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POLSKOJĘZYCZNA wersja tej strony !

Hi !!!
My name is Irek Zielinski and this is my web home page.

Some information about me:

I'm 24 years old.
I live in Krakow-> Poland

I'm interested in:

flying on hang glider,
computers (C & C++ programing), s/f and
at least but not last ;) riding motorcycles :))
I have one: Kawasaki GPZ500S (in USA called: Ninja 500 or EX500).
Wana take a look at it ? Klik here !

Education & job info:

I left Chemical high-school and finished studies at Academy of Economics ( )
I work for..... heheheh it changes from time to time - a bit more frequently than this page is updated ;) .

main menu:

photo gallery
my C++ programs
guest book
cool links

My Kawasaki GPz500S
PSS amateur NET

licznik odwiedzin

I'm also webmaster and member of PSS net - amateur, non-commercial network in Krakow. It gives me cheap, and fast Internet non-stop !

That's all about me.
I would like to send greetings to all my friends :-)

If you want to contact with me (please, please ;D) use following:

Send me a free SMS message directly at my cellular phone :)
ICQ: My current ICQ status: UIN: 4743432

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