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Growing up in Indiana, I spent a lot of time listening to "89... WLS" AM radio out of Chicago. Every week thoughout the summer the radio announcer would scream out SUNDAY!... SUNDAY!... SUNDAY!... At wailing US 30 Drag Strip... to be followed by a listing of all the featured racers that weekend. Sometimes it would be a Wednesday night race with 8 or 10 funny cars or a Friday night race with a dozen or so Pro Stocks. It was always a good show.

Some of the big names I've seen race there include: Big Daddy Don Garlits, Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen, Dickie Harrell, Chris "The Greek" Karamesines, Don "The Shoe" Schumacher, Roger Lindamood's "Color Me Gone", "Gold Digger", Dale Creasy, Richard Tharp's "Blue Max", Tom Hoover's "White Bear Dodge", Gene Snow's "Rambunctious", Ed "The Ace" McCullough, "Ramchargers", "LA Hooker", Roland Leong's "Hawaiian", Terry Hedrick's "Super Shaker", Mr. Norm's "Challenger", "Fearless" Fred Goeske, Bobby Wood, Art Arfons' "Green Monster" jet car, Austin Coil's "Chi-Town Hustler", Tim Beebe's "Fighting Irish" and I could go on and on. And who can forget "No Big Thing"?

US30 Drag Strip to Reopen?

Check out my US30 Drag Strip to Reopen page and find out all the latest information on it.


Looking for any historical information and documentation on how US30 Drag Strip got started, who owned it, who built it, who ran it, etc. As you can tell from the above photo, the track was originally called US30 Dragway. When did the name change? These are the things I am interested in learning about.

Ghost Track's Reunion Results

Everything went very well despite the weather this year. Turnout was still good considering that the weather forcast was less then favorable. Mike Alberts brought a 2 man camera crew and a lot of video was shot of the cars and the people for a possible half hour TV show on a local Chicago cable channel.

The people at AL's Body Shop did another fantasic job of preparing the area for us and welcoming everyone with open arms. Hopefully they will invite us back again next year. If you didn't make it this year, makes plans for next year.

For photos of the 2004, 2005 & 2006 Seneca reunions go to the "Official" Ghost Tracks Reunion Web Site

My Ghost Tracks Reunion page

I will be posting more of my photos as time permits.

Check out Mike Alberts and his Camaro
Featured Driver/Car page

Check out Ron Pellegrini's "Super Mustang"
Owned and restored by Bob Schramm of Ft. Myers FL
Featured Driver/Car page #2

There are no dates on any of these stubs so I have no idea which event each stub corresponds to.

1970 Racing Season

My first visit to US 30 Drag Strip was on June 21, 1970. The featured "Best of 3" match race that Sunday was Bruce Larson's USA-1 Camaro vs. Stone, Woods & Cook's Mustang. Needless to say for a Chevy fan like me, Bruce Larson became my "hero". They split the first 2 passes and on the third pass Bruce Larson blew an engine.

Bruce Larson, June 21, 1970 In front of his car

Bruce Larson, June 21, 1970 Crew getting ready for action

Bruce Larson June 21, 1970 Surveying the damage


Joe Satmary's We-Haul

Rapid Randy

Nova On Sunday

1971 Racing Season

Joe Satmary's "We-Haul" Camaro arriving at the track

Joe Satmary's "We-Haul" Camaro - ready to go

Joe Satmary's "We-Haul" Camaro - head on shot

Joe Satmary's "RAT" motor

Gene Snow's "Rambunctious" vs Don "The Shoe" Schumacher

"Tuff Rabbit" doing a burnout

Tom Hoover's "White Bear Dodge vs Roger Lindamood's "Color Me Gone"

Harry Schmidt's "Blue Max" vs Mr. Norm's Challenger

Tuff Rabbit doing a burnout - 7/18/71

Color Me Gone - 7/18/71

Corruption Inc doing a burnout - 7/18/71 Corruption Inc. blew a tire at about the 900 foot mark and crashed but there was only minor damage. This car had been called the "Arkansas Joker" previously owned by Shelby Jester but had been sold. This was the first weekend out with the car for the new owners.

1966 Nova called "The Rapper" - 7/18/71

1972 Racing Season

I have start an E-Mail list on Yahoo for those of you who want to remember the good old days at U.S. 30. Got to http://groups.yahoo.com and search for our group name "us30dragstrip". You can join from there.

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I am interested in any and all memorabilia related to the U.S. 30 Drag Strip. I would like to gather stories of your experiences (good or bad) at U.S. 30 Drag Strip. Any help you would provide me would be greatly appreciated.
Posted 4/17/01

Here's a few pictures of how it looks today.

Pit entrance, looking northwest from the road

Staging lanes, looking, northwest from the road

Staging lanes spectator side, looking northwest from the road

Starting line, looking southwest from the road

Looking down track from the road

Aerial view of US30 Drag Strip

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