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I am always delighted to help folks with specific questions that aren't answered here. However, it takes up a lot of my time and energy. I have a Ph.D. in Adult Counseling, and would be happy to either talk to you about your frustrations or address a stumper if you can't find the answer among the plethora of information in the site. Send me an email, and I'll write back with my counseling rates (they are VERY reasonable), and then I'll let you decide if you want to get one-on-one help. Long distance phone calls will be your responsibility, and I have a half-hour minimum for my time, be it a phone call or an email response. Payment can be made online by PayPal (or by check, once I get to know you). I've been battling this since 1993, and I believe that qualifies me as someone whose shoulder you can cry on. Do try to look over the website first, as your answer is more than likely to be there, and I'd hate to see you pay for information that is already available.

If you would like a book version of this website, let me know, and I will mail one to you when I get enough orders to make it worthwhile for me to send it to the print shop. I know that not everyone has a computer, and they might to get the info without having to find a friend with an internet connection. Anything can be done, you just have to be creative about what you want and ask! I'm easy to get along with! :-)

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