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I have no religion and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of the sea. He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government, it is as if he would catch his people in a trap. My people are going to learn the principles of democracy the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will, every man can follow his own conscience provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him act against the libert of his fellow-men.
Atatürk - 1926 /  Andrew Mango - Atatürk / page.463
I do not pretend to be able to prove that there is no God. I equally cannot prove that Satan is a fiction. The Christian god may exist; so may the gods of Olympus, or of ancient Egypt, or of Babylon. But no one of these hypotheses is more probable than any other: They lie outside the region of even probable knowledge, and therefore there is no reason to consider any of them. / Bertrand Russell

I consider myself a Hindu, Christian, Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, and Confucian. / Mohandas Gandhi

A Call To Muslims of the World From
Faith Freedom Foundation

Why Steven Hawking's Cosmology Precludes a Creator ?

Why Bad Beliefs
Don't Die ?

Religion and the Brain Newsweek

Arguments About Existence of God
A Survey

Can Science Prove that God Does Not Exist ?

Has George W. Bush ever read the Koran ?
Abu Qatada leading ideologue of Islamic jihad says "I am astonished by President Bush when he claims there is nothing in the Koran that justifies jihad or violence in the name of Islam". "Is he some kind of Islamic scholar? Has he ever actually read the Koran?"

A Letter to President Bush
Is Islam a Religion of Peace 

Omer Malik

An interview of Ibn Warraq

Open Letter to Our Muslim Friends
Glenn M. Miller

The Straight Path
Athanasios Abdulrahman

The Root of the Problem
Frank Candor

Why Rational People Have Irrational Beliefs

Reason and Faith
What Religion to Believe ?

The Origin of God
Where is God ?
Creation or Random Evolution
The need for a Personal God
Chance or Intelligence ? 
The Purpose of Creation 
Evolution of Monotheism
Life Beyond and the Single Principle
Finding the Truth
From Belief to Enlightenment
Freethinkers of Islam
Lies vs. Hate

A Debate Part 1
A Debate Part 2
A Debate Part 3

A Call to the Muslims 

"How Dare You Defame Islam"

"Islamism is fascism"
The Menace of Jihad Suicide
The Jerusalem Post

What's True Islam ?

Islam's American lobby

Bin Laden is a Fundamentalist

The Danger Within: Militant Islam in America

Victory Shifts the Muslim World

The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem
Middle East Quarterly

'We're Going to Conquer America'

Fighting Militant Islam, Without Bias

Bin Laden and Herndon, Virginia

An American Rushdie ?

Terrorism on Trial

Islamists - not who they say they are

What Bush got right - and wrong

Protecting Muslims while Rooting out Islamists

Muslims love Bin Laden

How Many U.S. Muslims ?


 Human Rights and Islam
The Totalitarian Nature of Islam
  Is Islam Compatible With Democracy and Human Rights ?
  Islam Is  The Real Source of Violence
Human Rights in Muslim Understanding

 Is the Qur'an the Word of God?
Women and Islam
Demons and Monotheism

 Islam Revealed / Dr. Anis Shorrosh
 The Religion of Islam
 The Jihad
Sects of Islam
 Feasts And Fasts of Islam
Important Facts and Figures
The Life of Muhammad
Is the Quran a Miracle ?
The Human Source of the Quran
 Mistakes in the Arabic of the Quran
 Is Muhammad Mentioned in the Bible ?
 The Quran Misquotes The Old Testament
 The Quran Misquotes The NewTestament
The Quran Misrepresents The Holy Spirit
John Ankerberg & John Weldon
The Facts on Islam Answers to the Most Frequently Questions
Meccan Trade and the  Rise of Islam / Patricia Crone
The Early Islamic Conquests /Fred Donner 
Querying the Koran /Guardian 
Admitting Change in the Qu'ran / Brother Mark 
The God of Islam 
/ Karen Armstrong 
Visions of God / Karen Armstrong  

A Moslem Woman / Dr. Sauad M. Al-Sabah 
The Bitter Lament of a Muslim Woman  Jahanara Begum 
Islam’s Shame / Ibn Warraq

The Origins of the Koran /
Ibn Warraq

Qur'an or Qur'ans?! / Athanasios AbdulRahman

Muhammad and his Wives

Muhammad's Wives
Adoption in Islam and History of Prophet Muhammad  
Marriage to Zainab Bint Jahsh
Mariyah the Sex Save of the holy Prophet
Safiyah, the Jewish Wife of Muhammad
Ayesha, the Child Wife of Muhammad
Muhammad and the Jews

What Happened to the Jews of Medina
Banu Qaynuqa
Bani Nadir
Banu Quraiza
What really happened with the Banu Qurayza?
Sahih Bukhari / Punishment of Disbelievers
Egalitarian Islam and Misogynist Islamic Tradition : A Critique of the Feminist Reinterpretation of Islamic History and Heritage
/ Reza Afshari
The Fate of Egyptian Feminist Writer / Al Ahram Weekly
Violence in the Bible and the Qur'an
The Prophet of Peace
Abu Bakr Muhammad b. Zakariya ar Razi
Omar Khayyam
Al Ma'arri
The Autobiography of an Apostate / Anwar Shaikh
The Life of Muhammad by Robert E. Burns
Prophet Muhammad and His Mockers

Fundamentalist Moslem Violence in Britain / Barbara Smoker
President of the National Secular Society in London

Sayings of Ayatollah Khomeini
The Circumcision of Girls
Slavery and Prophet Muhammad
Produce a Sura Like It
Jews Beheaded
Ripped Apart
Muhammad Married His Daughter-in-law
Muhammad’s Fear of the Occult

Wondrous Treatment of Kafirs in Islam
Wondrous Treatment of Women in Islam

Some samples of Quranic contradictions for you / Syed Kamran Mirza
Contradictions in the Koran: Free Will or Predestination?

Embryology in the Quran
Ambiguity of Human Embryology / Syed Kamran Mirza

Christians and the Jews in the Koran
Jihad, the Arab Conquests and the Position of Non-Muslim Subjects
The Islamic Concept of Peace
Muhammad, Islam and Terrorism
Islamic Actions of Terrorism Today in the World
Islamic Terrorism in America Today
The Mind of an Islamic Terrorist

Are there any radical differences between Islam and Christianity ?
What is the Jihad and does it still apply today in Islam ?
What was the new revelation, or truth, that Mohammed provided ?
How did Christ and Mohammed deal with demons ?
Is Islam a heavenly religion ?

Is Islam Secularizable?  / Sadik J. al-Azm
Islam and Secularization
Necessity and Primacy of Secularism   / Shlomi Tal 
New Secularism in the Arab World / Ghassan F. Abdullah

Morality and Ethics
The Ethics Of Humanism
Ethics vs. Morality
The Place of Ethics in Buddhism
The Humanist Way:
An Introduction to Ethical Humanist Religion
Eight Commitments of Ethical Culture
A brief history of the Ethical Culture movement

I'm sickened by all religions. Religion has divided people. I don't   think there's any difference between the pope wearing a large hat and parading around with a smoking purse and an African painting  his face white and praying to a rock.  
Howard Stern

Religion is like chemotherapy, it may solve one problem, but it can cause a million more.
John Bledsoe  

Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet
Napoleon Bonaparte

The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.  
George Bernard Shaw

The old religionist cried out for his God. The new religionist cries out for same God to be his.  / G. K. Chesterton

Religion is the reaction of human nature to its search for God / Alfred North Whitehead

We have just religion enough to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another. / Jonathan Swift

Knowledge and history are the enemies of religion / Napoleon