Friday the 13th: The Timeline

A workable timeline that incorporates the events of all of the movies is the holy grail for Jason fans. The problem being that in each film the makers took a "present day" attitude to each movie as they made them. Here is my stab at trying to fit all together.


The future Pamela Sue Voorhees is born.

Toombstone in Part 4


Camp Crystal Lake founded

Sign in Part 1

1946 June 13

Jason Voorhees is born to Pamela Sue Voorhees and Elias Voorhees.

June 13 comes from Part 1. The year, and Elias' name, come from Jason Goes to Hell.
Note: Pamela was only 16 years old at the time of Jason's birth.

1950 January 7

Diana Kimble born to Elias Voorhees and a woman other than Pamela.

In Part 1 Pamela stated that Jason was her only child. In Jason Goes to Hell Diana is revealed to be Jason's sister.
Their is no real birth date referred to for the character. The date that I have chosen is the birthday of Erin Gray, who played Diana

1957 - Summer

Jason Voorhees drowns in Crystal Lake. His body is never found. Following his death his mother hears his voice in her head. It tells her to take revenge on the councilors because he died because they were not watching him.

1958 June 13 (Friday)

Two camp councilors, Barry & Claudette are brutally murdered by Pamela Voorhees. (prolouge to part 1) The murders remain unsolved until Pamela is killed 21 years later. The camp closes down.

1959 - 1961

Every attempt to re-open the camp ends with Pamela Voorhees secretly setting fire to the camp. The fires are not blamed on a person, but a legend that the camp has a death curse on it.


Steve Christy's parents attempt to re-open Camp Crystal Lake, but the water is discovered to be bad. It is later believed that Mrs. Voorhees poisoned it.

1975 June 13 (Friday)

Steve Christy attempts to reopen crystal lake but is killed along with eight counclers by Pamala Voorhees. The Lone survivor, Alice, kills Mrs. Voorhees and claims that Pamala's son Jason is still alive. (Friday the 13th part 1)

[In part 4 Mrs. Voorhees' tombstone states that she died in 1979 but June 13 1979 isn't a Friday, and Part I clearly states that it takes place on a Friday]

1975 Augest

Alice returns to Crystal Lake and is murdered by Jason. (prolouge to part 2)

1978 October 13 (Friday)

7 year old Tina Shepard accidentally kills her father by telepathically collapsing the dock that he is standing on.(prolouge to part 7)

1979 - Summer

Chris (last name unknown) [she appeared in part 3] runs away from her parents cabin on Crystal Lake after a family argument. She is attacked by Jason Voorhees, and passes out. The next morning she wakes up in her own bed. Her parents never speak of what happened or how she got back home.

1980 June 8 - 9

Paul Holt opens a councilor training center next to Camp Crystal Lake. Jason kills several more people and is slashed in the neck with a machete, but does not die. (Friday the 13 part 2)

1980 June 10-11

Jason kills several more people untill finaly taking an ax to the head. He is taken to the morgue. (Friday the 13th Part 3)

1980 june 12-13 (Friday)

Jason comes to in the morgue, obviously he is not dead. After killing several people a 12 year old boy named Tommy Jarvis kills Jason with a machete. (Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter)

Some time after part 4

Jason's body is secretly buried in the Eternal Peace Cemetery. Because the rumors that Jason can not die some member of the local government, or law enforcement, start telling people that Jason was cremated.

Tommy Jarvis' experance with Jason leaves him mentaly unbalanced for many years.

1983, May 12-13 (Friday)

Tommy Jarvis, who is now 15, is taken to a retreat for troubled kids. One of the kids is murdered, after which a series of Jason style murders take place. The murders are discovered to have been commited by an ambulance driver who was pushed over the edge when he saw the murder of the troubled kid, who was realy his son. (Friday the 13th part V)

Some time after part V

In order to shed the psycho killer reputation the Crystal Lake town councal changes the passes a resolution to change the town's name to Forrest Green.

1986 June 13 (Friday)

A now 18 year old Tommy Jarvis is released from the mental institute. Still haunted by the memories of Jason. He and a friend go to dig up Jason's body with the intent of cremating it. Jason is reanimated when he is struck with a bolt of lightning. He goes on a rampage until Tommy chains him to the bottom of Lake Forest Green (formally Crystal Lake.) Tommy Jarvis is never seen again; presumably is blamed for the killings and goes into hiding. (Friday the 13th Part VI)

Some time after the events of Part VI

The town councel Changes the name back to Crystal Lake.


A 17 year old Tina Shepard, her mother and her psychiatrist return to their cabin on Crystal Lake. Tina, who has telekinetic powers, tries to reach her father under the lake. She instead reaches and reanimates Jason. In a fight on the dock Tina reanimates her father who pulls Jason to the bottom of the lake. (Friday the 13th Part VII)

1992 June 12 (Friday)

A boat's ancher pulls an electrical cable over Jason's body, which reanimates it.

1992 June 13-14

The Class of Lakeview High graduates

At the beginning of Part VIII the radio announcer states that the class of Lakeview High graduates "on the 13th of this month"; but nowhere is it ever said that they graduate on a Friday.

Jason gets onto the S.S. Lazarus, a ship carrying Lakeview High School graduates on a cruse to New York. Jason destroys the boat, killing nearly every passange onboard. Jason's body is severly damaged by toxic chemicals. (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan)

After Part VIII

The survivors presumably tell the NYPD what happened on the boat and in the city. The NYPD tells the FBI about the reports of Jason's killings. The NYPD researches the case and finds out that Jason has seemed to be dead so many times.

After finding about Jason the FBI sets up a sting operation to kill him. They take his remains to the morgue.

A week later

where he begins to posses other people's bodies. Creighton Duke, Steven Freeman, Jessica Kimble have a final confrontation with him at the Voorhees house. Jessica Kimble, his last surviving relative, stabs him with a magic dagger. His body is dragged down to hell. (Jason Goes to Hell: the Final Friday)

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