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1. Child of Alexander Farris and Tansy Williams is:

114. i. George Farris.

D.A. comments:
Tansy may be Overcash.
They had 9 children who lived. They are as follows:

i. Will Alex born 1874 married Sarah Smith in 1894.
ii. Laura born 1875 married Frank Looney in 1892.
iii. Theodore born 1876 married Martha Wilson in 1898.
iv. George born 1878 married Amanda Dodson in 1900. Divorced in 1909.
v. William born 1879 died 1881. Buried in Farris Cemetery.
vi. James Monore "Roe" born ? married Della Trammell in 1908 and Delphia Beach in 1913.
vii. Clara E. "Emmer" born ? married W.R. Morrisoon 1904.
viii. Charles H. born ? "Horace" married Callie Beach.
ix. Delsie born ? married George gipson 1905.

44. Martha Ella Farris (William Champion, Davidson) was born March 23, 1857 in Iuka, Tishomingo Co., MS. and died May 21, 1932 in Timbo, Stone Co., AR.
She married James Larkin George August 04, 1876 in Stone County, AR.

Children of Martha Farris and James George are:

115. i. William C. George, born July 13, 1877; died Feb. 19, 1945.
He married Mary Viola Gammill 1900 in Stone County, AR.
116. ii. Thomas Harlin George, born January 17, 1879 in Stone Co., AR; died April 09, 1944 in Stone co., AR.
He married Bertha Estella Balentine August 01, 1904 in Stone County, AR.
117. iii. Coloma E. George, born Sept. 1880.
She married Jackson Martin Nov. 20, 1902.
118. iv. Marion S. George, born Oct. 1881;
He married Geogia McGee March 17, 1901.
119. v. Viola George, born May 1883.
She married J.E. "Earlie" Fox, Feb. o4, 1904 in Stone Co., AR.
120. vi. Lee Dolphus George, born March 04, 1885; died April 11, 1968.
121. vii. Mary Ethel George, born Feb. 19, 1889; died Feb. 17, 1985 in Stone co., AR.
She married Andrew Balention July 03, 1904 in Stone Co., AR.
122. viii. Jessie Duke George, born Sept. 04, 1890; died Feb. 24, 1958 in Stone Co., AR.
123. ix. Columbus C. George, born Sept. 08, 1893; died March 02, 1947.

D.A. comments:

William Champion George born July 15, 1878.
He married Mary Viola Gammill June 6, 1879.
Thomas Harlin George also married Ester Fletcher.

Coloma Elderade George .
She married Andrew Jackson Martin Nov. 23, 1902.
Marion Scott George, born Oct 29, 1881.
HE married Georganna McGee.
Viola Jane George, born May 23, 1883.
She married Johnson Fox.
Lee Dolphus George,
married Ester Mullins.
Mary Ethel George, born Feb. 18, 1889; died Feb. 16, 1985.
Jessie Duke George, born 4-4-1890
, married Ollie Reeves.
Columbus Christopher George
married Viola Johnson Gammill.
45. Mary Lucretia "Mollie" Farris (William Champion, Davidson) was born Sept. 1860 in Iuka, Tishomingo Co., MS; and died 1938 in Stone Co., Ar.
She married William Columbus Ham Looney August 21, 1881 in Stone Co., AR,
son of Isaac Looney and Mary Ham.

More about Mary Lucretia "Mollie" Farris:
Fact 1: Buried at Mtn. View Cemetery, Mtn. View, AR

More about William Columbus Looney:
Fact 1: Buried at Mtn. View Cemetery, Mtn. View, AR

Marriage notes for Mary Farris and William Looney:
She is Mona Smith's grandmother.

Children of Mary Farris and William Looney are:

124. i. William Champ Looney, born May 07, 1884; died Oct. 15, 1972. In Ada. OK.
He married Lillian Killian 1908.
125. ii. Martha Looney, born Sept. 06, 1884.
126. iii. Vietta Looney, born March 21, 1888; died August 01, 1953.
127. iv. Odgeby Franklin Looney, born March 22, 1890.
128. v. Joseph Preston Looney, born janaury 17, 1892; died April 11, 1968 in Timbo, Stone County, AR.

More about Joseph Preston Looney:
Fact 1: PVT US Army

129. vi. Lee Marlton Looney, born January 17, 1892.
130. vii. James Orby Looney, born November 17, 1896; died October 22, 1983 in Stone Co., AR.
131. viii. Ina Looney, born June 28, 1899; died 1984 in Washington, OK.
132. ix. Clifton Looney,

D.A. comments:

William Columbus Looney was called "Nig".
William Champion Looney married Lillian Killian 10 Dec. 1908
Martha Anderson Looney b. 1886. Married George Mabury Beckham.
Vietta Looney married Oscar Webb and T.M. Jordan.
Joseph Preston Looney was called "Press". He married Dena Gilbert.
Lee Marlton Looney was born 3 Feb. 1894?
James Orby Looney married Sallie Long.
Ina Looney b. 28 Jan, 1899? She married Jim Gillam, Alfred Houge, and Charlie Jordan.
Clifton Looney b. 2 April 1903 and married Effie Green 12 Aug. 1925.

49. Sarah C. Farris (William Champion, Davidson) was born 29 Jan 1868 in Tishomingo Co., MS. and died 07 Oct, 1931 in Akins, Sequoyah Co., OK.
She married (1) Brown Noveber 19, 1881 in Stone Co., AR.
(2) Robert Walter Ham Looney bef. 1892 in Stone Co., AR,
son of Isaac Looney and Mary Hamm.

Children of Sarah Farris and Robert Looney are:

133. i. R.W. Looney, b. 1892. 134. ii. Zed Looney, b. 1894; died 1961 in Mtn. view, AR. He married Gertha.
More about Zed Looney:
Fact 1: Buried in Mtn. View Cemetery, Mtn. View, AR

More about Gertha:
Fact 1: Buried in Mtn. View Cemetery, Mtn. View, AR

135. iii. Dink Looney, born July 29, 1896; died 12 July 1948 in Mtn. View, AR.
136. iv. Thurlow Looney, born 11 Aug. 1900; died 29 Sept, 1972 in Mtn. View, AR.
He married (1) Dora Williams.
He married (2) Maggie.

More about Thurlow Looney:
Fact 1: Buried at Flatwoods Cemetary, Mtn. View, AR

More about Dora Williams:
Fact 1: Buried at Blue Mtn. Cemetery, Mtn. View, AR

More about Maggie:
Fact 1: Buried at Flatwoods Cemetery, Mtn. View, AR.

D.A. comments:

Sarah C. Farris married Leroy Brown.
She did not marry Robert Walter Looney.
He married Susan B. Farris in 1891.

R.W. Looney was actually William Walter.
He was called "Tince".
He married Dessie Powell in 1914.

Zed Looney died in 1929.
He married Gertha Branscum in 1917.
Dink Looney married Dosha Williams.
Thurlow Looney's second wife, Maggie "Posie" Peace.
Have verifying documents on info.
There was children with Leroy Brown. D.A. has pictures.

50. Mary Jane "Sissy" Farris (James Monroe, Davidson) was born 1850.
She married George Madison "Matt" Dodson.

Children of Mary Farris and George Dodson are:

137. i. Robert Dodson.
138. ii. Lillian Dodson, born Dec. 28, 1915.
She married O.F. Smith 30 Mar. 1935.
139. iii. Ara Lorene Dodson.
She married (1) Willam A. Farris 02 March, 1921.
She married (2) William A. Farris 02 March, 1921.

D.A. Comments:

#50 is wrong. #138 Lillian Dodson and #139, Aral Lorene Dodson are the daughters of Robert Dodson, not sisters.

Children of Mary Farris and George Dodson are:

John M. Dodson b. Dec 1871 married to Sis Avey 1891.
Robert Dodson b. Dec. 1872 married to Martha Hood 1894.
George W. Dodson b. Nov. 1883 married to Cina Powell 1902.
Collie C. Dodson b. March 1881 married to Dona Gibson 1907.
Tommy Dodson b. April 1884 married Janet Maxey 1901
Mastin G. Dodson b. Nov. 1891 married Rosa Miller in 1922
Ben F. Dodson b. Oct. 1893 to Voila Mecollouch in 1922.
Berry Dodson b. March 1889 died about 1932. No marriage.

51. Mastin Greenfield Farris (James Monroe, Davidson) was born 1850.
He married (1) Amanda Friar.
He married (2) Julia Lawrence Mary 29, 1893.

Children of Mastin Farris and Julia Lawrence are:

140. i. Arthur Farris
141. ii. Mandy Farris
142. iii. John Farris
143. iv. Allie Farris.

D.A. comments:

Mastin Farris
married (1) Julia Lawrence on 29 Mar. 1893;
(2) S.N. Lawrence in 1888;
(3) Amanda Friar.

Incomplete list of children of Mastin Farris and Julia Lawerence are:

Mary J. Farris b. march 1874
Georgia Ann Farris b. 1875
Mary c. Farris b. 1888
Many Farris b. Sept 1879
John Farris b. 1882
Allie Farris b. 1884
Cloma and Omah were twins.

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