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Lemmiein's Genealogy Resources

Member Western Cherokee of Arkansas and Missouri
A non-recognized tribe

Colors of the Wind

“I am tired of fighting. Our chiefs are killed...The old men are all dead. He who led the young men is is cold, and we have no blankets. The little children are freezing to death...I want to have time to look for my children and see how many of them I can find. Maybe I shall find them among the dead. Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever.” Chief Joseph, Nez Perce, 1877

Lemmiein's Genealogy Resources

Welcome all who are searching for those elusive forefathers!

I hope to be able to provide various and useful links to those who are searching for their American Indian ancestors. This is my first attempt at building a homepage and as my skills improve, I hope this site improves along with it. If you have any suggestions or know of any useful pieces of information, by all means, E-mail me and I will do my best to include them in here. I am undecided as to whether to focus on the North American tribes or to also eventually include tribes throughout the western hemisphere. What is your view? E-mail me and let me know. And please....sign my guestbook!

I hope to include some links as well to various sites where some beautiful American Indian artwork can be seen. Artwork on this page is used only by the permission of the artist/photographer or is not under copyright protection. If you see ANY artwork here that is not under these categories, PLEASE E-mail me.

An example of sandpainting from the Southwest.

Powersource-Various Links to Cherokee Searches

Cherokee By Blood-Don't Miss This One!

Tribal ContactsVarious Addresses for Various Tribes

Native American Genealogy

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

NativeWeb Homepage

The Unofficial Choctaw Nation Page of Oklahoma

National Archives Genealogical Resources

Cherokee Information

Cherokee History Resources

Cherokee Nation West

Cyndi Howe's Native American Links-Great Site!


Black Mardis Gras Indians-This isn't genealogy per se, but it is a MUST see!

Here are a few sites to check out for some American Indian-inspired artwork:

Visionquest Studios

          Paintings by Diana Elizabeth Stanley, used by permission.

Powersource-Follow their links for some beauties!

Phoenix Art Galleries

Native American Artists