Cusson Family History
Descendents of Jean Cusson and Jacqueline Pepin

Jean Cusson m. Marie Foubert
                   Sept 16, 1656
Marie Madeleine Cusson m. Maurice Rivet
Marie Rivet m. Jacques Deneau
                   April 18, 1690 in Montreal, Quebec
Marie Anne Deneau m. Francois Joachim Bourassa
                   Feb 10, 1720/1 in Laprairie, Quebec
Felicite Bourassa m. Julian Bertrand Piedalue
                   Jan 15, 1747/8 in Laprairie, Quebec
Marie Anne Josette Piedalue m. Etienne Dumas
                   Oct 8, 1764 in Chambly, Quebec
Anne Marie Dumas m. Henry Schreibert (of Hessia)
                    Nov 4, 1780 - married by notaire Bourassa
Marie Dorothee Schreibert m. Pierre Laroche
                    St. Remi, Quebec Canada
Phebee Esther Laroche m. Moyse/Moise Vary
                    Feb 2, 1858 in Ste. Isidore, Laprairie, Quebec
Joseph Philias Vary m. Mary Poole
                    April 23, 1883 in Oakwood, Walsh Cty, ND
Mary Lily (Lillian Josephine) Vary m. Arthur Nicolai Nelson
                    Nov 25, 1919 in Stephen Catholic Church, Marshall Cty, MN
Marian Thelma Nelson m. George John Gryskiewicz
                    Oct 29, 1946 in Stephen Catholic Church, Marshall Cty, MN