Greg's 2000 Music Awards

That's right - it's that time where only a handful of the talented nominees walk away with the prize. The winners have been decided and are posted. It has been a great year in music, and, hopefully, the new millennium will offer us more of the same.


                    GMA News

As quickly as they were nominated, the All Saints walk away empty-handed. They were absolutely defeated in each and every category, but still gained honors for their latest set, "Saints & Sinners", just by being so heavily nominated.

The big winner this year is Eminem. He walks away with 4 awards this year, including two in major categories. His collaboration with Dr. Dre proved to be worthy, as they sweep the Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group award, while his criticism-infused tune, "The Real Slim Shady", takes the Record Of The Year award.

The Rock/Alternative field was filled with surprizing winners, where big names matchbox twenty and newcomers, Vertical Horizon, failed to win any awards. Instead, lesser known artists like Aimee Mann, Alex Lloyd and Coldplay leave triumphant. The only established rock artist to win 2 awards this year are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who stroll away with Best Rock Song and Best Music Video.

Winning two awards each seems to be the trend this year as Madonna, Destiny's Child, D'Angelo and Sting do exactly that. Madonna comes out tops in Best Pop Song and Best Pop Album with her recent release of the electronic "Music". Destiny's Child and D'Angelo sweep almost the whole R&B Field while Sting's collaboration with Cheb Mami earns him Song Of The Year and Best Vocal Collaboration.

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                    Past News

All Saints In what could be the biggest surprise, this year's nominations are dominated by an English quartet and a controversial American rapper. The quartet in mention is the All Saints, whose recent team-up with producer William Orbit, has led them to a whopping 8 nominations! That's not the only reason to cheer because the 'Saints are up against this year's best in major categories, including Album Of The Year, Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year. Their nominations run across three fields; General, Pop and
Film/TV/Visual Media, where the haunting melody of Pure Shores contribute to 4 out of their total 8 nominations. The uncanny Black Coffee is up for 2 awards; Best Pop Song and Best Video, while their sophomore album, Saints & Sinners, grasps nods in the Album Of The Year and Best Pop Album categories.

Also up for a staggering 8 nominations is Eminem, whose public display of arrogance and 'don't give a damn' nature has generated enough public interest to push him well into the centre of the celebrity spotlight. Fortunately, his music, like him, is something to be reckoned with. He is also up for battle in this year's major categories, including a clean sweep in all categories within the Rap field.

American quintet, 'N Sync, is also a strong contender at this year's awards; earning 6 nominations. Their pop masterpiece, No Strings Attached, is up for competition in the Album Of The Year and Best Pop Album categories, while the bass-infused first single, Bye Bye Bye, rounds up their remaining 4 nominations.

Another surprise multi-nominee this year is American modern rock band, Creed. Their chilling ballad, With Arms Wide Open, was a last minute contender but received the thumbs-up in 5 categories. They are up for serious competition in major categories, which spans genres, while they battle it out with other rock outfits in the Alternative/Rock field where they are included in the Best Alternative/Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group and Best Rock Song categories.

Music veterans also have their fair share of nominations. Diva Mariah Carey receives 5 nominations this year but none are in major categories. Madonna's team-up with French house producer, Mirwais, has led her to 4 nominations this year, including Best Pop Album and Best Pop Song. Also receiving 4 nods in their direction is R&B group, Destiny's Child. Their major hit, Say My Name, contributes to 3 of the 4 nominations including Best Video. Last year's Best New Artist winner, Christina Aguilera, manages to receive 3 nominations this year for her classic vocals on the sassy What A Girl Wants.

Winners will be decided by early January.