The Bailey Family

of New York & California

by Joel Watson


* David Bailey 
  * Alfred Bailey b. 3 Jun 1793 d. 3 Mar 1843 
    m. Betsy Reynolds b. 21 Oct 1797 d. 7 May 1879 
    Alfred was of Davenport, New York.                                            
    * Charles Bailey b. 15 Nov 1820 
    * Elisha Bailey b. 22 Nov 1822 d. 12 Jan 1896 
      m. _____ Harriett 
      * Forrest Bailey 
      * Louisa Bailey 
    * Hiram Bailey b. 23 Nov 1825 d. 9 Jan 1904 
      m. Olivia M. 
      * Carlton H. Bailey b. 13 May 1863 possibly Scott County, Iowa d. 21 Aug 1866 Scott County, Iowa 
        Carlton was the only child of Hiram and Olivia according to the newspaper     
    * Nelson Bailey b. 13 Nov 1828 Davenport, Delaware County, New York 
      m. Margaret Sweet       
      m. 25 Feb 1852 Westerlo, New York by William Dermarest  Jane C. Sweet d. 2 Jun 1858 Albany, New York 
      * Elmer Ellsworth Bailey b. 7 Sep 1861 Albany, New York 
        m. Lillian Josephine Smith b. 1865 Maysville, Kentucky d. 13 Mar 1938         
        m. 14 Nov 1883 Agnes E. Phelps 
        * Elmer Ellsworth Bailey, Jr. 
          m. Eleanor Martha Elinor b. 1896 Cassleton, North Dakota 
          * Joan Bailey 
            m. Alvin Sargent Hambly 
            * Katherine Hambly 
              m. Michael Lewis Crow b. 15 Mar 1948 Colorado Springs, Colorado 
              * Matthew Ellsworth Crow 
              * Barbara Whitman Crow 
              * Susan Lowell Crow 
            * Barbara Hambly 
            * Stephen Lowell Hambly 
            * Margaret Hambly b. 14 Mar 1956 Alta Bates Hospital, California 
              m. 5 Sep 1981 Ascension Church,  Greenpoint, N.Y.  Shelley Burch (Joel) Watson, Jr. b. 16 Nov 1944 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
              Confirmed at Trinity Church, Portsmouth, Virginia by the Rt. Rev. William     
                            A. Brown, Bishop of Virginia on May 30, 1965, with Mrs. Mildred (Richard      
                            A.) Savedge as sponsor. She married a cousin. This was Bishop Brown's         
                            last Confirmation class.                                                      
            * Peter Sargent Hambly 
    * Maria Bailey b. 27 Mar 1831 
    * Rachael Bailey b. 30 Mar 1834 
    * Isaac Bailey b. 31 Oct 1836 Delhi,  Delaware County, New York d. 5 Sep 1911 
      m. Mary Louise Borthwick 
                 Isaac  Bailey [whose biography said  he was next  to the youngest son].
He was  born in  Delhi, Delaware  County, New York on October  31, 1844. He
attended public  school and had an academic  education. In  1859 he  began to
work in  a Dry Goods store in  Albany, New York [probably  the family store]
and  remained there  for  17 years.  In  1876  he settled  in Gilman, Iroquois
 County, Illinois  and began  to manufacture linseed  oil. Under  his
direction  the Gilman  Linseed  Oil Company  began with  him  as president.
After  ten years  he moved to  Evanston, Illinois.  In 1894  he made  his home
 in Pasadena, California at 720 East  Colorado Street. He owned a ranch at
Rialto,  California where he had 20  acres of citrus trees.  He  was
president  of  the  Amazon  Oil  Company  of Bakersfield, California,  a
director  of Revenue  Oil Company and a stockholder of others.  He was  a
member  of the  First Methodist  Church of  Pasadena,  a 32nd  Degree  Mason
and  a Republican. He married  Mary Louise Borthwick of  Albany, New York.
Isaac and his wife are both buried in Mountain VIew Cemetery, Pasadena,
    * Alfred Bailey b. 1 Oct 1843