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What's  New?

February 11, 2008..One new.Ralph Drawings Gallery #140.
                               One new.Drooaygah.animated Drawings Gallery #137.

February 8, 2008..The Spanking Art Wiki is back up, now at

January 31, 2008..It's official.  The Spanking Art Wiki has been shut down.  Click here to read Wikia Inc.'s weak, inadequate response to critics.

January 27, 2008..The Spanking Art Wiki has been shut down by self-appointed moralists, possibly permanently.  Spankart reports, "According to Wikia, the closure is temporary 'to give us the breathing space to further discuss this issue, and come to some conclusions about the future of spankingart.'  We will have to see how things develop in the next few days. A full database backup of the wiki is preserved. In case it turns out that we can't continue at Wikia, we could look for a new host and if we find one, we could make a relaunch of the wiki. But let's be patient for a few days and see what the discussion with Wikia will bring.  Thanks in advance for your support for our spanking art wiki, which belongs to the entire community.

"Last week one of our editors created a new article at the lemma "Boy scout" that described in some detail what a boy scout is (practically the same information you can find at Wikipedia, only in our own words), plus a brief paragraph on boy scouts in spanking art and in adult spanking roleplay. The article was illustrated with 3 images: a) a vintage photo of a boy scout, b) a contemporary photo of a group of boy scouts, c) a boy scout spanking cartoon by Comixpank. All images were under a GFDL-compatible free license.

"The image b) was copied from Wikimedia Commons, a usual procedure in GFDL-licensed wikis. The controversy began when our "Boy scout" article was brought to the attention to people at 'Wikipedia Review' (an anti-Wikipedia and anti-Wikia forum) and at Wikipedia (at Jimbo's user page). Some people expressed the view that it was a violation of the children's personality rights to post their photo on a site such as the Spanking Art Wiki (even if the GFDL license permits reusing the mage by anyone and for any purpose whatsoever). Several people there made accusations against the Spanking Art Wiki in general: some called it 'p3d0phi1e' and others claimed it 'avocated and condoned violence and child abuse.' Needless to say, none of this is true. At least one person, the initiator of the controversy, contacted Jimbo and Wikia staff and asked them to shut down our wiki.

"The next day, Wikia contacted me and asked me to delete all contemporary photos of minors from the wiki because of that personality rights debate. I complied to their request and introduced a new rule to our official image use policy. 74 images out of 1,200 were deleted and we thought the debate was settled. That was three days ago. Then, yesterday, Wikia closed down our wiki 'temporarily' and contacted me by e-mail explaining that they will need some days to discuss this issue further.

"There was actually nothing special at all about the Boy scout article. We've had articles similar to this one for years. The article was written/edited by both another user and by me (I can't look up the exact history now), but it was me who had added image b), so I take the blame for that.

"By the way, just to avoid misunderstanding: The image that the controversy was about is not a spanking photo. It's the second image from (" Boy Scouts at a campfire ring at summer camp"). Of the 74 images that we removed, only one was a spanking photo (a birthday spanking snapshot, F/f, fully clothed). 73 were normal mainstream photos from sites such as Wikipedia or Flickr that were available for reuse under a free license.

"In any case, the person who started the controversy did not discuss the image issue in our wiki, because his intention was from the beginning not to get the image removed but to get our entire wiki shut down. The image just suited his cause."

January 25, 2008..Roddy.sent this cute little poem to share.  Entitled "Mummy."

Mummy, Mummy I confess
I've left my bedroom in a mess

Mummy, Mummy, oh what fun
You've got just one slipper on

Mummy, Mummy please don't frown
Why'd you pull my knickers down?

Mummy, Mummy tell me please
Why am I across your knees?

Mummy, Mummy please explain
Why I feel a sudden pain

Mummy, Mummy why've I got
A burning sting across my bot?

Mummy, Mummy tell me why
I've a sudden urge to cry?

Mummy, Mummy if you would
Let me up now. I'll be good!

January 22, 2008..Check out Richard James'.new poem, Forbidden Sweet!  (A Handprints exclusive).  If you like Richard's poetry, send him an email and tell him so.  :-)

January 17, 2008..One new.Ralph Drawings Gallery #140.
                       One new.Drooaygah.animated Drawings Gallery #137.
                       Two new Gauis Marius Drawings Gallery #131.
                        This image.was based on art by Drooaygah, altered by Ron Wilson, and animated by Max.
                       One Drawings Gallery #137.

January 5, 2008..One new Andy G. Drawings Gallery #140.  To understand the context of this new image, look at this one first.

January 4, 2008..Three new Gauis Marius Drawings Gallery #131.
                             Sixteen new Drawings Gallery #140.
                           One Drawings Gallery #137.  Droo's poem in this image inspired my own variation:

When I'm at home sometimes I'm bad. 
(It makes my mother really mad!). 
I say "whatEVer!", roll my eyes, 
And sass her back and tell her lies.

Until this year I'd never dared! 
(Because my mother would have bared, 
And spanked me, turned across her knee!) 
But I'm too BIG for her, you see!

So I won't do as I am told, 
Until I hear my mother scold: 
"Young lady, wipe away that smirk. 
Wait til your FATHER's back from work."

She says, "he'll toast your bare behind. 
When Daddy comes you'll learn to mind!" 
She sends me upstairs to my room, 
There to await my certain doom.

"Take off those pants and fold them neat. 
And pull your panties to your feet. 
Then wait for Daddy on your bed." 
(My heart beats fast with fear and dread!).

Soon Dad will come, and then... poor me! 
He'll make me lie across his knee. 
And while I cry to beat the band, 
He'll spank me with his big strong hand!

Uh oh! I must conclude my poem. 
His car just pulled up... DADDY'S HOME!!! 

January 1, 2008..Ten new images in Drawings Gallery #139.

December 31, 2007..Twelve Drawings Gallery #102.
                                  Click here for Ann's Ann-ecdotes about her childhood, with illustrations by Ann, of course!
                                  The extremely rare 1925 spanking manual, "Correction That Corrects," is now available free online.

December 22, 2007..Three Drawings Gallery #130.
                                One new image in Drawings Gallery #139.
                                  Thanks to Toma and to those who sent images.

 Hark! the herald angels swing,
Straps for our Christmas spanking!

Give to every naughty child,
Punishment that's none too mild.

Now it's time for skirts to rise,
Redden bums and upper thighs;

To such lovely bums lay claim,
With your canes take careful aim.

Hark! the herald angels swing,
Paddles that leave a mighty sting.

                                                                          -By Steffie

December 15, 2007..Toma.sends his holiday regards.

December 12, 2007..Two new Drawings Gallery #139.
                  One new Beebee Drawings Gallery #21.
                  One new Comics Gallery #7.

December 7, 2007..Cannibal Khan.sends his holiday regards to all.

December 4, 2007..Two new Gauis Marius Drawings Gallery #131.
              One new Minny The Minx Comics Gallery #7. (Fixed the link)
              Ten new Drawings Gallery #139.

December 1, 2007..What would you do if you wanted to learn how to give your imaginary daughter a make-believe spanking?  Drooaygah's.answer: consult a nonexistent book by a ficticious parenting author!
                                One Drawings Gallery #137.

                             Two new Drawings Gallery #135.

November 14, 2007..Three new Drawings Gallery #135.

November 12, 2007..Seventeen new Lee Warner color' Drawings Gallery #138.

November 3, 2007..One new Comics Gallery #7.
                         Fourteen new Drawings Gallery #135.

November 2, 2007..Five new.Little Comics Gallery #1.  (Most are full pages of panels previously featured).
             One new Comics Gallery #7.
             Two Drawings Gallery #137.
             Three Drawings Gallery #130.

October 21, 2007..What Cannibal Khan saw on his summer vacation!

October 8, 2007..Twenty new Cannibal Khan Gallery #136.

October 1, 2007..If you own one of those "Heat To The Seat" type novelty spanking paddles, hang on to it and keep it in mint condition. It may become a rare collector's item.  (Don't risk damaging your valuable memento by actually spanking a child with it!)  There is a movement afoot to stop the sale of all implements explicitly marketed for spanking children.

Stop the Rod website button

September 29, 2007..Four new Lee Warner, here, here, and here, in Drawings Gallery #112.
                                 One new Cannibal Khan image here in.Drawings Gallery #129.

September 17, exists both in the new domain and also in the old geocities domain.  None of the old geocities galleries has been deleted.  In case something goes wrong with this will give us something to fall back on.  On the Comics Page and the Drawings Galleries Page, there are links to both the old geocities versions and the current versions of all but the most recent galleries (which were only on only and are hence now on only).  The links on the old geocities galleries still mostly go to the old geocities pages, including the old What's New page, which will not be updated henceforth.  While surfing Handprints, if you want to be sure you are on the most up to date version of the site, look at your location bar to see if the address contains the word "geocities" (old) or "thehandprints" (new).

         Fourteen new Toma Drawings Gallery #130.
         Sixteen new images in Drawings Gallery #135.
         Seven new Gauis Marius Drawings Gallery #131.
           One new Comics Gallery #7.

September 16, 2007..Spankart's new video promoting The Spanking Art Wiki was taken down by youtube within hours for "violating terms of use."
(BOOO! :-( ) But you may still be able to see it here.  He writes: "I'd very much appreciate if you could encourage other artists (maybe on your What's New Page) to put some of their works under a free license such as 'Creative Commons BY-SA' or the 'GNU Free Documentation License' (or even to release them to the public domain), which enables others to legally reuse them. I have begun to set a good example in my wiki, and other artists such as Franco and Gauis Marius have already followed."

        One new Su animated, in Drawings Gallery #126.
        Seven new Underground Artist Drawings Gallery #92.
        Five new Riku Drawings Gallery #132.
        Thirty-five new Drawings Gallery #134.

September 1, 2007..One new Drawings Gallery #39.

August 30, 2007..The Handprints viewer who so kindly allowed us to use the domain for galleries has lost the domain.  However, spanking artist Ai has generously stepped forward to offer replacement bandwidth, this time in a new domain,, kindly hosted by  All of the Drawings Galleries which recently vanished with the disappearance of have been moved to the new domain and should be accessible again.

July 29, 2007..I've been away for a few weeks, so here is a major update, today and yesterday.  I will be away for part of August, beginning soon, so if I am slow to return emails or to acknowledge submission of artwork, it is nothing personal.
                         Two new Riku, and here, in.Drawings Gallery #93.
                       Fifteen new Gallery #132.
                       Twenty new images.inDrawings Gallery #133.

July 28, 2007..One new Lee Drawings Gallery #112.
        Four new Lee Warner color', here, here, and here, in Drawings Gallery #124.
        Seven new Toma.images. in Drawings Gallery #130.
        Three new Gauis Marius, here, and here, in Drawings Gallery #131.
        Three new Drawings Gallery #128.

July 10, 2007..Apologies to those whose emails I haven't answered, especially those who have sent artwork and haven't heard back from me.  I have had some other stuff going on in my life and haven't had time to deal with the mailbox and may not for a while longer.   I have popped in here to post the following message because it simply can't wait.
                        On July 16th the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will hold public hearings on "net neutality."  This is about a handful of corporations such as Comcast and AT&T wanting to selectively control how fast websites load, with high speed given to those who can afford to pay expensive extra premiums, while sites such as Handprints.could be slowed down to a crawl.  This is not a "political" left/right kind of issue., the American center-left political action committee, and Rev. Pat Robertson's rightist Christian Coalition, two organizations which normally disagree on every issue, jointly took out full page newspaper ads opposing the corporate power grab and advocating continuation of net neutrality.
                        Do you want to see Handprints.slowed down to a crawl?  If not please click here to take action.  If you are a U.S. citizen, this link will allow you to write to your representatives and also to sign an online petition to Congress.  Whether or not you are a U.S. citizen, you may register your opinion in favor of defending and continuing net neutrality with the FCC from this link, but you must do so before July 16th.  Please act now!

June 22, 2007..Ten new Lee Warner color' Drawings Gallery #124.

                       Two new Lee Drawings Gallery #112.

June 10, 2007  One new.Toma.image. in Drawings Gallery #116.

            Twenty new Cannibal Khan imagesin.Drawings Gallery #129.

June 3, 2007  Giving nonfictional spankings to real life children is now illegal in New Zealand, in the wake of an overwhelming 113-7 parlimentary vote - making it the nineteenth country to pass such a ban.  But here in Old Handpryntsland, make-believe spankings of imaginary children will always remain legal!!!!!

        Seven new Toma.images. in Drawings Gallery #116.

        Five new Drawings Gallery #127.

        Seventeen Drawings Gallery #128.

        Three new Gauis Marius images in Drawings Gallery #123.

        One new Comics Gallery #7.

        One new Little Audrey Comics Gallery #1.

April 29, 2007  Three new Toma, here, and here in Drawings Gallery #116.
        Two new and here in Drawings Gallery #118.
        One on the Handprints Videos Page.

                                A critic of the Handprints site recently asserted that it is perfectly alright to force spankings on unconsenting, real life children; but children must be protected from viewing drawings and comic strip panels depicting the very same thing.  I countered that since actual spankings are G-rated for children, then nonsexual artwork depicting imaginary child spankings warrant a G-rating as well.  The critic responded that viewing this website would be a more noxious experience to a child than being forced across an adult's knee, bared and spanked.  The reason, he argued, is because the actual spanking the child received would have a context, while the make believe images on this site lack any such context.  My rejoinder follows:

JOYCE:  Daddy, I SAID I was sorry! Please! I won't do it again, honestly!

DAD: [unfastening his belt]  That is the same thing you said last time. So THIS time I'm going to do what I SHOULD have done LAST time!


DAD:  Young lady, pull down your jeans and panties and lie down on the bed. NOW! Prepare for the whipping of your life!

JOYCE:  Pleasepleaseplease Daddy! Can't you punish me some OTHER way??

DAD: [pauses to reflect]   Very well. I'll give you a choice. You can lie down on the bed and cry your eyes out while Daddy raises excruciating crimson welts on your tender little  bottom with this belt and doesn't stop until you are reduced to exhausted, broken submission, or...

JOYCE:  Or what Daddy?! OR WHAT?!?!

DAD:  Or... you can sit down in front of the computer and look at the drawings and comics on the Handprints Spanking Art & Stories Page, young lady!

JOYCE: [gulps]  Y-you mean... the one with all those p-pictures from Little Audrey comics... and Nancy... and Little Jinx?

DAD:  Yes.

JOYCE:  A-and drawings b-by Ron Wilson and Gauis and Toma a-a-and Lee Warner?

DAD:  Um Hmm.

JOYCE:  And Spankart and Mr KD and C-Cannibal Khan and Underground Artist and Droo-

DAD:  That's the one, Pumpkin.

JOYCE:  [gasps]  But Daddy... those pictures... they don't have any CONTEXT!!!!!!!

DAD:  They certainly don't. If they did, this wouldn't be an effective punishment for you, now would it?

JOYCE: [in a whisper]  N-no... D-Daddy...

DAD:  Well? You have your choice. Make up your mind!

JOYCE: [eyes brimming with tears as she begins to unfasten her jeans]    I-I-I guess there ARE some things that are worse than a licking!
[lowers her jeans and panties and lies down on the bed]

DAD:  There certainly are, Pumpkin. The world is full of terrible, terrible things: poverty, starvation, racial hatred, drawings of little girls getting spanked, ethnic cleansing, disease, war... [raises the belt to deliver the first lash]

JOYCE:  Daddy?

DAD: [still holding the belt in the air]  Yes, Pumpkin?

JOYCE:  Thank you for just whippin' me instead of making me look at those... those... those pictures of little girls gettin' spanked without any CONTEXT, Daddy!

DAD: You're welcome, Princess. Daddy loves you very much. [brings the belt down across her bottom cheeks with a thundering THWACK]

April 23, 2007  Five new Toma Drawings Gallery #116.

April 8, 2007..One new Lee Warner color' Drawings Gallery #124.

April 6, 2007..Three new animated, here.and here.on the Handprints Videos Page.

April 5, 2007..Four new animated images in Drawings Gallery #125.

        Seven new Su animated images in Drawings Gallery #126.

        Five new Gauis Marius images in Drawings Gallery #123.

        One Comics Gallery #7.

        One new Little Iodine Comics Gallery #3.

        Twenty new images in Drawings Gallery #127.

April 4, 2007  Two Comics Gallery #7.

        Two new video clips on the Handprints Videos Page, which Cannibal Khan was nice enough to film off the tv screen, digitize, and send for our enjoyment.  The classroom scene is from a 2002 movie entitled "Evelyn" based on a true story about a legal case in Ireland.  The bedroom scene is from "The Flame Trees of Thika," a PBS mini-series from the mid-1980's. It too is based on a true story, a memoir written by Elspeth Huxley about her experiences as a child in British-colonial Africa.  Holly Aird plays 11-year-old spanked Elspeth.

        Thirteen new Little Audrey images in Comics Gallery #1.  Ten of these images are two complete five page comic episodes each with spanking content.  There is also a clearner version of an older image here.

        Four new Little Iodine, here, here.and here,  in Comics Gallery #3, and a cleaner version of an older image here.

April 3, 2007  Spanking a child in the home is now illegal in The Netherlands as of last month.  This makes eighteen countries which now have total bans on all forms of spanking of real life children.  Several more countries are close to passing similar laws making it a crime for a nonfictional parent to turn a real-life child over their knee.  But rest assured that in The Fantasylands make-believe children are still subject to frequent and sound bottom warmings for the tiniest misbehaviors!  And The Handprints Spanking Art & Stories Page and all  of its contributing artists remain committed to keeping everyone up to date on the use of spanking as the sole form of discipline for every ficticious little girl who lives there.

An imaginary spanking NEVER did
 a make-believe child ANY harm!!!!!

April 1, 2007..It looks as if our galleries hosted on will not expire on March 31st after all.  And that's no April Fools!  So if you have been having trouble viewing the new links on the March 29, 2007 update below, click on them now and you should be able to view them without bandwidth related shutdowns.  Enjoy!


(send .jpg and .gif image submissions here - no zip files please)

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