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This page should give you a short overview of the 'Hausser' Elastolin plastic figures. You will find scanned pages of the 'Hausser' Catalog released in 1980. You will find some information about the again released Elastolin figures by 'Preiser'. This page doesn't cover Elastolin 'Masse' toys.

Polystyrol-plastic figures in 7 or 4 cm size have been produced by the company 'Hausser' in Germany for more then 25 years. They became bankrupt in 29. june 1983. Fortunately the whole equipment necessary for producing these fine figures was bought by Mr. Preiser (a toy manufacturer from Germany) and most of the figures are now again available.



The company 'Hausser' was founded in 1904 near Stuttgart in Germany by the brothers Otto and Max Hausser. From the beginning they produced small figures out of sawdust and glue and wire. This material was called 'Masse' (which means translated 'substance'). First in 10-14 cm size, after 1912 they started also with the famous 7 cm sized toy figures. The company Pfeiffer in Vienna, brandname Tipple Topple and Durolin, was taken over by Hausser in 1925. In the mid 1930th the factory was transferred to Neustadt near Coburg. Most off the produced stuff was war toys. Toy soldiers out of 'Masse' (sawdust and glue) and excellent cars and cannons in metal has been produced by 'Hausser' in excellent quality. The company continued toy production up until 1943 during World War II. After the defeat of Germany, the production started again around 1946/7.

Mr. Rolf Hausser, the technical manager, started in 1939 against the opposition of the head office, to develop a way to produce toy figures in plastic. In 1955 the first 'Wild West' figures were introduced, soon the 'Karl May' and 'Prince Eisenherz' series followed. This first series are also called the 'J' Series. Then the catalog of 1967 offered the last 'Masse' figures. In addition to their war toys and castles, the company produced a lot of civilian toys (animals, farmers).



The brand 'Elastolin' was used by 'Hausser' since the beginning. Because there was no possibility to protect this brandname, Elastolin is now accepted as a generic term for almost any composition figure.

A porridge-like mixture of sawdust, cassein glue and kaolin has been pressed in a brass mold and a wire strengthener has been applied. These halves has then been joined, pre dried and heated. Afterwards these figures have then been hand painted. These technique is also used for 'Lineol' figures, which are compatible to Elastolin figures. 'Lineol' has nothing to do with 'Hausser' or 'Elastolin'.

After introduction of the plastic figures in 1955 the name 'Elastolin' has also been used for these types. If you ask for elastolin its a good idea to check weather you talk about composition or plastic models. From here on we are talking only about plastic figures!

There is a wide range of variations in style and painting. The older types ('J' series) was sprayed in a brass mold, which wear out very fast. The figures then have been new designed and sprayed in steel mold. There are three main painting variations.

Characteristic for 'Hausser' figures is the oval socket, which has been used before World War I. The first used socket on plastics was the dark green 'J' type with a high dot and a printed 'J' underneath. The next used sockets didn't have the printed 'J' and varied in color. If you wonder, how to distinguish between the high priced, antic 'Hausser' figures and the cheaper 'Preiser' manufactured figures, there is an easy hint. As you see on this picture the 'Preiser' socket don't have a protruding dot.



The company 'Preiser' is well know for high quality toy figures and model railroad accessories. They also produce the 'Elastolin' figures after Mr. Preiser bought the whole equipment at the auction of the bankrupt 'Hausser' company. Because they use different numbers I made a list which compares the 'Hausser' and the 'Preiser' ordering numbers.

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List of Hausser/Preiser numbers in Winword format
List of Hausser/Preiser numbers in Excel 4 format
List of Hausser/Preiser numbers in txt format, Tabs
List of Hausser/Preiser numbers in RFT format
List of Hausser/Preiser numbers Text with separator



The catalog numbers has the following meanings:
8401 = 7cm M1 : 25
8401 4 = 4cm M1 : 45


01 Frontpage
02 Introduction (Vorwort)
03 Roman legionnaires (Roemer, Legionnaire)
04 Roman legionnaires (Roemer, Legionnaire)
05 Roman legionnaires (Roemer, Legionnaire)
06 Vikings (Wikinger)
07 Bow shooter (Bogenschuetze)
08 Huns (Hunnen)
09 Huns (Hunnen)
10 Normans (Normannen)
11 Normans (Normannen)
12 Normans (Normannen)
13 Normans (Normannen)
14 Knights (Ritter)
15 Billingsgate
16 Billingsgate
17 Billingsgate
18 Billingsgate
19 Turks (Tuerken)
20 Castle occupants (Burggesinde)
21 Cannons (Mittelalterliche Geschuetze)
22 Cannons (Mittelalterliche Geschuetze)
23 Cannons (Mittelalterliche Geschuetze)
24 Cannons (Mittelalterliche Geschuetze)
25 Cannons (Mittelalterliche Geschuetze)
26 Native Americans (Indianer)
27 Native Americans (Indianer)
28 Native Americans (Indianer)
29 Native Americans (Indianer)
30 Native Americans (Indianer)
31 Trapper
32 Trapper
33 Trapper
34 Trapper
35 Trapper
36 US soldier (Regierungstruppen)
37 Karl May figures
38 Karl May figures
39 Karl May figures
40 Settler (Siedler)
41 Infanterieregiment 'Washington'
42 Infanterieregiment 'Washington'
43 Infanterieregiment 'Specht'
44 Infanterieregiment 'Specht'
45 Britische Grenadiere
46 Britische Grenadiere
47 American Militia
48 American Militia
49 Preussische Infanteristen
50 Preussische Infanteristen
51 US civil war 'North' (Nordstaaten)
52 US civil war 'South' (Suedstaaten)
53 Austrian army (Oesterreichisches Bundesheer)
54 Swiss army (Schweizer Bundesheer)
55 German army 1939 (Deutsche Wehrmacht 1939)
56 German army 1939 (Deutsche Wehrmacht 1939)
57 German army 1939 (Deutsche Wehrmacht 1939)
58 German army 1939 (Deutsche Wehrmacht 1939)
59 Index
60 Back



Every Book can be ordered from your bookstore with the ISBN Code.

Bookcover Wartoys

The War Toys 1 Authors: Reggie Polaine + David Hawkins
Kriegsspielzeug New Cavendish Books, 3 Denbigh Road, London W112SJ
ISBN 0-904568-73-3

This book covers the main history of the company 'Hausser' and the composition 'Masse' figures. The book is written in English and German language (in the same book!, so you don't have to care about it).

Cover Elastolin Kunstoff Figuren Buch

Elastolin Kunststoff-Figuren Authors: Andreas Pietruschka + Fritz Mueller
Bestimmungsbuch + Preiskatalog Verlag Figuren Magazin, Andreas Pietruschka, Berlin 030/ 392 94 90
ISBN 3-930029-00-6

This book covers everything you want to know about Elastolin plastic figures. Unfortunately its written only in german, but there are really a lot of pictures and prints. It gives you also a range of realistic prices.

Cover Figuren Magazin

Figuren Magazin, Andreas Pietruschka, Spenerstr. 17, 10557 Berlin, 030/ 392 94 90
Zeitschrift fuer Sammler

This is magazine covering the Elastolin and Lineol toy figures. It comes three times a year in german.



Andreas Pietruschka
Spenerstr. 17,
10557 Berlin
Tel. 030/ 392 94 90

Author of the 'Figuren Magazin' and the book 'Kunststoff-Figuren'. He also has a store, where you can buy Elastolin figures and toys ('Masse' and plastic).

There are a lot of auctions where those figures are sold at very high prices. But there is an advisable meeting in germany. The former years it took place in Bad Nauheim near Frankfurt. Further informations are available from Mr. A. Pietruschka.

Kreza Modelbau Versand
H. Kreker
Unter dem Rotdorn 16
35578 Wetzlar
Tel. 06441/75364 (past 1800 Uhr)

He sells Preiser figures and also kits. Yes, you can build and paint those figures by yourself. Perhaps he has some figures from the 'Hausser' production left.



The Castle Works Co.

The Castle Works Co.

The Castle Works Co. Mirror Site

Sells Elastolins in the USA and has a very good online pricelist.

Michigan Toy Soldier + Figure Co.

Michigan Toy Soldier + Figure Co.

He collects Elastolin plastic and also sell and trade through his shop. They also sell German 70mm scale figures by Preiser,Diedhoff,Miniforma, Lineol(By Duesea)

Watts Trainshop

Watts Trainshop

Online Preiser price list for some Elastolin (Indians) at Watts Trainshop. 9180 Hunt Club Road Zionsville, Indiana 46077-9398, USA 1-800-LGB-POLA which is 1-800-542-7652

Wormser Spielzeug Auktionen

Wormser Spielzeug Auktionen

There is a catalog for the next auction available,to get an idea what is available specially in older Elastolins.


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