Recipe - Asam Pedas Muar
Recipe - Asam Pedas Muar

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½ Kg Sting Ray, Ikan Merah, Ikan Semilang, Ikan Mayung or Ikan Kembong (cleaned)
tumeric powder
Tamarind paste (asam jawa)

Ingredients A (grinded)
$1 dried chili
2 large onions
3 clove garlic
½ inch fresh tumeric
2 inch Belacan
Black pepper

Ingredients B
Lobak Masin (optional)
Daun Kesum
Garam & Perasa
Tamarind paste (Asam Jawa)- mix with water and seived

1. First, clean the fish and merinate with salt and a bit of tamarind paste.
2. Then mix the fish with tumeric powder and a bit of salt.
3. Heat up cooking vessel (periuk) and fry Group A grounded ingredients till oily.
4. add in daun kesum into the fried ingredients.
5. then add in fish and stir well for a few minutes.
6. once fish is mixed well with the fried ingredients, add in tamarind juice and water. Stir slowly until boiling.
7. then add in lobak masin, salt and fish stock powder. Stir slowly and keep boil with medium low flame.
8.Serve hot with flame rice and ulam-ulaman.

Suggested serving: For lunch, dinner or supper (mentong)with bread loaf.

Tips: For best authentic results, do not use instant spices or asam keping. Do not make it too watery or too thick.

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