Cemetery Listing
Southern New Jersey

Originally launched: March 2000
Revised: May 1, 2000

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Mission Statement

This web-page has been established to provide a link of cemetery and graveyard records.  It is intended to connect   the user with not only active &amp; commercial cemeteries, but also the older and nearly forgotten cemeteries that are in danger of being lost and forgotten.  The Webmaster of this page strongly encourages any and all viewers/users to provide and submit information, data, databases and usable links.

At this time, the page is a not for profit site.  It is the intention of the Webmaster to maintain the free distribution of the information that this site carries for the use of the general public.  In the future, the site may accept fees from cemeteries, funeral homes, and other commercial ventures for listing and as a means for sustaining the site.  No user identifications, information, or data that is submitted will ever be sold.