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Strat-O-Matic Football Utility Season Downloads

To download any of the SOM Football seasons, you must have the Strat-O-Matic Football Utility, the SOM Football board game, and own a set of the player cards for the year in question. These seasons are not for the SOM Computer Football Game! They are for the now unsupported Football Utility (circa 1999).


These files contain all information already entered into the utility for you.

Download to your S-O-M Football directory (e.g., C:\SOMFB) and unzip.

1997 Season - created by Brian McNeil

1990 NFL Season - created by Ren Petrie

1986 NFL Season - created by Ren Petrie

1984 NFL Season - created by Ren Petrie

Here are the AFL teams produced by Strat Fan, includes 61 Oilers, 61 Titans, 62 Texans, 62 Broncos, 63 Chargers, 63 Raiders, 64 Bills, 65 Chargers, 66 Chiefs, 66 Patriots, 67 Raiders, 68 Jets, 68 Chiefs, 69 Chiefs, 69 Raiders. 15 teams in all.

1960s Seasons - created by Michael Kane

SOM Reviews of past SOM football seasons

These reviews of past card sets are from the old SOM Review. If anyone has info about posting these old articles, please contact Ren or myself. Thanks!

1979 NFL Season review
1980 NFL Season review
1981 NFL Season review
1982 NFL Season review
1983 NFL Season review
1984 NFL Season review
1985 NFL Season review
1986 NFL Season review
1987 NFL Season review
1988 NFL Season review
1989 NFL Season review

Special thanks to Les Morey for helping out with this page.

Please e-mail me with any questions, feedback or donations of new seasons. Mail Gary

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