Canadians in the American Civil War

This page is intended to inform people about Canadian (British North American) men who served and died during the American Civil War (1861-65). Canadians who fought in the war did so for various reasons; some went voluntarily, while others were pressed into service by shady recruiting tactics (crimping). Many more Canadians found themselves in a position where they were fighting for their "adopted country," having left Canada to reside in the States at some time in their lives, often when they were young. All in all, it is believed that between 40,000 to 60,000 Canadians served during the Civil War, the majority likely coming from the then independent Maritime provinces and Canada East (now Quebec). That this great of a number fought in the war is somewhat debatable, although I have read that someone has already managed to compile a fairly extensive list of names. Unfortunately, it looks as though this information will not be made available in the near future. For this reason, my intention is to make as much information available so as to provide all interested people with a wealth of knowledge on this oft neglected aspect of Canadian history.

What's New: I have compiled a new "most up-to-date" list. Currently, the number of names stands at 3303, which is slightly less than the previous list. However, I have yet to add names from several sources, and I believe that this will push the total over 4,000.

Please read: First of all, I want to thank people who have contacted me and provided information and encouragement. For the time being, I will not be able to answer queries and such. In most cases, it is unlikely that I can assist at all, as the information that I have available is somewhat limited. I will make every effort in the next little while to make available what information that I do have through this site. I hope that it will assist some of you in your research.

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