Capheaton Terrier
Capheaton Terrier

Photos: Ian McKechnie 2004
Text: Cory Leed 2004 from information provided by Ian McKechnie
Country of Origin: The United Kingdom
Breed Status: The Capheaton is a relatively new breed but one that breeds true to type. Even so their numbers remain very small with an estimate of only 200-300 at the time of this writing.
Distribution: Mainly limited to Northumberland County of northeast England.
Etymology: The name Capheaton comes from the area in Northumberland where the breed was created.
Other Names: No other names
Breed History: The Capheaton Terrier is a relatively new breed developed in the Northumberland region of England. In 1988, a local landowner by the name of Mrs. Suzy Browne Swinburne decided to recreate the looks and temperament of a terrier she had had gotten in 1984. This terrier, Dougal, was acquired that year from a tinker and was of uncertain origin. Mrs. Swinburne searched and decided to breed Dougal to a terrier named Bramble. Through this and the addition of the Lancashire Heeler and Jack Russell Terrier, the Capheaton Terrier was created.
For many years records were kept unofficially. Owners relied on word of mouth and their own knowledge to keep bloodlines separate. This was quite successful but as the breed began to grow in numbers it would only become harder. In July of 2004, the Capheaton Terrier Society was founded. The Capheaton Terrier Society is in the process of tracking down as many possible members of this breed for the purpose of record keeping and in the hopes of one day achieving Kennel Club (KC) recognition.
Appearance: Since its formation, the Capheaton Terrier Society has discussed several facets of the breed including appearance. It was decided by them that the breed should stand from 9 to 13 inches (22.9 to 33 cm) high at the shoulder and never have a chest girth exceeding 17 inches (43.2 cm). The ears are always dropped. The tails is always docked and dewclaws removed shortly after birth. The coat can be either rough or smooth. The most notable feature of the breed is normally its color, tan or chestnut with a darker facial mask. This coloring is unique among terriers.
Personality and Uses: The Capheaton Terrier is first and foremost a hunting dog. In fact the standard requires them to show a willingness to hunt and give chase. Hunting in packs, the Capheaton Terrier is used in hedgerows and amongst crops to hunt rabbits and foxes. The breed is said to be totally fearless when hunting. The Capheaton Terrier truly excels though at controlling rat populations.
Just because the Capheaton is used as a hunting dog does not mean it does not also make an excellent companion, because it does. They are very playful and quite good with children, although like all dogs they should not be unsupervised around very young children. The breed is said to be very affectionate and loyal, in fact to the point where they are loathe being away from their owners. It is also said that the breed is very easily trained.

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