Recipe - Mee Bandung Muar
Recipe - Mee Bandung Muar

Posted by: Putri Mazura Mashudi
Source: Resepi Asli Muar

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1 kg yellow noodles
10 pieces dried chili (remove seeds, boil and sieved)
1 clove garlic (crushed)
5 pcs red onions
½ cup dried shrimps, boiled with a cup of water (alternatively use sotong rendam, boiled, in the style of Mee Bandung Tanjung Agas, Muar)
½ cawan fresh prawns
1 cup of beef - boiled (thinly sliced 3mm)
Chinese Cabbage (Sawi) - cut 1 inch length
Cabbage - sliced ½ inch
¾ - 1 cup sugar
3 - 4 cups beef stock
1 tablespoon)oyster sauce
Vegetable oil
Other ingredients such as shredded chicken, fishballs, squid etc, can be added according to individual preferences.
Daun sadri & daun bawang, (optional, sliced)

Blend dreid chilli, dried shrimp and its stock, sugar, garlic & red onion.
Heat up vegetable oil in wok (kuali).
Fry all grounded ingredient till light brown.
Add in oyster sauce.
Add in shrimp and boild sliced beef.
Add in sawi sawi dan cups of beef stock and salt. Simmer until slightly thick.

Serving suggestion:
Serve by portion, boil an egg in gravy for each serving. An authentically cooked Mee Bandung Muar will have the egg yolk about half cooked.
Take a portion of gravy for one person meal. Heat it and add in an egg till half boiled. Add in vegetables till soften and lastly add in yellow noodles.
Serve in a flat bowl with half boiled egg on top, sprinkle with daun sup & daun bawang.

Authentically prepared Mee Bandung Muar do not include sour ingredients such as tomato puree/tomato sauce/cili sauce/and tamarind paste (asam jawa). This is done by some stalls in KL and this actually spoil its authentic taste.

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