I'd love to know you were here. Please take a moment to sign in, or leave any (clean) thoughts and impressions.

Amber Wienke - 02/07/00 06:05:17
My Email:AmberandPaul@Worldnet.att.net
pets & their names: A very prissy kitty named China
favorite travel spots: Anywhere, but here!
heard any good jokes?: Not Lately
I have recently enrolled in college and am majoring in Child and Family Development. I am extremely interested in becoming a Child Life Specialist. Where should I begin? What are some good courses to take? Should I contact a hospital to find out more information? Thank you for any information you can give and you have a great website!

Amber Wienke - 02/07/00 06:03:58
My Email:AmberandPaul@Worldnet.att.net
pets & their names: A very prissy kitty named China
favorite travel spots: Anywhere, but here!
heard any good jokes?: Not Lately
I have recently enrolled in college and am majoring in Child and Family Development. I am extremely interested in becoming a Child Life Specialist. Where should I begin? What are some good courses to take? Should I contact a hospital to fin out more inf rmation? Thank you for any information you can give and you have a great website!

Sara Wilber - 02/01/00 00:44:21
My Email:mswilber@hotmail.com
I currently have a BA in Social work and would like to work as a child life specialist in a hospital. I don't know where to start - I took a few child development courses in school, but I know that's not enough. What about internships, taking more cours s (which courses should I take etc)? How do I start the ball rolling? Any info would be helpful! Thank you! Sara

Jennifer - 01/26/00 22:15:50
My Email:z_schkadejl@titan.sfasu.edu
favorite books: To Kill A Mocking Bird, Inspirational books
Hi, I attend Stephen F. Austin State University and am majoring in Child and Family Development. I am attending college to become a Child Life Specialist and I would appreciate it if you could send me any information about Child Life Services. Thank you so much for your time.

Caitlin Clements - 01/11/00 15:39:42
My Email:cathlyn210@aol.com
favorite books: To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee, Portrait of A lady by Henry James
pets & their names: german shepard mix-Daisy, dashound/lab mix-woody
favorite travel spots: chicago,anywhere in northern michigan
heard any good jokes?: not lately
I'm interested in becoming a child life specialist so I would like to get your email address so I can ask you a few question about the occupation.

Christina Hanson - 12/22/99 04:16:26
My Email:fsutina@aol.com
favorite books: Gone With The Wind, Anything John Grisham or Danielle Steele
pets & their names: Cats, Cali and Toby
favorite travel spots: Colorado

Rhiannon Jost - 12/12/99 01:19:32
My Email:jost_r@hotmail.com
favorite books: anything by Stephen King
pets & their names: 1 cat, Misty
favorite travel spots: Mexico
heard any good jokes?: Not lately
I'd really like to learn more about the career of being a Child Life Specialist. I attend Southwest Missouri State University, and am trying to figure out what to major in. No matter what I do, I want to work with children. A friend told me about this areer, and it sounded like something I would like to do.

Melissa Neumann - 12/03/99 18:34:30
My Email:crf_neumanma@curf.edu
favorite books: inspirational books, devotionals
I am really interested in this career field!!! Could you please send me some information?? I will be home for 4 wks over the holidays at this address: Melissa Neumann 105 Melissa Dr. Lexington, Il. 61753 Thank you so much for the interesting and informative web site!! I was studying athletic training, and have gone through many setbacks in the last few years, ending up not able to continue with athletic training. However, my dream has always been to wor with children in a "helping" profession, and in a hospital setting. I really think this is a major area of consideration for me!!! Thank you! Melissa Neumann

Melissa Neumann - 12/03/99 18:29:42

Leanna Thomas - 10/20/99 22:30:29
My Email:lmthomas5@aol.com
favorite books: too many to list
favorite travel spots: Paris, Boston
Looking through Child Life links--yours is one of the few "centralized" locations for these links. Thanks! I'm looking at options for becoming a CCLS (I have a BS in psychology). Any advice would be appreciated!

Nancy - 10/20/99 02:48:07
My Email:nls4803@labs.tamu.edu
favorite books: anything by Laurlene McDaniel
I am a freshman at Texas A&M University and I am trying to decide on a major. I have wanted to be a Child LIfe Specialist for years. Could you please send me some info about Child Life and what is the best way to go about becoming a Child Life Specialis . Thanks and Gig'Em!

Claire Oglenski - 10/06/99 23:07:50
My Email:clairemarie44@hotmail.com
favorite books: love stories, and mysteries
pets & their names: shadow and Alley
favorite travel spots: Track and Basketball
heard any good jokes?: not really
I'm thinking about a job in this field, and I'm also writing a report on it for my English class. If you have any additional information you would like to give me. Please e-mail me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Ivy Jarman - 10/06/99 18:37:20
My URL:http://www.grcc.cc.mi.us/
My Email:sweetnativewoman@yahoo.com
favorite books: Hamlet
pets & their names: Foxy who is a sheltie
favorite travel spots: I will soon discover it.
Thank you for having this site. I work at the Career Resources and Assessment Center at Grand Rapids Community College. There have been several students interested in Child Life Specialist but we didn't have much information to offer them. Now we will e able to supply sites and hopely hand held information for the places listed. Thank you, Ivy

Erin - 10/06/99 16:23:27
My Email:elky@reocities.com
favorite books: A prayer for Owen Meany, Chicken Soup for the Soul
pets & their names: None
favorite travel spots: Myrtle Beach, Cancun, Switzeland and Nice.
I just happned to come across your page while doing a search for child life specilist and it was like winning the lottery. I can't wait to explore all the links and contact people for information. Thank you!

Rose Glazener - 10/05/99 16:02:26
My Email:elizabeth.glazener@student.oc.edu
favorite books: Used to be V.C. Andrews but I seem to have grown out of them.
pets & their names: Dog, Roxanne
favorite travel spots: Grandma's House, South Carolina, anywhere comfortable!
I am beginning a masters program in the Spring 00 in Child Development and it is my goal to be a Child Life Specialist. Any Suggestions? I know that you are very busy (I saw your guestbook) So I will be returning to your guestbook!

Kimberly - 10/05/99 14:30:40
My Email:kimley@juno.com
favorite books: The World of Pooh by A.A. Milne
pets & their names: Katie - a demanding but adorable miniture schnauzer
favorite travel spots: Atlanta, Orlando and Grenada, W.I.
heard any good jokes?: not really!
I am a college junior who is frantically searching for the major and career that I am meant for. I am in a career development class where we have taken several personality, interests and skills tests. On these tests I have scored the highest on creativi y and social scales. I was reading about different careers that offer creative and social environments and came across Child Life Specialist. I am very interested in this career and I need to find out more about it. If anyone has any useful information they would like to pass along, I would be especially grateful!

Moira Farrell - 10/05/99 04:31:46
My Email:moirafarrell@yahoo.com
favorite books: Love Medicine and Miracles by Bernie Siegal
pets & their names: golden lab- Charlie
favorite travel spots: La Paz Mexico
I am a senior in high school who has had a lot of unfortunatley a lot of negative hosptial experience and want to make it better for other kids. I am doing a senior service project in my area to do just that but was wondering if you have any advice on ho to help children who are in the ER because it seem chaotic very stressful to help in that environment. Any suggestions you have are very appreciated. Sincerely Moira Farrell

Wendy King - 10/04/99 00:47:44
My Email:wking@holly.colostate.edu

Melissa Proctor - 10/01/99 23:55:47
My Email:map34@byu.edu
favorite books: ender's game
pets & their names: i had a fish named trollop but she died the work is from jane austen anyone else know the meaning??
favorite travel spots: Oregon Coast
heard any good jokes?: there will be two less holidays in washingtond dc this year, halloween and thanksgiving will no longer be celabrated because the witch is moving to new york and taking the turkey with her
i'm so glad there are sights out there about child life. I am a senior at Brigham Young University and plan on working in the field upon graduation!

Kelly Thompson - 10/01/99 22:50:51
My Email:lilkel@muttdog.com
favorite books: Any book from Mary Higgins Clark
pets & their names: 1 cat: baby
favorite travel spots: San Diego, CA
I am currently at Cal State Long Beach majoring in Child Development. I plan to attend La Verne Univeristy next January to get my masters in Child Dev/Child Life. I would love to chat with you to talk to you about Child Life. P.S. I loved your wed site!! :)

Sarah Zarate - 09/17/99 18:08:06
My Email:sarahjill@teacher.com
favorite books: any Robin Cook
pets & their names: cats- Misty & Max
favorite travel spots: Ireland & Nebraska
heard any good jokes?: nope
I just started thinking about being a child life specialist later. I am about to graduate college with a teaching degree. Is it possible to do an internship later to be certified? I think I have enough early childhood, psychology, and education classes to meet that requirement. I found more information off your page, thank you! What types of things do you do with the kids? I think I would really enjoy this job! Thanks for your help! Sarah

Tara Zaloudek - 09/16/99 05:03:00
My Email:ztara@okstate.edu
favorite books: Left Behind series
pets & their names: Junior, Betsy, and Bridget-dogs
favorite travel spots: Red River, New Mexico-skiing
I am really interested in this field. I am a freshman at Oklahoma State University. If you could please send me information on demand for this job and pay and things of that nature, I would appreciat it!Thanks!

Tara Zaloudek - 09/16/99 04:54:18
My Email:ztara@okstate.edu
favorite books: Left Behind series
pets & their names: Junior, Betsy, and Bridget-dogs
favorite travel spots: Red River, New Mexico-skiing
I am interesed in this profession-if there is any way to get me more information, plese let me know. Thanks!

Jennifer Baker - 09/14/99 04:51:41
My Email:bjbaker@tcsn.net
I found your sight while looking for more information about becoming a child life specialist. Currently, I am a first grade teacher in California. Thank you for the information and links!

Jennifer Baker - 09/14/99 04:49:13
My Email:bjbaker@tcsn.net

Kristy Chowning - 09/04/99 17:45:35
My Email:kriztc@hotmail.com
favorite books: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
pets & their names: Frog-Theodore
favorite travel spots: Florida and South Carolina
I am a junior at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield Missouri and I am interested in becoming a child life specialist. If you have any info you could send me, I would be very thankful. If so, e-mail me and I can give you my address. Thank !

Melissa Riley - 08/27/99 14:29:49
My Email:muddyra@hotmail.com
favorite books: Too Scared to Cry and Unchained Memories (lenore terr)
pets & their names: 3 dogs - Hackeysack, Cheyenne, and Riley
favorite travel spots: anywhere in the mountains, i love to go camping, swimming, hiking, etc.
heard any good jokes?: What do you call a fig newton that is just out of your reach? Farfignewton
I am responding to your request for child life linkers to sign your guest book. I am a 21 year old psychology/child development senior at Oklahoma State in Stillwater. I have wanted to do child life work since before I knew the organization existed. I vol nteered at the OKC children's hospital this summer and am sure child life is what i want to do. just scoping out my opportunities. Originally from HOuston, but pretty sure i don't want to end up back in texas. Goal in life to always move north or east (if not both)!! Have a great day!! :)

David Cohen - 08/12/99 03:06:34
My Email:dcohen28@hotmail.com
favorite books: none
pets & their names: none
favorite travel spots: Eastern Canada
heard any good jokes?: no
It is a wonderful site! This is an exciting and a wonderful profession in serving and helping the young people as there should be more Child Life Specialists. I have a great interest in health care particularly with young people as their needs must be met. I am aware that Canadian hospitals have Child Life Programs as BC Children's Hospital has a Child Life Program. I am one who recogonizes the eed for family-orientated care for pre-school and school-age children, also one who recognnizes the unique needs and concerns of teenage patients. With Child Life Specialists in the adult-orientated general hospital with pediatric units, even those with dolescent Units and the specialized children's hospital the hospital experience can be a positive growth experience for patients for all ages, the young patients children and teens can easily cope with the hospital experience through play, recreation, kee ing up with their school work and the dedication of the Child Life Specialists will reduce the trauma of hospitalization as in the past. Should any of you Child Life Specialists and Child Life Specailist students have the time to correspond with me, plea e e-mail me at: dcohen28@hotmail.com

Beth - 08/10/99 04:29:18
My Email:happydaysfan@hotmail.com
favorite books: Alex, The Life of a Child
pets & their names: I had two cats named Alley and Punkey
favorite travel spots: anyplace with an ocean, esp South Carolina
heard any good jokes?: this guy freed a genie from a lamp, so the genie goes, you get three wishes. The guy goes I want a billion dollars-he instantly got it, then he askd for a ferarri and it appeared, then he said make me irrisistible to women-he was promtly turned into a box of chocolate
I found your page by looking for info on child life. That is the career I hope to eventually go into. I would love any info on it, how much is the salary, how often do you work, is it pretty easy to get a job, what are the classes in college like etc... w ll I need alot of math and science-because those are my weaksest subjects? Thanks

Deborah Brouse - 07/01/99 22:24:37
My URL:http://www.childlife.org
My Email:dbrouse@childlife.org
Thank you for giving the child life profession greater visibility through your website and guestbook. Note that Child Life Council members who enjoy email communications can subscribe to the CLC listserve & be in touch with lots of other child life specia ists daily.

Alyssa - 05/10/99 02:39:53
My Email:alyssa@writeme.com
From a Child Life Specialist in Cleveland, thank you for getting CL info out there via your page. So many folks want the information on our great field! :)

Sandi - 03/17/99 00:53:26
My Email:daisy_6_9_@hotmail.com
Hello my name is Sandi Cannon, I am in grade 10 and I was looking for some information about being a Child Life Specialist as a possible future career. For my English class we are required to write an essay on what we would like to be when we graduate. I as wondering if you could tell or give some ideas as to where I may find the following information; The future of the career in the job market, skills required, Education requirments, negative and postive aspects of the job as well as benefeits, what you o and where the jobs are. If you can help it would it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Please answer A.S.A.P

Kelly - 02/17/99 03:43:42
My Email:kallmon@aeneas.net
favorite books: Mary Higgins Clark
pets & their names: none
favorite travel spots: anywhere
heard any good jokes?: nope
Hello. I am a student at the University of Tennessee at Martin majoring in Child and Family Studies. I plan to do my internship this summer with Child Life. I am currently working on a project for my Children in Hospitals class. We are to work up a Child Life Program Proposal for an Impatient Hospital. In this proposal I have to have the following things. An example of : program staffing, budget, play room layout, volunteer and student program, parent support program, pre-surgery/ hospitalization program, job descriptions for all staff, hours of operation, staff responsibility, reporting/charting process, and coverage of ages. If possible, could you please help me out with a few of these? I would greatly appreciate it. If you can't email, I will give you my address. Thank you in advance for your efforts. Sincerely, Kelly Allmon University of Tennessee Martin

S. McLellan - 01/25/99 15:30:52
My Email:personal.1on1@usanet
I found your web page through while looking up different jobs available in the medica field. although i am not interested in doing CLS myself I really admire your choice of occupations. (I would get too attatched to the children) My major reason though for writing to you know is not to knock you or critize you but just to inform you (and pray that you take heed) that the only way to heaven is through "Jesus," our Lord and Savior. Romans 10:9. Take care and feel free to contact me ia email.

Chenine Johnson - 01/03/99 22:03:52
My Email:chenine@hotmail.com
favorite books: Mandy, Thurston House
pets & their names: Taz, Hazel, Martini, Perry
favorite travel spots: Westport WA, Mica Bay, Ireland
I'm a junior in high school and found child life while looking for TR stuff for my paper. CL is exactly what i hace alway wanted to do but never knew existed! I'm looking for colleges with CL programs in WA state. could you help? Also, I havent been able o find salary information, even fro the Coalition. Your site is great!

tirzah - 01/03/99 06:20:00
My Email:joytp@hotmail.com
favorite books: night
pets & their names: two dogs, kemper and nugget
favorite travel spots: ocean city, maryland, italy
i just found your site by chance. i'm very glad that i did. i'm a sophomore at wheelock college. i'm a human development major, with a concentration in child life. this is a great site and i love all the links!! :)

Brooke Evans - 12/19/98 06:24:33
My Email:brooklyn9694@hotmail.com
favorite books: cancer and mystery
pets & their names: St. Bernard-Sebastion
favorite travel spots: Europe
I am a Freshman at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. I am a child and family development major and psychology minor. My ambition is to become a child life specialist. I would like any information on this career that you could provide me. I am interested in a college that focuses more on this type of career, what a typical day is like and how you cope with patients. I am also interested in any interns that might be of ered. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon, Brooke Evans

Lauren Herrold Bredickas - 12/08/98 21:25:37
My Email:lauren_hb@hotmail.com
I found your web-page because I was looking for more information on Child Life Specialists. I am currently a school psychologist, but am interested in the Child Life field. Where did you receive your training and what background do you need?

DEBORAH COMBS - 12/05/98 02:08:40
favorite books: CHILD LEARNING
pets & their names: 3 DOGS, 4 CATS, GERBILS, FISH AND IGUANA
favorite travel spots: DISNEY WORLD, CAMPING IN THE WOODS

Rachael Ball - 12/04/98 22:31:30
My Email:rachdb@ksu.edu
favorite books: Anne of Green Gables
pets & their names: 2 cats: Sydney & Samantha
favorite travel spots: good question!
I am a senior at Kansas State University, graduating in May. I am very interested in becoming certified as a Child Life Specialist, but I can not seem to find the information I need to begin the process. I am also looking at different locations that hav positions for Child Life Specialists. I hope that you can help me. I have never felt so excited about a decision as I do about moving toward a career as a Child Life Specialist. Thanks for taking the time to make this web site and help all of us out h re that have an interest in helping children. Keep Smiling :-)

Heidi - 11/28/98 22:04:13
My Email:HR-Jordan@wiu.edu
I am currently studying to become a Child Life Specialist any information you could pass on to me would be greatly appreciated

Katie Webster - 11/28/98 00:37:21
My Email:Kate QT422@aol.com
Please help!!!! I want to be a child life specialist, but I can not find any programs in my area. I live in central Kansas. Please e-mail me if you can help. Thanks

michelle sanchez - 11/27/98 15:51:18
My Email:michimarie@aol.com
favorite books: any john grisham novel
pets & their names: fish:aqua
favorite travel spots: the Keys...
heard any good jokes?: not really
think your web site is very helpful. i'm looking into becoming a child life specialist...do you think you could recommend some more sites for me to check out?

Rivers Smith - 11/26/98 22:20:41
My Email:hdcrrr@tecinfo.com
favorite books: all books
pets & their names: chocolate lab, Lizzie and her son, a white lab, Grits
favorite travel spots: telluride, colorado
i am a junior at Mississippi state university and i am majoring in child life. i just wanted to see what you thought about it.

Leah Emery - 11/24/98 17:44:19
My Email:irwinjt@miavx1.muohio.edu
favorite travel spots: anywhere
Maybe you have some suggestions for me. I have a BS in Developmental Psychology and a MS in Family and Child Studies. I am currently working for Children Services in Ohio. Although I think my current social work job is an excellent experience,it's not my career choice. My fiance and I will be moving from the Midwest in 2 years. I would love to work in Child Life, but am not sure about obtaining a job because of the lack of support Child Life receives from insurance companies. I am especially interested in infants and very young children. I have a lot of experience working with young children. Do you have any advice for me regarding employment opportunities in Child Life or another related field? I enjoy the medical setting and want a rewarding job (don't we all?). We hope to settle in the Western U.S. or Canada (my fiance's Canadian) in the next few years. Any input would be welcomed. Thank you. Sincerely, Leah Emery

KATHY - 11/23/98 18:06:01
My Email:kayla@bigsky.net
pets & their names: Rufus,Kibbles

heather keith - 11/20/98 22:40:05
My Email:hlkjags@aol.com
favorite books: "the notebook"
pets & their names: turtle: "chip"
favorite travel spots: north carolina, Cedar Key Florida
heard any good jokes?: sorry = (
Hi, I'm currently a pre-med pediatrics student at the university of south alabama, in Mobile, AL. My major is biomedical science. I love working with children, and yesterday I was introduced to the career of Child Life Specialist. I would love to have ome more information about this field, as it interests me very much so far. I would like to know the different majors that could be persued in this field, and the different programs that are offered and what they are composed of. Just doing a little res arch on what I want to be when I grow up, because college is getting really expensive, and a decision needs to be made. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day. hk.

Nicole L. Richmond - 11/19/98 13:08:52
My Email:PDrich@turbont.net
favorite books: Ender's Game
Hi!! My name is Nicole Richmond and I'm a sophomore @ Stevens High School. I was wondering if you could possibly send me any info on child life specialists. Thank you.

sara s - 11/17/98 02:02:54
My Email:smittty81@yahoo.com
favorite books: Saint Maybe, She's Come Undone
pets & their names: polly - cocker spaniel, 9 years old
favorite travel spots: santa monica, california and colorado
heard any good jokes?: yeah, but i'm really bad at retelling them...
great site! i'm a senior in high school and i'm doing a career report on becoming a CLS. Thanks for compiling great links and other info!

The CATTDaddy - 11/14/98 22:29:17
My URL:http://dacattdaddy.simplenet.com
My Email:marques.crump@student.oc.edu
favorite books: No Free Ride, Kwiesi Mfume
favorite travel spots: Atlanta, Charlotte
Nice page you have here. I appreciate people who promote family. Keep up the good work!!! Peace!!

Jana Heen - 11/09/98 16:22:38
My Email:heendog@juno.com
favorite books: Children's Books
pets & their names: I have none, but once my husband aand I find a house outside of town a ways, we'd like to have a dog and horses.
favorite travel spots: Colorado, Boston, Minnesota
Hello. This is reallya cool sight. You must give a lot of advice out to people each day. Well, would you mind giving me a little as well. I am really interested in Child Life. I have graduated with a Child Development and Family Science Major with a Minor in Health. I am currently look at possible sights to do internships. I'm wondering which ones take people who are out of school but tr ing to get the certification. I would like to stay around my home in the Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota area. Do you have any advice on finding an internship site? I would also like to know about the field itself and whether or not the jobs will be there when I'm looking. It would be great to start a program at a hospital that doesn't have one yet!! I'd love doing that! Anything advice would be great!

Andrea - 11/04/98 21:57:39
My Email:agartner@peganet.com
pets & their names: Cat - Bear... I call him Bear because of his persoanlity and appearance
favorite travel spots: not yet
heard any good jokes?: nope
Nice Page.. The child life links helped. Thanks Love the sound!!

Marissa Anderson - 11/03/98 22:43:09
My Email:andermar@uwec.edu
I am researching this postion as a possible career opportunity. I am very interested. Do you have any advise? I would love to hear from you if you have time! thanks, Marissa Anderson

Marissa Anderson - 11/03/98 22:42:50
My Email:andermar@uwec.edu
I am researching this postion as a possible career opportunity. I am very interested. Do you have any advise? I would love to hear from you if you have time! thanks, Marissa Anderson

Kimberly Austin - 10/24/98 18:37:52
My Email:kca1872@aol.com
favorite books: Gone with the Wind
pets & their names: dog--Codie
favorite travel spots: everywhere
heard any good jokes?: sorry :-(
I am getting ready to graduate with my BA in Liberal Studies with an option in Early Childhood Studies (in California). I was planning on becoming a teacher until I became aware of this field. It sounds very exciting. Now, I am not sure what I want to o. I would like to know more information upon this field before I apply to Graduate programs. I am not sure what to ask consitering that I am not very familar with the job. If I do plan to persue this as a career, what should I do to stand out above ot ers? Is this a growing field? Will I have a hard time finding a job? (I live in the Bay Area of CA) Anything that you can tell me, I would greatly appreciate. Thank you for taking the time to help me. Kimberly Austin

Natalie Tregoning - 10/23/98 01:43:08
My Email:jasonandnatalie@worldnet.att.net
favorite books: mystery, non-fiction
pets & their names: none
favorite travel spots: boston, south carolina, anywhere with a beach
I am a graduate student in early childhood special education and am very interested in a job as a child life specialist in Chicago, IL. Any suggestions?

Katie - 10/21/98 23:35:22
My Email:katew@iamerica.net
favorite books: Finding the Love of Your Life
pets & their names: Muffin-long haired dauschound
favorite travel spots: Narvaree Beach
I am currently a sophomore at Louisiana Tech University, majoring in Child Life. I was wondering how hard is it to get an internship and a job in Child Life. My advisor told me there is a certification exam. What kind of information is on it? Do you e joy your job? What kind of cases do you see? Thanks for your help ! Katie

Melissa Michaels - 10/21/98 17:34:54
My Email:Z_Michaelsmk@sfasu.edu
I have signed the guest book before, and I appreciate you writing me back. I have just a few more questions. My major is Child Development and my minor is Psychology. I am attending school in Texas and I need to know how to go about looking for and inte nship in Texas. I also would like to know how to go about finding out which hospitals offer the Child Life Program. Is there a list anywhere? Everyone is telling me that this feild is really competitive. How can I ditinguish myself from everyone else n this field. I am scared that I won't be able to find a job. Is there a job I need to try to get now to build my resume? Thank you so much. Melissa

Christi - 10/19/98 03:09:31
My Email:Lawdermilk@aol.com
favorite books: Chicken Soup books
pets & their names: "Tigger" the tiger (he's a cat!)
favorite travel spots: The beach!
heard any good jokes?: Only dirty Clinton jokes.
I am seeking information regarding Child Life Specialist certification requirements. I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Masters degree in Counseling with clinical hours working with children/adolescents. I am currently working as a Counselor at a Cancer Center. However, I work w/ mostly adults and my passion is to work entirely with children. A would appreciate any information you have regarding your career--education requirements, internship requirements, etc. I am planning to move to the Ho ston area soon and will be looking for employment there. Thanks so much for your help!!

Katie - 10/13/98 16:04:28
My Email:HvnBnd8585@aol.com
favorite books: Bible, "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
pets & their names: Freddy my fish
favorite travel spots: NC
heard any good jokes?: Yeah
When I was 8, I was in the hospital for a month for a bad back infection. The hospital I was at had a child life specialist that was awesome and I will always remember what she did for me. I am now 18 and a freshman in college. I'm considering a career in that area and I would appreciate it if you would send me any info that would help me out. Thanks!!!

Edward Cook - 10/13/98 01:03:50
My Email:esmokems@jps.net
favorite books: Bible;Dragonlance series
pets & their names: none
favorite travel spots: Atlanta
hey nan cool website

Melissa St. Onge - 10/09/98 13:17:20
My Email:mstonge@pbl.com
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favorite travel spots: Philie! Where else?
Hey cutie! What's up from your Boston connection. Over a thousand hits, huh? Is that kind of like trying to get 1,000,000 publishers in August? I miss you guys! We'll come back up soon, promise! Love always -- Melissa. (With hugs and kisses from the rest of us - René, Carmen and Rod)

Andrea Winter - 10/08/98 21:16:57
My Email:Kreugej2@worldnet.att.net
pets & their names: Cat-Charlemange, 2 dogs Chelsea and Benjamin
favorite travel spots: North and South Carolina
It is my dream to be a child life specialist or to work with children that have cancer and other terminal diseases. Everybody has been telling me how hard it will be to work with these kids but I feel as though I must do it. I've wanted to do this for a hile now and I am a high school senior in Wisconsin. I have no idea where to start in looking for a college or school that will allow me to become a child life specialist. I was hoping that you would help me by giving me some informaiton on what to majo in. If you have enough time I would be extremely happy if you could write back and give me a start for what to do next. Thank you for your time--Andrea

Heather Green - 09/28/98 06:24:50
My Email:maladjusted22@hotmail.com
favorite books: poetry,i.e.; Jim Carrol, Leonard Cohen...Love "Little Women"
favorite travel spots: Seattle, Mexico, New York City
My future goal is to be a Child Life Specialist. So, thanks for all the info. P.S I love the music!

Heather Green - 09/28/98 06:23:03
My Email:maladjusted22@hotmail.com
favorite books: poetry,i.e.; Jim Carrol, Leonard Cohen...Love "Little Women"

Carrie White - 09/26/98 05:05:44
My Email:CCW005@latech.edu
favorite books: the Bible
pets & their names: dog-Muffin
favorite travel spots: beach
Thanks for helping me out!! Have a GREAT day and God Bless!! Deu. 31:6 and 8

Becky Mitchell - 09/24/98 16:51:44
My Email:ramit@ecu.campus.mci.net
pets & their names: 2 dogs: Mickey&Buster 2 cats:Bandit&Cassie
I attend East Carolina University in NOrth Carolina. My intended major is Child Life. I'm glad that i found your site because it has helped me learn more about the profession.

Monica Szymczak - 09/24/98 14:16:54
My Email:ms090552@sju.edu
hi - i think your web p[age is wonderful. I am currently a sophomore at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. I want more then anything to be a Child Life Specialist. I was wondering if you would mind sending me an email telling me where and what you stu ied. I am at very loose ends right now b/c i dont know if i should transfer and finish my undergrad studies somewhere else or finish here at SJU and go to graduate school elsewhere. There is not a child life program here so i am taking mostly education lasses b/c they encompass a lot of psychology and child development courses. Please write back. I am in need of guidance on this subject and have not been able to find anyone to help me. I would love to come see the hospital you work at. Sincerely, Monicca Szymczak email ms090552@sju.edu

Erin Sisco - 09/16/98 02:34:16
My Email:ers@frontier.wilpaterson.edu
pets & their names: two dogs and a cat- Deziree, Keli, and lucy
favorite travel spots: Virginia & Jersey shore
heard any good jokes?: sorry!
I would like to know more about your field of work. I am thinking about transferring to a school that has this major. If you have any info. for me it would be VERY helpful. Not many people seem to offer much along the line of advise about becoming a ch ld life specialist. I have a million questions! Are there many job openings? What kind of pay is it? Thanks! Any help would be appreciated.

Colleen - 09/15/98 04:42:50
My Email:Doppa77@aol.com
Hi, I'm a college student in Arizona. I'm doing a career essay for my ENG102 class. I'm really am interested in your occupation & would love any more information. I enjoyed your site and would like to thank you for making it.

Melissa - 08/03/98 18:53:30
My Email:Myneon10@aol.com
favorite books: It Happened to Nancy
pets & their names: Max (dog) Spike (turtle)
favorite travel spots: Europe-->Paris
heard any good jokes?:
I am a Senior in High School. Your home page really helped me out. I have wanted to become a Child Life Specialist for awhile now. You provided me wiht a lot of information on this career. I am now more dedicated to become a Child Life Specialist more than ever. I cannot wait to become one!!!

cathy - 07/24/98 15:56:51
My Email:checox1@gl.umbc.edu
favorite books: gone with the wind
pets & their names: myrtle, s.c., ginger,fortune,dusty
i am interested in a career like yours. just looking around thanks

Aryel Arlt - 07/10/98 15:28:23
My Email:arlt@minn.net
favorite books: true life stories
pets & their names: we have 2 family pets and they are yorkies. Their names are mitzi and roscoe.
favorite travel spots: everywhere
I am a student at the university of minnesota, twin cities campus and i am interested in becoming a child life specialist. i am majoring in child psycology and i am seeking information on becoming a child life specialist. any information that you can giv me would be very helpful. I look forward to hearing from you. it was great to find your home page on the net. thanks, Aryel

tricia Johannesen - 06/30/98 14:51:10
My Email:shash555@aol.com

melissa michaels - 06/20/98 04:24:21
My Email:z_michaelsmk@titan.sfasu.edu
I am a child development major at Stephen F. Austin State University. I am seriously considering directing this in the Child Life Specialist direction. I would really love to know some of your personal experiences you have had with your job. It would lso be helpful to know your education background. My minor is special education. I need to know if it should be something else. Thank you. I enjoyed your web page.

erika - 06/16/98 01:04:09
My Email:rugbyelf2@aol.com
pets & their names: 2 cats 1 dog & 1 chinchilla
favorite travel spots: australia
i just received my BA in psychology and sociology and am interested in becoming a child life specialist. Do you have any further info or know of any other sites I should look at? I'm hoping to move to the Boston area but that isn't set in stone. Thanks for putting this site together- it was a great help!

suzanne - 06/11/98 19:13:14
My Email:smcl@mindspring.com
Hi. I enjoyed your homepage. I am really interested in becomming a Child Life Specialist. I have been looking on the internet, trying to find out some information.So far, your page has been the most helpful. I live in North Carolina and am looking into th hospitals in the area, but they do not have any Child Life Programs. What would you suggest I do? How did you begin your search? After you complete an internship, are you certified as a Child Life Specialist? Is it hard to find work in this field? If you could please write me back and help me, I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks. Suzanne

Ian Riley - 06/05/98 19:49:41
My URL:http://freespace.virgin.net/nic.ian/nic.htm
My Email:nic.ian@virgin.net
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HI NANNETTE, Thank you for taking the time to sign our guestbook. Love your two "puds". Love and greetings from England to you and yours, Ian Riley

Shandra - 05/31/98 02:30:23
My Email:slm008@latech.edu
I came to your page b/c I am in Child Life Studies and was curious to see what you did. I haven't been able to explore it yet b/c I wanted to sign your guest book first. Thanks!

John Alianza - 05/28/98 01:59:24
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/heartland/pointe/5957
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heard any good jokes?: yes, on the JW list
Hi Nannette, what a nice page you have here. I like your welcome animation effect. Thanks for sending me your url. Warm christian love to you, John & Mhin.

D'Lynn Hankins - 05/25/98 23:59:22
My Email:dyaln@aol.com
pets & their names: female chow Salem
I am a student studying for Child Life. I am begining to get discouraged about the fild but I love what I do with the children I volunteer with.

kimberly - 05/19/98 21:01:31
My Email:babillsfan@aol.com
favorite books: john grisham
favorite travel spots: nat'l parks
I am interested in becoming a child life specialist. If you have any info for me, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Jennie Hernandez - 05/16/98 16:03:19
My Email:SHernandez@tambcd.edu
favorite travel spots: I love mountain or beaches
I am currently an early childhood educator, and I am beginning a masters program at the University of North Texas at the end of which I will be a Child Life Specialist. I am so excited to continue my education and to be entering such a wonderful field. our Home Page increases my anticipation of my future career. I would be grateful for any advice you might have for a person in my position.

Melissa Brooke Bada - 05/09/98 05:09:42
My Email:mbbada@yahoo.com
favorite books: John Steinbeck
pets & their names: Merle=dog
favorite travel spots: anywhere
I am a senior at Northern Michigan University and am looking into doing an internship to become a Child Life Specialist. I have been searching the internet for placing in which I can apply and I would appreciate any information that you may be able to of er me. I would love to hear from you either way. Thanks for your time

Jennifer White - 05/06/98 01:53:37

Tracy Niklich - 05/05/98 03:09:07
My Email:niklich@hotmail.com
favorite books: The Places You Will Go-Dr. Seuss
pets & their names: Libby-choc lab&smurf black cat
favorite travel spots: huntington beach, CA
I was so happy to find your child life page-I am interested in being a child life specialist and I can't find a college that has child life. I live in Red Bud Il, about 1 hour away from St. Louis MO. Please send me some info if you have any. My cousin's wife is a child life specialist at Harbor UCLA hospital in LA county. thanks tracy

Julie C. Parker - 04/25/98 03:49:06
I'm a CLS also, I like your website --good job.

Andi - 04/18/98 02:17:04
My Email:a4484@aol.com
I just graduated from FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, with a degree in Family and Child Sciences... and am interested in being a child life specialist...I would love to chat for a few minutes!!!!!

Dorcie Ramsey - 04/14/98 18:00:05
My Email:dorcie@mailexcite
I'm currently attending school in South Dakota. I am very interested in a career of a Child Life Specialist. If you have a moment I would love to chat with you! Thank you so much and God bless for the work you do!

Bonnie McFadden - 04/09/98 03:33:07
My Email:bonnie12@gte.net
favorite books: True Story of the Three Little Pigs,
pets & their names: Barney a 10 year old Golden Retriever
favorite travel spots: New Orleans,LA; Asheville, North Carolina
Hi! I was looking for information about CL programs around the country. I will graduate from the University of Alabama with a degree in child Life in May. Presently looking for a permenant position. I would love to hear about your experiences in the E . I am presently doing an internship in Tampa, Florida at Tampa General Hospital. Having a marvelous time and really learning a lot! There is an ER position available in California. I would love to get my hands on that!!! But I have a feeling my lack f paid experience will hurt me. Do you have any thoughts on that? Anyway, just thought I'd say hello! I enjoyed your web site. Would like to hear any thoughts or advice you might have as I start out on the job searching. Thanks so much, Bonnie McFadden

amy warren - 04/05/98 22:10:51
My Email:aims@bellsouth.net
favorite books: Sandra Brown, Chicken soup books
pets & their names: 2 cats- Joey and Gypsy, one tarantula-Kodiak
favorite travel spots: Hawaii
thank you so much for this site, I am really considering becoming a childlife specialist. COuld you give me any information. I have an elementary education degree and am moving to Dallas soon. What type of training would I need on top of this and what i the pay scale. Thank you so much.

Ralf Fuschtei - 01/16/98 03:15:53
My Email:101.59476@germanynet.de
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heard any good jokes?: yes, of course
this was my first visit to your homepage. Were is your Photo to find?

James Dickerson - 12/21/97 12:22:48
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Your site is very ambitious and informative.

Andee - 12/11/97 04:32:36
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Loved your page...came to it from one of those banner links from another geocities page. I need to find out how to get one for mine! :) Child Life Specialist is something of interest to us... we've had many hospital visits...especially the first year after having our surviving quadruplets! But really I got interested when I saw the WT link and had to then investigate the whole page...still some to look at...but thought I'd take a minute for the guestbook now as I never know when the kids will make it necessary for me to get off! :) Visit my MOSTMOM ZONE! in geocities' heartland/7479/ Well done sister!

Elizabeth Whitley - 12/09/97 18:04:44
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I really enjoyed your info. on child life. I am trying to decide if that is what I want to do. I know that I would like it but I am not sure of the money and the job out look. Any info would be nice!!!!

Alicia Brown - 12/03/97 23:27:05
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Thanks for the email. Appreciate the note. I love your page. You and your family have very nice pics. Hope you will surf by my spot when I get done with it. Thanks

KathrynFaye - 11/30/97 00:17:42
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Dave Rumsey - 11/13/97 15:54:24
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Howdy there! Stop by my place if ya get a chance. bismal Earthsuit Homepage

Angela Barnhill - 10/21/97 21:55:22
My Email:barnhal@mail.auburn.edu
pets & their names: Cat - Sidney
Thanks for your homepage! I'm a student at Auburn University and am trying to get information about becoming a Child Life Specialist. There's not much information out there! I was looking for the Child Life Council Home page and couldn't find it. Than s for the link! Any words of wisdom for a wantabe?

Joe Muse - 09/23/97 22:11:43
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Enjoyed your page. My wife wants to start a friends page and would like to have your page linked on it. Joe

Yaqui - 09/23/97 03:08:46
My Email:Yaqui@bbs.tonybrown.com
Your webpage is great and quite unique. I am a native New Yorker; I hope you enjoyed your trip here! Yaqui

Colleen - 09/08/97 01:44:45
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nice job...child life specialists have a great career...good luck.

Alf - 08/27/97 19:24:19 GMT
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Hi! This is a great page! Nice job! Thanks for visiting my page!

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Ralph - 07/31/97 22:32:41 GMT
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Kewl page...love the cat Java program...

Tracy L. Doughty - 07/27/97 16:21:49 GMT
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I was wondering if you could help me, I am currently looking for a job in child life, and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I have finished my internship and am currently job searching. I would appreciate any help you could giv me. P.S. I really liked your web page. Tracy L. Doughty

Dave - 07/24/97 06:37:06 GMT
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Great page! bismal

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Nice page!!! Hey, can I steel that kitty line, or is it copyrighted somewhere? :) I would like 2 add it 2 my collection.....anyways! Thanx much 4 signing my guestbook! I appreciated it, and thought I would return the favor! :) C ya sometime I guess! :) ave a fab day, K?

Hey everyone! Come make your page spiffy with my cat collection!!!

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Nice page you have here..*smile*

Robin - 07/19/97 00:22:33 GMT
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