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  • Characters Analysis:

    The character of Minh Canh changed throughout the play. In the beginning, we saw him as a young, naive monk whose sweet nature and trusting personality is typical that of someone grew up in the temple. Because of his trusting nature, he was quite guillible and was easily manipulated and influenced by others. We can see this when he took the blame for the injury of Thanh Kim Hue even though he didn't do it. In addition, he unquestionably obeyed Du Phong's letter to resume normal life and seek revenge even though his heart wasn't it in. Toward the end of the play, he became mature and understood the wrongs of violence when he accidentally hurted Du Phong, his life-saver. He began to realize that if one keep trying to revive the past and seeking revenge, then it will result in the endless cycle of violence and bloodshed. Having love and been loved, he understood the importance of it and chose to sacrifice and give that happiness to Minh Vuong. He learned that he was more suited in the life of a monk, in which he can be more of help to others, rather than selfishly indulge in happiness by himself. Minh Canh acted very well in this role. And I just adore his innocent bewilderment in the encounters with Le Thuy!

    As usual, Le Thuy was exceptional in her role as Bach Thien Nga. In the beginning, she came off as a typical young, playful, cocky girl when she teased Minh Canh for his bemused innocence. But we saw the changes in her mannerism in the middle of the play when she fell in love with Minh Canh, and became more humble and thoughtful as she began to understand what it meant to truly love and be hurt. That was why she was able to sympathize with Minh Vuong when he confessed of his love for her. Even though she didn't feel the same way about him, she knew how painful it can be to be reject by the one's love and thus, she was able to be soft & tender with him.

    I was very impressed by the character of Minh Vuong in this play. He was the very model of a gentleman! It was so touching & romantic when he offered to wait for Le Thuy's love. He was prepared to hold out and live in a sham marriage just so that Le Thuy would be able to maintain her vow to Minh Canh. He promised that "...anh quyet se tham lang kho ddau dde giu sao cho em tron cau choi ddoi, du nua ddem nay co tung bung le cuoi ddua hai ta vao loi mong thien dduong. Anh se gin giu tiet trinh em cho den giay phut sau cung, den khi nao em da lia xa, khi nao em co the yeu anh, tren danh nghia chung ta la chong vo, nhung giua loan phong minh se giu trang trong." It's rare to see such show of devotion.

    Well, I felt very bad for the character of Thanh Kim Hue. She didn't have a very happy childhood because she and her mother were threw out by her dad over his new wife. She had been taught by her mother all her life that all guys were unfaithful and not trustworthy and yet just luck would have it, she met & fell in love with the son of the woman she was suppose to seek revenge on. But she was a big person. For her love of Minh Vuong, she was prepared to forget and forgive everything. Unfortunately, Minh Vuong didn't feel the same way for her. And in the end, she just went away with a broken heart. She was greatly admirable because she didn't let bitterness to engulf her. I am sure she has enough excuse now to wreck anger on Minh Vuong, not only because of the fact, he was his mother's son but also because he rejected her love, but she just went away quietly.

  • Moral of the Play:

    The big theme in this story is that we have to learn to forget and forgive; that revenge only brings more tragedy to our lives; that "an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind."

  • Favorite Tune in the Play:

    I love the song Le Thuy sang to express her sadness on her wedding day to Minh Vuong. It reminded me of the famous "Bai Ca Tong Biet" in cai luong "Xin Mot Lan Yeu Nhau."

    --->Click to hear the selected audio<---

    Lyric: "Xot Xa Duyen Be Bang"
    Ngan cach nay ngan thu vuong sau,
    mai nay vang xa thuong nho khong nhoa,
    thuong ke ddi xa, long nang mang bao niem ddau
    co nghe trong tam tu xot xa duyen loi lang.
    Em chon nay nhin may cuoi troi,
    thuong nguoi chon xa, suong uot vai mem.
    Em o noi dday ruou hong mang moi ngay vui,
    phao vang ddem vu quy,
    rieng long minh buong ddau.
    Nem men ddang cay em van theo nguoi chan may.

  • Obituary:

    Nghe Si Nhan Dan Bay Nam I am sadden to hear the recent news of the passing of Nghe Si Nhan Dan Bay Nam on August 18, 2004. She was Nghe Si Uu Tu Kim Cuong's mother and was one of renown cai luong pioneers. Of her 92 years on this earth, she had dedicated 78 of them, trying to glorify and pass on the art of cai luong to the young generations. I still remember vividly her sensational performance in the drama "La Sau Rieng" in the role of a poor, loving mother coming to visit her only daughter and was accused of stealing rice by her in-laws. It always made me cry watching her small, frail figure in that role. It reminded me so poignantly of my deceased grandma. In such a portrayal, she represented a typical, simplistic Vietnamese mother who works hard all her life to sacrifice everything for the lives her children. The depth of her love is boundless and no word can describe its magnificient beauty. I just hope most people aware of their immense luck in having their mothers still alive and learn not to take them for granted. This goes for me also!

    I am hoping to be able to do a page on the play "La Sau Rieng" soon. But here is a short excerpt from the play for your enjoyment. ---> Excerpt: La Sau Rieng (not ready!) <--- This is the part where she came to visit Dieu (NSUT Kim Cuong), her daughter, at the in-law's house.

    As we listen, let us all try to engrave the image of NSND Bay Nam in our mind & heart so "she" will forever live on. And also let us all try to continue her life long work in improving and maintaining the art of cai luong so that "it" will forever live on.

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