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Updated april, 24, 1998


How to build a Laser without an high-tech laboratory
or with few resources and founds
By laserist

Perhaps the idea of building a powerful laser without spending a lot of money and very expensive components may appear a "strange" idea.

The truth is much more simple.

I can substitute money and high-tech tools with brain and imagination.

The project you can see in this web page is created myself, a lot of the pieces has been build without particular tools.

Whoever can make it, if he likes spending many hours of the night to solve the harder problems.

Build a laser is the hardest operation for amateur level, but it isn' t impossible.

If somebody have an idea my e-mail is below...

Once upon a time a laser...

The working principle

Many images(first verison)

The new images under construction

Chris Chagaris lasers (NEW !)

Chris Krah Web Page

Link to other interesting sites

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Web Page created in : Febrary 28th 1998

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