole kit-n-kabootle into FrontPage format. And just so ya know, yer not goin' deaf neither, 'cause I took away the music too. I figgered those lil' diddies have had their time in the spotlight (not to mention the page will load a bit quicker). I still need to finish the Tall Tales and Links pages and will, shortly. There's only been a few minor design changes, actually. I made a couple changes in the Fellow Cowpokes page; added a couple new gringos and removed a couple o' washed up cowpokes who threw in their badges. I added a couple more excuses and tweaked a couple of files to make things a little snappier. Probably the nicest thing 'ol Boot did for y'all is stuff all my maps into the Whole Enchilada, which contains every map on my site. I've got a couple more changes in the works and as always, if ya have any suggestions, gripes, or excuses, just lemme have 'em!

* * * * * * * 

January 24, 2002

Well it looks like us GTN'ers managed to get a few games goin' again amongst our little band of Outlaws players. If ya'll are anything like ol' Boothill, yer sick of the pesky Gaming Zone and their new Passport mumbo-jumbo. Our fix for this problem has been to just get more games going with each other via direct play or windows sockets.

We've shied away from windows sockets games mainly because some of us use the internet connection sharing feature in Win98se and Win ME or use Routers. Neither of these options of getting on the Net are too friendly with Windows Sockets. While you're able to see the game, you are not able to join. Since we like the game play of Windows Sockets better, we've found it worth the trouble to just disable Sharing or unplugging the router for the duration of the games.

As for the Zone making gaming more difficult, I'd like to propose that we all get more involved in playing ol' Outlaws on Gamespy Arcade. I'll go the zone myself now and then and plug the Outlaws

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