Zhju Scientific Consortium

The Confederation dreadnought UCS Palestine (DHF-34) came across mankind's fifth interstellar contact, the Zhju, near Omicron Hydrus IX on January 23, 2297. The crew of the Palestine reported a remarkable race with some very advanced technolgies. Though the Confederation offered a truce for trade and cultural exchange, the Zhju examined man and found him to be too primitive to be worth their time. Mankind's initial insistence led to limited hostilities, and the Confederation backed down quickly. They are one of the most technologically advanced species in the galaxy, at least 1600 years ahead of the Confederation technologically. They are considered to be a secondary threat, though they are generally non-violent. They rate a secondary threat rating because they could easily become violent with little or no warning and the Confederation would have little time to react in such a situation.
Zhju Culture:

The Zhju call their homeworld Zhjukia, which is the third planet out from the Delta Crateris star system. The world is a standard class-M, though there is a noticeable lack of an ozone layer, possibly explaining the odd development of the Zhju's remarkable humanoid deviations. The planet's crust is composed of nearly 95% silicates, nearly 10% of which is amethyst. The Zhju have a long history of quality trade with the Mal-Nium and rank among the galaxy's most wealthy species, though apparently the Zhju only trade older technologies. It is believed that the Zhju have some kind of species review board which lets them know when dissemination of technology can be allowed.

Zhju culture is based upon pure science. Everything that happens, including work, sleep, and festivals are based upon science. Most of the time, the culture works without ceasing. When a breakthrough is released, the populace celebrates with a weeklong vacation. One could almost say that the Zhju worship science, an interesting topic for philosophical discussion.

The Zhju possess a super-advanced culture that has in recent times become more and more lucrative for those who would trade with them. The Zhju, however, have had to institute a law which prevents dispersal of technology. Most species don't like this, but they understand the motivation: easy dispersal of advanced technology is dangerous, and could eventually represent a threat to the Zhju.

The Scientific Consortium, which is the ruling government, is based upon a parliamentary democratic system. The Consortium controls all fields of science and therefore controls all breakthroughs as they come out, determining whether or not the technology should be used. It isn't known if this "technological review" is also used to control trade with other species, though it seems highly likely. Their technology has given the Zhju an extraordinarily high quality of life, to the point where they practically don't have to go anywhere or do anything (even down to getting dressed in the morning). Their economy is stable and currently at a very high profit level.
Zhju Physical Combat:

Zhju are by no means strong, but they possess a very high level of dexterity, and can use this to both manufacture and use weapons of almost all types. They also have excellent depth perception, giving them the ability to aim and fire 4 derringer-type guns at different targets simultaneously. Their body chemistry is such that adrenaline doubles their overall strength, making them lethal opponent indeed. If cornered, which does happen occasionally, they will rush their opponent and attempt strangulation. Most of the time, the Zhju will die in the attempt, though there are a few cases where the attacker was dumb enough to get strangled.
Zhju Major Fleet Forces:

        Capital Starships
                Arrakh-class Battleship


Zhju Fleet Strategy:

The pinnacle of Zhju technology is the massive Arrakh-class Battleship. This ship class has served the Zhju well for several centuries now. It's modular design allows the class to keep up with new advances in technology, and can also allow the ship to serve as a transport or a light carrier (though the Zhju do not currently employ a standard set of starfighters). The Arrakh-class serves all purposes for the Zhju, including transport duty. They usually will travel in wolf-packs, groups of three, for mutual defense and maximum destructive force.

Zhju captains remain cloaked until ready to fire, and then launch fierce torpedo volleys at their opponents. They don't lollygag around with attempting to negotiate either: they will fire at an optimal distance with enough weaponry to destroy their opponents outright. If the situation becomes critical for the Zhju, they'll just cloak and escape. If they cannot cloak, they'll kamikaze or set self-destruct to ensure their opponents will not gain access to their advanced technology.
Zhju Ecology:

While the Zhju are strong, and their technology advanced, they are far from invincible. This was evidenced when a Fleet starship found the wrecked remains of an Arrakh-class Battleship on the surface of Epsilon Crateris IX. Several cadavers were salvaged from the wreck and taken back to Earth for dissection. This report is based on that data, as well as salvaged medical files from the crash site. Little technology survived the crash, much to the chagrin of Fleet intelligence.

The Zhju are humanoid, with the unique feature of having eight eyes in their head, positioned to give the Zhju 360 degrees of vision. Because of this, though, the Zhju have no ears. Instead, the auditory sensors are located in their mouths, where a human's taste buds would be located. Zhju lack a sense of taste. Their other special deviation from the humanoid norm is an extra set of arms. Zhju are about 1 meter tall, with a characteristically light yellow skin complexion. Zhju have characteristically brown hair, and a nose set just above their forward set of eyes which contains sensors for heat and smell.

The Zhju feed off of sound energy, making them audovores. They ingest sound energy through the mouth. Zhju require sound above 10 decibels for 10 minutes per day or they die. They do not require water. Zhju procreate via standard intercourse. Gestation Period for the female is 7 months, after which she gives birth to 1 offspring. Zhju take about 6 years to mature sexually and live to be about 60 years old under natural conditions.
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