Onur Sürmegözlüer



Family physician

- Onur's IQ test : "Find a way to win 1,000,000 USD". Send the money to me to prove that your solution works.

- "He's found an answer for all questions of CIT but he didn't take any point for some of his answers. There can be a better solution, so can anyone be sure that her/his solution is the ultimate one or not ? Even Cooijmans can't be sure if the expected answers are excellent because a test-taker can find a better solution , a more complex and a more pertinent one. Isn't there any difference between Onur and others who couldn't find any solution for some of the questions of CIT? Non-perfect - with a more precise term "not the hardest to find" - solutions must take points (like some other tests). When he found an answer, he stopped  thinking. If he knew that only the answers in the interpreter's mind will be accepted, the result would be different. And when he would take a higher IQ score at another test, this would be at the favor of these ideas."

Here are some drawings of my 4 year old son
   ( he drew these with Windows Paint without any assistance or guidance)