The Halloween Timeline:

Not nearly as difficult to do as the Friday the 13th timeline. The only real problem was my quest to incorporate H20 into the rest of the saga.

Judith Myers is born

Michael Audry Myers is born

Laurie Myers is born

October 31, 1963
Michael Myers kills his older sister Judith Myers.

Prologue to part I

He is taken into custody and becomes catatonic. Dr. Sam Loomis is assigned to evaluate him.

April 1964
Michael Myers is sentenced to Smiths Grove Sanitarium until he turns 21, at which time he will appear before a judge to stand trial for the murder of his sister. Dr. Loomis argues that Michael is still dangerous and should be sent to a maximum security facility; Loomis is ignored.

TV version of part I

Michael & Laurie's parents die. Laurie is adopted by the Strode family, and becomes Laurie Strode. The Strodes request that the file on Laurie be sealed, their request is granted.

After working with Michael for 8 years Dr. Loomis accepts that he will never be able to reach him. He dedicates himself to keeping Michael locked up for the rest of his life.

October 30 - 31, 1978
Michael Myers escapes from Smiths Grove. He returns to Haddonfield and kills 12 people before almost burning to death in a fire along with Dr. Loomis.

Halloween I & Halloween II

He is taken to the Ridgemont Maximum Security Hospital where he becomes catatonic.

Jamie Lloyd born to Laurie Strode.

John Tate born to Laurie Strode and a different father than Jamie had.

December 1987
Laurie Strode fakes her death in a car crash. She abandons her daughter Jamie, who is taken in by the Corruthers family.

October 30-31 1988
Michael Myers escapes while being transported in an ambulance. He goes to Haddonfield to kill Jamie Lloyd. He kills around 15 people before being gunned down by a group of red necks. He falls into a mine shaft and escapes into a river before they set off an explosion in the shaft. Jamie Lloyd stabs her adopted mother, but she does not die.

Halloween 4

Jamie Lloyd is sent to a children's hospital.

October 31, 1989
Michael Myers comes back to kill Jamie. He is eventually captured, but Dr. Wynn sets off an explosion in the police station and shoots all the cops with a machine gun. He frees Michael from his cell and kidnaps Jamie Lloyd. Jamie & Michael are both believed to have died in the explosion.

Halloween 5 Because of fears that Michael may not have died Haddonfield officially bans Halloween.

Laurie Strode/Keri Tate hears about the daughter that she abandoned supposedly dieing. She feels guilty and contacts her son. After getting back together with John's father he eventually leaves her.

Dr. Loomis suffers from a stroke and is forced to retire because of his health.

Kara strode has a child out of wedlock

Kara Strode leaves her family because of how she is treated.

Dr. Loomis has plastic surgery to get rid of all of the scar tissue on his face and arm.

February 1995
Michael Myers impregnate Jamie Lloyd.

John and Debra Strode inherit Strode reality from John's brother. After realizing that no one will buy the old Myers house John movies his own family into it.

Summer 1995
Kara Strode comes back to her family hoping to better her life. Her father wants nothing to do with her, but her mother wants to help her. She enrolls in college. Haddonfield decides to lift the ban on celebrating Halloween. Many of its residents fear that they are inviting trouble.

October 1995
Jamie Lloyd delivers her baby and escapes from the thorn cult, she is killed soon after. Michael also gets away and proceeds to kill the people who are living in his old house. After nearly dieing at Michael's hands Tommy Doyle, Kara Strode, Danny Strode, and Steven Lloyd (Jamie's baby) leave town.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

His health failing, Dr. Loomis moves in with a Nurse Marion Chambers, who takes care of him until the day that he dies.

October 29 - 31, 1998
Marion Chambers is killed by Michael Myers. Michael finds a file in her house saying that Laurie Strode is now living in California as Keri Tate. Michael goes after her. He kills several people before being decapitated by Laurie/Keri.

Halloween: H20

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