History of Lambert-Wright-Roy Post 8661

Bailey, Colorado

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Lambert-Wright-Roy Post 8661, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States was chartered in December, 1980. The first meeting was held at the Shawnee Community Center in Shawnee, CO.

The new Post had 49 Charter Members. Six of them were transfers from surrounding Posts. Today there are 265 members, with 132 of these being life members.

The Post derived its name from three former veterans who are now deceased. A brief description
of each is being compiled and will be added in the future.

Listed below are the past and present Commanders of Post 8661.

James Hartford 1980-82
Earl Painter "Pete" 1982-84
S. Clarke 1984-86
Donald Rankin 1986-87
Kenneth Garner 1987-89
Jack Flint 1989-90
Bill Shumate 1990-92
Warren Tellgren 1992-94
Rick Meloan 1994-95
Arthur Silver 1995-96
Jack Gulden 1996-97
Dick Adamson 1997-99
Bill Taylor 1999-00
Jim Warn 2000-01
Bill Taylor 2001-

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