Gregorio Leviste line: kneeling down: Michael Leviste Sanka. first row (left to right):Gino Leviste Manzanares, Kiko Manzanares, Tess Martinez, Baby Leviste carrying Alyssa Martines and Patricia leviste second row (left to right): Jason Leviste Guison, Annie Leviste Sanka, Lynette Casquejo Leviste, Jojo Leviste, Sonny Leviste, Kathy Leviste, Angela Martinez, Tanya Manzanares, Jing Leviste Manzanares back row (left to right): Gico Leviste Manzanares and Bjorn Leviste Sanka.

Gregorio Leviste line: beside the stairs: Sheryll Leviste Paras & husband first row (left to right):Annie Leviste, Jing Leviste Manzanares and Kiko Manzanares second row (left to right): Tess Martinez, Boyet Leviste Martinez, Baby Leviste and Sonny Leviste third row (left to right): Sylvia Leviste Paras and friend fourth row (left to right): Lynette Casquejo Leviste and Tess Leviste Guison fifth row (left to right): Jojo Leviste and Nonie Guison.

The whole Leviste-Paredes family (all the sons and daughters of Jose Leviste and Dolores Padua Paredes)
TOP ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT):Jose "Joey"Leviste,Jenny Dayrit Leviste, Manuel "Joma" Pleno, Nitoy Azores being carried by his father Bobby Azores, Christine Leviste Consunji, Tom Consunji ROW 2 (LEFT TO RIGHT) TJ Consunji, carrying baby "Bam-Bam Azores, Caya Consunji, Mara Leviste, Amalia "Lisa" Pleno, Jose "Jojo" Leviste III, Carina "Cari"Leviste Azores. ROW 3 (LEFT TO RIGHT) Raphael "Raffy" Pleno, being held by Mario "Sanny" Leviste, Monalie Fargas Leviste, carrying baby "Briana" elise Leviste, Rose Ledesma, Katherine dolores "Kaide" Leviste, Maia Azores, being held by Marielle "Mia" Leviste, Ramon "Ramy" Miguel Pleno, Cecile Pleno.

Juan Magtulis Leviste decendents. Photo taken December 25, 2006. Standing: Stephanie Portillo, Evan Miyashiro, Hilda Leviste Miyashiro, Corazon Leviste Portillo, Aaron Miyashiro, Mitch Nye, Genoveva Leviste Marasigan, Efren Marasigan, Johnathan Leviste. Sitting: Genuina Leviste, Lucille Nye, Quintin Leviste, Benjamin Nye, Modesto Leviste, Camryn Miyashiro, Front: Maria Leviste Nye, Archie Leviste.

On September the 27, 1998: Family meeting of Leviste family for the 70th anniversary of canon Jacques Leviste and 45th anniversary of his priesthood orders. His brother Lucien Leviste is at his right and her sister, Marie-Elizabeth Leviste-Sautier is behind him with nearly all his lineage.

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