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Homeopathic Self-Sufficiency with Ruta graveolens

Ruta Graveolens [rue-bitterwort]

Back Problems * Bone Problems * Bowel and Rectum
Dental and Mouth * Eye and Vision * Injury Accident Shock Trauma
Joint Muscle Nerve* Surgery



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    Therapeutic Uses:
    A major first-aid remedy. Main sphere of action is periosteum (the fibrous connective-tissue membrane, covering bone and joints), chronic and acute.

Back Problems:
Pain in small of back, lumbar and loins, from lifting; bruised, lameness and stiffness; in the lower extremities after a sprain of the back; pains as if bruised in lumbar vertebrae; spinal wounds; bruised coccyx; pain and soreness in back or coccyx as from a fall or blow or as if bruised; bruised feeling all over; paralytic weakness; weakness sitting down after a walk; pain is worse in the morning, and better after rising and when lying on back.

  • Lumbago- lumbar pain in the morning in bed, better from movement and walking.
  • Herniated Disc- slipped ar ruptured disc caused by lifting heavy weights, over-exertion, back sprains and strains; vertebrae slip out of place easily; with chronic back pain; from spinal wounds.
  • Vertebrae slips out of place easily. Easy straining of back.

Bone Problems:

  • Periosteum- trouble where the flesh is thin over the bone; over the tibia.
  • Cartilage- chronic pain; stitching pain pressing bones; chronic pain of periosteum (fibrous connective tissue covering bones).
  • Lumps- knotty, ganglions that develop following injury (often on wrist); hard lumps form in the palm from clasping the hand over an iron instrument; nodes and bumps of hardened mass of tissue involving tendons, joints, periosteum, bone.

Bowel and Rectum Problems:

  • Rectum Drainage- constipation with difficult feces, especially after confinement; frequent unsuccessful urging; involuntary stool on bending over or on stooping; family history of cancer of lower bowel (to prevent).

Dental and Mouth Problems:

  • Dental Pain- dry socket, at the onset of an infected tooth socket [30c hourly]; bone pain in and after any oral surgery; pain from an intra-alveolar injection, and scraping of the periosteum; bone and periosteal pain after dental surgery.
  • Tooth Trauma- for a tooth loosened in the socket, or dislocated.
  • Dental Procedures- after braces are tightened or orthodontal spacers are placed between teeth; after a dislodged tooth is re-implanted; pain after injections of local anesthesia; before and after a tooth extraction to reduce pain and speed healing.
  • Broken Jaw- pain from fracture when the bones are severely contused; and to speed healing.
  • Mouth- difficult speech from spasm in the tongue; aching in the palate that is better when swallowing.

Eye and Vision Problems:

  • Eyestrain- of eye muscles, with stiffness and fatigue; vision exertion of eyes from fine work.
  • Pain- eye pain followed by headache; pain is pressing, aching, smarting, and burning like fire.
  • Weakness- and heat from reading and exertion; ocular muscle paralysis.
  • Vision- loss of vision when exerting eyes while sewing or in fine work, with redness; confusion of colors; blurred, foggy and dim vision.
  • Eye Disorders- retina congestion; irritation in the evening; eyeball heat using eyes; disturbed ciliary muscle; bloating and swelling above eyes; worse on motion and use of eyes.

Injury, Accident, Shock and Trauma:

  • Injuries- blows, falls, bruises that are slow to heal (and may leave a hard lump on knee, shin, or elbow); to the joints.
  • Bone injuries- bruises, pain and fractures that are slow to heal; lumps as a result of a blow with a stick or a hammer or from bumping the shin bone; ailments from bone injury; extreme bone pain; broken jaw.
  • Bruises- that go away slowly and leave a hardened spot; thickening of periosteum; a knotty nodular condition it remains sore; slow repair; a lump in the periosteum that has existed for months or years; sensitive and sore and nodular.
  • Sprains- lameness after an ankle sprain; sprained with dislocated feeling; foot turns under from weak ankle; [Ruta 6c alternating with Arnica 30c, each 3 times daily].
  • Strains- complaints are often brought on from straining the part; over lifting heavy weights, strains in weight-lifters, overtraining or overexertion of parts but principally confined to parts that are of a tendinous character; of aponeurotic fibers and white fibrous tissue; of the flexor tendons especially; flexor tendons that are overtrained by exertion.
  • Joint Dislocation- from injury, joint weakness, injured flexor tendons, or lifting; shoulder, knees, ankles, wrists, finger first joint; cartilage and periosteum (fibrous connective tissue covering bones) are inflamed and painful; stiffness of the joint; to promote healing [30c every 4 hrs].

Joint, Muscle, and Nerve Problems:

  • Inflammation- chronic and acute; bruised and rheumatic; bursitis; with lameness; of hip and elbow on stretching out limb; pain on bending limb and while lying down.
  • Repetitive Stress Injury- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from repetitive motion injury to wrist; wrist action especially in typists and computer keyboard work, or continuous videos game playing (including in children), also cramps in musicians, piano or violin players; overtrained muscles from overexertion or repetitious motion leading to inflammatory condition, especially if area feel hot to touch; pain in fingers and in thumb when lifting; wrist and hand pain, sprains, spasms, rheumatic, broken, paralysis, sprained, cramps, dislocated feeling, lameness, stiffness; ganglion on back of wrist; bruised pain and chronic joint inflammation; chronic articular rheumatism of wrists and other small joints; bursitis of hand joints; drawing pain in fingers, elbow when extending arm, and upper arm biceps.
  • Flexor Tendons- affected by contracture; foot is flexed and unusable; hand is drawn up and fixed like a claw.
  • Lameness- after sprains and strains; knee lameness; chronic knee injuries and inflammation; knee sprains; bursitis of knee with inflamed swollen bursa better from cold applications; knees give way going up or down stairs.
  • Arthritis- in area of the large joints where tendons connect to the bone; rheumatic pain.
  • Bursitis- of joints, fingers, right wrist, knees.
  • Tendinitis- Flexor tendons injury, strain, sprain; pain especially thighs and wrist; trauma to ligament and tendons; hardened mass of tissue in the tendons like a bursa; tennis elbow recurrent; flexor tendon inflamed.
  • Ankle Problems- burning pain in bones, outer ankle bone when standing; pulsating pain in anterior part; weakness of ankle, foot turns under.
  • Leg Weakness- legs give out on rising from a chair the patient totters and makes several efforts on rising from a seat; feel incapable of supporting when walking; hamstrings feel shortened and weak, especially going up or down stairs; leg pains with weakness and easily fatigued.
  • Pain- of feet in bones, burning pain, rheumatic (more in tendons than muscles); pain when stepping; sore bruised feet, while standing and walking; soles painful, sore, raw, tender; stitching in back of foot extending upward; tearing pain in big toe is worse from pressure; achilles tendon pain in heel.
  • Sciatica- severest form with bruised and tearing pains that shoot, dart, and shift, starting in the back and going down the hips and thighs; more comfortable during the day, but aggravated as soon lying down at night; on beginning to move, when ascending and descending; worse from cold, wet weather, and at night.

Before and after surgery on a joint to reduce the pain and speed healing; [30c and alternate with Arnica]. (also see: Dental and Mouth.)

Are the very important modifying influences and circumstances which aggravate (make worse), or ameliorate (make better) the person and their symptoms:

Ruta Modalities:
Worse from < Cold,
cold air, becoming cold, cold damp weather, wet weather, wind; straining muscles, straining eyes, reading, looking fixedly at an object; exertion, ascending and descending stairs; walking out of doors; when at rest, while lying down (especially when the pains that are sharp, stinging, tearing in the nerves), lying on painful part; sitting with pressure on edge; stooping; menses; evening; restless during sleep; uncooked or indigestible foods, fat, fruit, meat, raw food, alcohol.

Better from > Warmth, heat; warm rain; moving and walking about indoors, lying on back; rubbing, scratching; milk.

The remedy interactions for
Ruta graveolens [RUTA]:

Is Antidoted by: CAMPH.

It Antidotes: MERC.

Compatible with: ARN.

(see a homeopathic Materia Medica to find the full remedy names for the remedy abbreviations.)

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