Listowel Churchyard

Erected by John Griffin Affoula in Memory of his Son
Michael d Oct 29th 1902 a 12.

Tim Connell d 1750 a 29 near Old Tower.
C Purcell d Sept 1813 a 90 Sons John and Tom.Daughter
Margaret d 27th ? ? 58 a 40 yrs.
Son John d 27-1-1861 a 62.

John Synan Clounmacon d Sept 1949 his Wife
Mary d July 1954.Their Son
John d Nov 1937.Their Son in Law
Eugene Sullivan d June 1978 his Wife 
Elizabeth Synan d2-4-1983 .
Mgt Daly Synan d 1935 Wife of John Synan.
Edmond Synan d 18-2-   1988.
Nora Synan O Donoghue Dirha d Feb 7th 1964.
Mary Fitzmaurice Synan d Nov 3rd 1932 her Brother
Denis d 3-3-1952.
Mgt Synan Collins of Dirha E d 9th July 1994 a 72.Her Brother
John d 25-1-1990 a 69.
Ned d June 18th 1991 a 58.
John Synan Dirha E d 28-4-1964 a 80 his infant Son
Liam and Jer.
Patrick Joe d 30th Oct 1963 a 35.His Daughter
Hannah d 5th July 1950 a 10.
His Wife Hannah d 13th May 1983 a 84.

Br Sean O Dell CM died  24th June 1980 Buried Glasnevin  His Father Edward O Dell Charles St d 8th July 1930 his wife
Mary d 3rd June 1952 . more.

William Stack Coolkeragh d 1946 ?
Pat d June 1953

Pat Mc Elligott Calif. 39 Fld Arty War 1 B 1888 d Sept 21st 1967.

John Mc Grath Coolaclarig his Wife
Elizabeth d July 23rd 1878 a 56.
Jer Shanahan Inchamore his wife
Mgt Died May the 7th 1912 aged 53 years his son
Jer Died 21st of January 1911 aged 14 years son
Michael Died October 3rd 1918 aged 29 years his daughter
Mrs Eileen o Connor Died 10th of the April 1992 aged 91

Denis Hayes Murroe and Tullamore Listowel Died 28th (?) 1985
Nora Hayes Died 1981

Ann Lane Islandanny Died 18th of October 1932
Pat Lane died 27th of May 1962 his wife
Ellen Died 10th of January 1963
Lizzie Lane Died 12th of January 1965, erected by her brother Patrick

Robert Smith Woodford Died 1915

Nora Kirby Keane 1871 - 1947 her son
Con Keane 1912 - 1969 granddaughter
Ciarra Bridget Moriarty (?)

Miss Bridget Lane Finuge d 13th March 1948
Mrs Bridget Lane d 12-12-1953.
Mrs Kit Lane d 17th Oct 196? .
Dan Lane d 4th Nov 1920 a 93.
Also Mrs ? Christmas nee Lane

John Duggans d 25-3-1977 a 91.

Mce J O Connell d 4-4-1940 his Brothers
Edward d 3-3-1925 .
John d 25th July 1919.
Tom d 1-3-1931. His Son
Tom B . d 8-1-1944, his wife
Mary d  8- 1-1979.

Michael Hennessy Convent Street d 17-2-1973, his parents
Michael and Bridget
O'Learys of the Island.

William Dore, Glenragh? D 24-12-1969

Michael O'Connor, Mounted Sergeant R.I.C. Union Quay Cork d 4-3-1915 aged 40 yrs, his child Harry d 10-3-1915, aged 15 Mts. .

Jennie Casey, Knockanure d 15-7-1954, her parents
Maurice and Elizabeth Casey
Her brother Maurice d 13-2-1960, her sister
Hannah Casey d 10-8-1966
Nora Casey d 19-7-1972, her husband
Con Clancy d 29-12-1974

John Galvin Patch d 20-12-1926, his wife
Mary J, Quill d 24-3-1945
Denis Galvin d 22-4-1973.

Han Hennessy her husband D,G. Hennessy d 24-4-1884

Michael Barrett d 2-6-1957 (Nts creamery manager)

Fr Maurice Carmody 1899-1940, his brother
Vincent 1910-1955 buried Australia.
Sister M. Canisus 1904-1980 buried in Limerick.
The Rev Robert W Keane d 1917 aged 63 yrs.

Tom Hennessy d 16-7-1927, his wife
Kate d 26-5-1918.

Fr Martin O'Connor P.P. d 31-5-1957, his sister
Catherine Daly, 18 Market Street d 19-3-1966

Margaret O'Connor Sullivan, Derry d 30-8-1975, aged 88yrs ?.
Rev Michael Enright born Listowel 1886 died 1972. Pastor of Carrolton.

Rev William Behan P.P. Cahirdaniel, 1941-1949,d 28-2-1968.

Pat O'Sullivan, Tullamore d 30-10-1954.

Jer P. Neville d 30-4-1921, his wife
Mary d 3-10-1959, their son
Jack d 1959.
Daughter Kit d 1991.

Mrs Mary D. Neville nee Murphy
Bridie Neville.
Danny Neville killed Arnhen 20-9-1944.
Dan Neville d 3-1-1970.

Annie Donegan nee Kennelly Dromin d 28-2-1943, her husband
Tom d 23-2-1959.
Tom Savage NT Knockalougha d 13-6-1943.

Catherine Prendiville, 67 Charles Street d 15-6-1961, her son
Jimmy d 14-8-1982.
Jack d 12-2-1977.

Kennelly family Dromin, erected by Ml Scannell.
John L Scannell Dromin.

Mary Kennelly nee Purcell Woodford d 20-4-1884, her husband
Pat d 12-6-1890, their son
James d 3-10-1919, his wife
Mary Harrington d 3-1-1911, their sons
James d 30-7-1951, his wife
Catherine Dower d 21-2-1953.
Paul Kennelly d 6-10-1962, his wife
Elizabeth Corkery d 29-12-1942.
James son of James and Catherine Dower d 4-4-1987.
Infant children.

Jer Carroll d 25-7-1916 aged 62 yrs.

Tom Marshall Market Street d October 1876.

Anna Corridan Murhur, d 22-4-1961, her husband
Michael d 26-4-1961.
Nora Curtin 14-3-1967.

Matt J Daly R.I.C., his wife
Mary, sons
Eugene and wife

Pat Relihan Dirha West d 26-10-1936, wife
Mary d 29-11-1938, sons
Pat and Kevin.

James Kissane Ahalanna, d 11-11-1929.

Our Mother Johanna Spillane d 21-3-1919 a 76.Her Son
David MD died London 29-3-1919 a 46.

Rev Mons D Hannon, Sydney d 17-7-1986, aged 94 yrs.

Cannon Dillon P.P. Listowel d 7-5-1943 aged 71 yrs.
Fr Michael Joe Kiely P.P. Sydney d 2-1-1982.

William Moloney d 26-9-1909, daughter
Nora d 18-4-1929.

Michael Kennelly of Listowel d 15-8-1891, age 72 yrs, his son
Michael d 23-10-1891 aged 18 yrs, his daughter
Elsie Agnes d  Jan 1878 aged 24 yrs ?.
Erected by his wife.

Michael Kennelly d 8-1-1867, his wife
Elizabeth age 22 d 1867.
John Kennelly d 1954 (tailor).

Martin Joe Kennelly wife
Kate Spillane of Convent Street Listowel.

Jer Kennelly Bedford  d 21-6-1947 wife
Catherine d 25-3-1930,
Pat Kennelly d 3-2-1965, his wife
Catherine Walsh d 10-9-1975.

Jer Kennelly William Street d 2-2-1939, his wife
Nora d 2-6-1943, their son
Maurice d 11-7-1918.
Grandson Gerald Fanning.

Tom Purcell Bridge Road d 26-4-1930,(musician) his   son
Tom d 13-5-1938, his mother Kennelly of Clounmacon.

Martin Healy, wife
Elizabeth Godfrey Charles Street d 12-4-1983.

William Kennelly Dromin d 13-5-1961, his wife
Mary d 6-9-1971, daughter
Nora d 13-11-1948, parents
Martin Kennelly d 22-1-1919.
Nora d 2-4-1894, also
Hannah Kennelly d 28-3-1894.

Charles Purcell d 1873 ?.

Philip Healy d 1770.

Ellen O' Connor nee Keane d 16-7-1972.The Hill Knockanure.

John Daly d 25-2-1956, his wife
Mary O'Donoghue (Daly) d 16-4-1960,aged 73 yrs,

Bob Dore Charles Street d 19-4-1963.

James Moloney Coilagurteen d Sep 1960, his wife
Elizabeth d 26-3-1962.

? Brosnan d June 5th 1923 a 40yrs
Mary Moloney Brosnan Coilagurteen d 22nd June 1984 a 50.

Pat Stokes d 1907 aged 47 yrs.

Jer Foran 5 William St d 1922.
Baby Ann Foran.

John Relihan Bedford d 11-12-1978, his wife
Mary nee Broderick d 12-7-1981.

John Michael Galvin Irl Matt 3 USNKF, born 12-8-1893 d 26-9-1970.World War 1.

Maurice Kennelly Dentist d 13th May 1990

John Tierney 19 Market St d 14th July 1964.

Bridget Carr Ahalanna d 11-2-1954.

Mc Loughlin.

Tim Leahy Hon Sec of Sportsfield Committee d28-2-1908.

1506 Corporal D Daly Munster Fusiliers d 26-12-1918 a26.

Erected to Memory of Sarah O Carroll d 7-3-1862 a 82.

Callaghan O Callaghan NT in Memory of Son
Michael Joe O Callaghan d 1878 aged 30.

Ellen Carroll nee Wilmot Red Cottages d Sept 2nd 1977 her Husband
Tim d 21st June 1954 Buried Knockanure.

Catherine Wilmot d 19-4-1907.
Maurice Wilmot d 2-4-1930 Erected by Dau. Mary USA.

Edmond Wilmot Charles St d 2-2-1938 his Wife
Mary d 28th Sept 1955 Daughter
Catherine d 12-1-1948 Son
Dr Seamus Wilmot Registrar NUI d 28-1-1977 Son in Law   
Michael Collins died 4th of July 1977 (?)

Dora Moriarty Died January 2nd 1937 aged 70
Rev Michael  J Moriarty PP Surrey Died 26th of the Jan 1953 aged 59

Gerald Larkin Ballygrennan Died 21st of September
Ellen Larkin died 21st of July 1959 their son
Jeremiah Died 18th of January 1985

James Nolan and Family Knockane wife
Nora Died 13th of February 1983

Jer Enright Dromin Died 6th of March 1963 aged 81 years his wife
Nora Died 22nd of April 1946 aged 66 their son
Maurice Died 16th of January 1972 aged 55

Pat Lynch Carrueragh Died 13th of November 1968 his wife
Bridget Nee Keane Died 21st of February 1954

Lily Finucane Urlee Died 10th of November 1943 aged 42
Mary Ann Finucane Clounphrus Died 11th of September 1951 aged 73
William Finucane Do Died 23rd 1957 aged 88 years
Jack Finucane Do died 12-1-1975.
Maurice Finucane Do died 29-2-1988.

Michael Wall River View Tarbert d 7-2-1936 a 60.
Mary Wall d 1st Sept 1955 a 71.

Ellen Kennelly Main St d 21st June 1947 a76 ?.Her Brother
James P Kennelly d 6-1-1963 a 79.His Son in Law
Tim Kennelly  of Skibereen d May 2nd 1968 a 51.
His Wife Mary Bridget Kennelly d 15th July 1988

Molly Greaney Billeragh d 12-12-1987 aged 100 Yrs .Her Husband
Tim d 4th Aug 1949 a 60. His Parents
Nora and Pat Greaney.

Pat and Alice Greaney their Daughters
Catherine ,Bridget Gill, Kate Denehy also James.

John Brennan Tarbert d 1956 ?

John Griffin Charles St d Nov 1st 1911 his Wife
Kate Sayers d 7-2-1937.

Sharry  Dillon
Bridget Dillon nee Sharry Colbert Rd d June 14th 1975 her Parents
Pat Sharry d 1962.
Ciss nee Lacey d 1927. Her Brother
Michael d 1955.

Mary Griffin Ennismore d Nov 9th 1951.
Tim Griffin Do died 22-2-1964.
Catherine Griffin Do died 15-12-1977.

John Larkin Knockanure his Father
John d 25-3-1879 a 78 also his Mother
Mary d 23rd Sept 1900 a 70.

Tom Shanahan College Rd d 26-4-1981 a 88.

Nora Kennelly d 26 Nov ??