Real Name: Rena Merowitz
Married to Marc Merocwitz (Marc Mero)

Sable began her career in the WWF as a valet for Hunter Hearst Helmsley at WrestleMania 12. Hunter lost his match to the Ultimate Warrior and blamed her for it, but Marc Mero, who was being interviewed attacked Hunter. The next night at Raw, Sable was sitting at ringside and following Mero's debut with joy, during the match HHH made his way out and confronted her, which lead to a save by Mero, and she left in his arms and then started as his manager.

In June/July Sable was stalked by Goldust, and later his valet Marlena, then Goldust's ally Mankind, who called Sable mom, unfortunately the angle was never fully played out. In 1997 Sable became more aggressive after an argument with Marc, she started interfering in his matches including kicking the Undertaker, but again this angle didn't lead to anything.

The thing that really made Sable big in the WWF was the Slammy competition in 1997, here a Miss Slammy contest was held, which included a swimsuit competition. Sable came out in a very revealing outfit, which lead to Marc hiding his head in shame. Sable won the contest and was propelled into super stardom.

Shortly after Marc got injured, which held Sable's push a little of the ground. When Marc returned it was with a new attitude, he made fun of Sable and sent her to the back, when the Sable chants got too loud. Marc had also aligned himself with Goldust and his valet Luna, Sable didn't like the idea and at one point she attacked both Goldust and Luna.

This lead into a feud with Luna, who at one point handcuffed Sable to the ringpost and gave her a makeover - Luna style. At WrestleMania 14, March 29, the two couples meet in a mixed tag team match, where Sable came out as the star, as she used some deadly kicks and even delivered a beautiful powerbomb, which would later be known as the Sable-Bomb, and a TKO to Luna to take the win.

Sable and Luna's feud continued at In Your House - Unforgiven, here the two women clashed in a evening gown match, Sable lost when Luna tore her gown to shreds, but Sable got revenge as she stripped Luna naked.

After Marc cost her a match against Luna at Raw is War, Sable and Marc had a public confrontation. Marc wanted her to apologise, but she responded with a kick to the groin and a Sable-Bomb. This lead to a match at In Your House - Over the Edge, May 31, Marc won and due to pre match stipulation Sable had to leave the WWF.

Three weeks later she was brought back by WWF owner - Vince McMahon. In the meantime Marc had gotten himself a new valet, Jacqueline, and a feud with her and Sable immediately started. This lead to the bikini contest at Fully Loaded, July 26, 1998, where Sable once again stunned the World as she showed up with her breasts only covered by a hand - painted in body paint, she won the contest. But the next night at Raw she was disqualified.

Sable was then aligned with the Oddities, but luckily this angle was soon dropped.

Sable teamed up with Edge to take on Marc Mero and Jacqueline at Summer Slam, August 30, 1998, and Sable and Edge came out victorious. The feud with Jacqueline continued and the WWF decided to give them something to fight for so the Women World Title was heaved out from the closet.

Sable was unsuccessful in the match for the title, but avenged the loss, when she at Survivor Series, November 15, 1998, completely squashed Jackie to take the gold. Luna and Sable then had a feud again, this time, Luna, who also was aligned with the Oddities attacked Sable disguised as Spider Lady. This lead to a strap match between the two at the Royal Rumble, the match was incredible short and Sable won, with a little help from a fan "Tori".

Behind the scenes both Marc and Sable requested to be released from their contracts with the WWF, but the request was denied.

On February 15, Raw is War, Sable with a new arrogant attitude, stated in an interview that she was the hottest thing going and she abused the fan. Sable continued to bitch Tori and this lead to their match at WrestleMania 15, where Sable won thanks to Nicole Bass, who since then has worked as a bodyguard for Sable.

In the April issue of Playboy magazine, Sable appeared nude for the first time, but it won't be the last as she has signed a contract to appear again. At Raw is War, May 10, Sable clashed with Debra in an evening gown match. Sable quickly won the match, when Debra was distracted by Val Venis' presence. But Shawn Michaels had another idea, he stated that the winner was Debra, since she lost her dress first, and so Sable lost the title, due to the protests of herself and Nicole Bass.

Sable haven't been pleased about the title loss, she apparantly showed up at a Raw is War taping with her lawyer making a fuss about it.

Sable quit the WWF in the start of June. Sable is suing the World Wrestling Federation for $110 million, complaining it wanted her to participate in a lesbian story line, expose her breasts on TV and appear in sexually degrading photos. As far as I know, she did all the above mentioned things without complaining, when she complained, as she did with the lesbian story line, it was dropped.

Sable was in attendance at Nitro, June 14, and there were made several references to her.

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