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Tack - Taylor I Taylor J - Z Teall - Tyner

TACK, Katherine
TALCOTT, Charles                         
TALCOTT, Chauncey                        
TALCOTT, Elizabeth                       
TALCOTT, Elizabeth                       
TALCOTT, Gage                            
TALCOTT, Hannah                          
TALCOTT, John                            
TALCOTT, John                            
TALCOTT, Samuel                          
TALCOTT,Jr.,  Samuel
TALCOTT, Wallace                         
TALCOTT, Walter                          
TALCOTT,Jr., William,
TARR, Florence Priscilla  
TARR, Francis Oliver 
TARR, Francis Richard
TARR, Margaret  
TARR, Mary 
TARR, Olive Rowena   
TARR, Oliver Andrew  
TATE, Polly
TAYLOR, Abigail 
TAYLOR, Abigail 
TAYLOR, Augustus
TAYLOR, Benjab  
TAYLOR, Bettsy  
TAYLOR, Bird    
TAYLOR, Bruce Hukill 
TAYLOR, Calvin Huntley    
TAYLOR, Caroline
TAYLOR, Caroline Thankful 
TAYLOR, Charles G.   
TAYLOR, Chloe   
TAYLOR, David   
TAYLOR, David   
TAYLOR, David   
TAYLOR, David   
TAYLOR, David, Jr.   
TAYLOR, Deborah 
TAYLOR,Jr.,  Edgar Asahel
TAYLOR, Sr.,Edgar Asahel
TAYLOR, Edgar Brace  
TAYLOR, Edmonia Kramer    
TAYLOR, Elisha  
TAYLOR, Elizabeth    
TAYLOR, Elizabeth    
TAYLOR, Elizabeth Bailey  
TAYLOR, Epaphro 
TAYLOR, Esther  
TAYLOR, Fitch   
TAYLOR, Frank M.
TAYLOR, Freelove Elizabeth
TAYLOR, Harriet Newell    
TAYLOR, Harry Seaton 
TAYLOR, Henry O.
TAYLOR, Homer E.
TAYLOR, Homer E., II 
TAYLOR, Howard  
TAYLOR, Hurstley
TAYLOR, Infant  
TAYLOR, Infant Son   
TAYLOR, Infant Son   
TAYLOR, Irene A.
TAYLOR, Isaiah  

TAYLOR, James   
TAYLOR, James   
TAYLOR, James Brainard    
TAYLOR, Jeremiah
TAYLOR, John    
TAYLOR, John    
TAYLOR, John    
TAYLOR, John    
TAYLOR, John, III    
TAYLOR, Jr.,  John,
TAYLOR, John, Jr.    
TAYLOR, Johnathan    
TAYLOR, Jonathan
TAYLOR, Joseph H.    
TAYLOR, Joshua  
TAYLOR, Julia Berry  
TAYLOR, Justus  
TAYLOR, Kezia   
TAYLOR, Knowles 
TAYLOR, Lewis   
TAYLOR, Lewis D.
TAYLOR, Louisa Morse 
TAYLOR, Lucius  
TAYLOR, Lydia   
TAYLOR, Mabel   
TAYLOR, Margaret
TAYLOR, Margaret
TAYLOR, Margaret Lamberton
TAYLOR, Martha  
TAYLOR, Mary    
TAYLOR, Mary    
TAYLOR, Mary Eliza   
TAYLOR, Mercy   
TAYLOR, Nodiah  
TAYLOR, Nodiah  
TAYLOR, Ozias   
TAYLOR, Patience
TAYLOR, Riley Treadway    
TAYLOR, Ruth    
TAYLOR, Sally   
TAYLOR, Samuel  
TAYLOR, Samuel  
TAYLOR, Samuel  II   
TAYLOR, Samuel II    
TAYLOR, Samuel IV    
TAYLOR, Sarah   
TAYLOR, Sarah   
TAYLOR, Sarah   
TAYLOR, Sarah   
TAYLOR, Sarah   
TAYLOR, Sarah D.
TAYLOR, Sophia Marie 
TAYLOR, Susannah
TAYLOR, Thankful
TAYLOR, Timothy 
TAYLOR, Timothy Clark
TAYLOR, Timothy Cline
TAYLOR, Ursul   
TAYLOR, Wendy Mary   
TAYLOR, Willard Morse
TAYLOR, William 
TAYLOR, William 
TAYLOR, William 
TAYLOR, William 
TAYLOR, William 
TAYLOR, Jr., William
TAYLOR,III, Samuel   

TEALL, Charles A.    
TEMPLE, Guy A.  
TEMPLE, Harvey V.    
TEMPLE, Helen R.
TEMPLE, Leroy B.
TEMPLE, Marjorie M.  
TEMPLE, Paul N. 
TERRY, Stephen  
THACKERAY, Rebecca   
THOMAS, Aaron   
THOMAS, Charles Holmes    
THOMAS, Harmon  
THOMAS, Harrison
THOMAS, Henry Hanson 
THOMAS, James Allen  
THOMAS, Jesse   
THOMAS, Jesse   
THOMAS, Joseph W.    
THOMAS, Lydia   
THOMAS, Magdalena    
THOMAS, Maria   
THOMAS, Marrion Elmer
THOMAS, Martha  
THOMAS, Mary Eliza   
THOMAS, Merriam Gilfillan 
THOMAS, Myron   
THOMAS, Samantha Jane
THOMAS, William C.   
THOMPSON, J. Ross    
THOMPSON, Samuel G.  
THOMPSON, Unknown    
THOMPSON, William E. 
THORP, Thomas   
THRESS, Ellen   
TIMMERMAN, Albert Holmes  
TODD, John 
TOMES, Alice    
TORREY, Mary    
TOWNSEND, William    
TREADWELL, Eunice    
TREADWELL, George    
TREADWELL, Thomas    
TREADWELL, Unknown   
TRENHAM, Mary   
TRICKLE, Mason B.    
TRICKLE, Minnie Mason
TRIP, John 
TRIP, Lydia
TROUT, Marion   
TROYER, Lewis   
TSCHANTZ, Johannes C.
TUCKER, Emma    
TUCKER, Unknown 
TURBERVILLE, Unia Pearl   
TURNER, Aurora  
TURNER, David   
TURNER, Ellen C.
TURNER, Nathaniel    
TURNER, Rebecca 
TURNER, Sarah   
TUTTLE, Hannah  
TUTTLE, Rebecca 
TUTTLE, William 
TYLER, Daniel   
TYLER, Jerusha  
TYLER, Lauthrop 
TYLER, Moses    
TYLER, Moses    
TYLER, Samuel   
TYLER, Samuel, Jr.   
TYMMS, Joan    
TYNER, Gerald Kerwin


1.  William TAYLOR, b. 1609 in Lancashire, England, event abt 1649 to U. S.  A., d. in Wethersfield, CT, occupation Cattleman.


     He married Mary COLTMAN, in Lancashire, England, (daughter of John COLTMAN and Mary  UNKNOWN) d. in Leicestershire, England.



                      i      Samuel TAYLOR, b. 1647, d. Young.

            2.       ii     John b. 23 JUL 1649.

            3.       iii    Samuel b. 2 MAR 1651.

                      iv    Mary TAYLOR, b. 7-Mar-1654 in New London, New London, CT.

                      v     William TAYLOR, Jr., b. 14-Feb-1659 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co.,CT.


                             He married Elizabeth BIGGS, 18-Dec-1693 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co.,CT, (daughter of William BIGGS).


                      vi    Margaret TAYLOR, b. 15-Jul-1663 in New London, New London, CT.

                      vii   Jonathan TAYLOR, b. 6-Apr-1666 in Wethersfield, CT.


Second Generation


2.  John TAYLOR, b. 23 JUL 1649, d. 4 JUL 1716 in E. Middleton, CT.  According to THE HISTORY OF ANCIENT WETHERSFIELD, by Stiles, John was one of the "earliest settlers in Rocky Hill, his cattle-earmark was recorded 24 Dec. 1706."


     He married Sarah Scone HART, 2-Mar-1698 in Westfield, MA, (daughter of Edmund HART and Sarah SCONE).



            4.       i      Elizabeth Bailey b. 11-Nov-1699.

            5.       ii     John b. 20-Mar-1701.

                      iii    Abigail TAYLOR, b. 24-Apr-1704 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT, baptized 30-Apr-1704.

                      iv    Sarah TAYLOR, b. 1711 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT, baptized 3-May-1711 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT, d. 13-Jun-1713 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT.

                      v     Sarah TAYLOR, b. 13-Jun-1713, baptized 14-Jun-1713.


3.  Samuel TAYLOR, II, b. 2 MAR 1651 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT, d. 9-Dec-1711 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT, occupation Cattleman.  From the "History of Ancient Wethersfield" indicates Samuel owned land adjoining his brother, John, on the east side of Middletown Road in the Rocky Hill section of Wethersfield.  His name appears on the 1682 Petition to the General Court in Wethersfield to start a new settlement at the present site of Woodstock, CT.


     He married Sarah COLE, 10 APR 1678, b. 22 OCT 1654, (daughter of Henry COLE and Sarah RUSCO) d. 9 DEC 1712.



                      i      Samuel TAYLOR, b. 19-May-1678 in Weathersfield (Now Rocky Hill), CT.

                      ii     Sarah TAYLOR, b. 20-Oct-1680 in Weathersfield (Now Rocky HIl), CT.

                      iii    William TAYLOR, b. 16-Nov-1683.

                      iv    Mary TAYLOR, b. 20-Aug-1685.  She was omitted from her father's will after giving birth on July 14, 1707 to an illegitimate son, Samuel Williams (probably fathered by the Wethersfield resident, Samuel Williams, a married man ten years her senior).

            6.       v     John b. 1 FEB 1688.

                      vi    Margaret TAYLOR, b. 3-Mar-1693.

                      vii   Mabel TAYLOR, b. 26-Jan-1695.


Third Generation


4.  Elizabeth Bailey TAYLOR, b. 11-Nov-1699 in New London, CT, baptized 19-Nov-1699, d. 6 JUN 1743 in Portland, Middlesex Co., CT.


     She married John TAYLOR, 15 JAN 1711 in CT, b. 1 FEB 1688 in Weathersford, CT, (son of Samuel TAYLOR, II and Sarah COLE) d. 13 JUL 1761 in East Middletown, CT, buried in Hog Hill Cemetery, East Hampton, CT.



            7.       i      Samuel b. 8 NOV 1712.

                      ii     Elisha TAYLOR, b. 13-Mar-1714 in Wethersfield, CT, baptized 30-Mar-1714 in Wethersfield, CT.

                      iii    Sarah TAYLOR, b. 27-Apr-1716 in Wethersfield, CT, baptized 29-Apr-1716 in Wethersfield, CT.

                      iv    Nodiah TAYLOR, b. in Wethersfield, CT.


                             He married Mercy BRAINARD, 18-Dec-1788 in Chatham, Middlesex Co., CT.


                      v     Kezia TAYLOR, b. 1720.

            8.       vi    William b. 2-Sep-1722.

                      vii   John TAYLOR, b. 1724.

                      viii  Elizabeth TAYLOR, b. 1725.

                      ix    David TAYLOR, b. 1727.

                      x     Joshua TAYLOR, b. 1728/9.

                      xi    Benjab TAYLOR, (details excluded).

                      xii   Justus TAYLOR, b. 1734 in Middleton, CT.

                      xiii  Esther TAYLOR.


                             She married Thomas SNOW.


5.  John TAYLOR, Jr., b. 20-Mar-1701 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT.


     He married (1) Deborah WOLCOTT, 8-Mar-1721-2, d. 1731.



                      i      Martha TAYLOR, b. 22-Dec-1722 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT.

                      ii     Sarah TAYLOR, b. 18-Dec-1724.

                      iii    John TAYLOR, III, b. 5-Mar-1728-9.


     He married (2) Mary HARRIS, 11-May-1732, d. 3-Dec-1738.



                      iv    Johnathan TAYLOR, b. 23-Aug-1733 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT, baptized 16-Sep-1733 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT.


                             He married Abigail PERCY, 29-Mar-1759 in Pontoosuck, CT.


            9.       v     David b. 20-Aug-1735.


     He married (3) Lydia GOFFE, 8-Mar-1739-40.



                      vi    Timothy TAYLOR, b. 6-Jan-1739.  Stiles does not give a birth year.

                      vii   Deborah TAYLOR, b. 14-Nov-1741 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT.

                      viii  Lydia TAYLOR, b. 18-Nov-1743 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT.


6.  John TAYLOR, b. 1 FEB 1688 in Weathersford, CT, d. 13 JUL 1761 in East Middletown, CT, buried in Hog Hill Cemetery, East Hampton, CT.


     He married (1) Elizabeth Bailey TAYLOR, 15 JAN 1711 in CT, (See marriage to number 4).



                             (See marriage to number 4)



     He married (2) Anne UNKNOWN, b. 1697, d. 27-Jun-1759.


Fourth Generation


7.  Samuel TAYLOR II, b. 8 NOV 1712 in Weathersfield, CT, d. 1736 in Middle Hadden, CT.


     He married Mary BEVIN, 15-Jun- in East Middletown, CT, b. Cir:    1717.



            10.     i      Samuel b. 10 NOV 1720.


8.  William TAYLOR, b. 2-Sep-1722 in Middletown, CT, baptized 14-Oct-1722 in Middletown, CT.  He was a seafaring man until he moved to W. Simsbury (now Canton) CT about 1756. "Dec. 11, 1755 sold 23 1/2 acres with house and barn, east side of the CT River, which he had received from his father-in-law. Jan 1748-9. The same day he bought 114 acres in New Hartford, where he lived before June, 1756. In Jan. 1760 he bought 22 acres in West Simsbury, whither he removed before Dec. 1761. (Page 701, The History of Ancient Wethersfield by Stiles.)


     He married (1) Susanna FREEMAN, 1747, b. 1723, d. 1749.



     He married (2) Ruth RICH, b. 1722, (daughter of Thomas RICH) d. 1813 in Barkhamstead, CT, resided in East Haven, CT.



                      i      Susannah TAYLOR.

                      ii     Mercy TAYLOR.

            11.     iii    William b. 13-Jul-1757.

                      iv    Ozias TAYLOR.

                      v     Ruth TAYLOR.

                      vi    David TAYLOR.

                      vii   Isaiah TAYLOR.


9.  David TAYLOR, b. 20-Aug-1735, d. 19-Aug-1801 in Waterbury,New Haven Co., CT, military Rev. War, occupation Merchant, Waterbury, CT.  According to Henry R. Stiles, The History of Ancient Wethersfield, page 235, David was a prominent citizen, served in Rev. War as Sgt. in Capt. Jona. Wells' Co., Col Wolcott's Reg. before Boston in 1771.


     He married (1) Jemima JUDD, 14-Jul-1760, (daughter of Lieut. John JUDD and Mercy BRONSON) d. 12-May-1761.



            12.     i      John b. 1761.


     He married (2) Hulda PORTER, 24-Jun-1764, b. 1733, (daughter of Dr. James PORTER) resided in Middlebury, CT, d. 1-Mar-1823.



            13.     ii     David b. 8-Oct-1771.


Fifth Generation


10.  Samuel TAYLOR,III, b. 10 NOV 1720, d. 4 MAR 1820 in Chatham, CT, military In Rev. War.


       He married Mary SMITH, 22-Dec-1763, b. Cir:   1742, d. Cir:   1823.



            14.     i      Samuel b. 23 MAR 1764.

            15.     ii     Jeremiah b. 1773.


11.  William TAYLOR, b. 13-Jul-1757 in New Haven, CT.


       He married Abigail CASE, 11-May-1782.



            16.     i      Abigail.


12.  John TAYLOR, b. 1761, d. -Mar-1810, occupation Congressional Clergyman.


       He married Elizabeth HALE, 24-Mar-1784, d. 31-Oct-1813.  Elizabeth: Henry R. Stiles in THE HISTORY OF ANCIENT WETHERSFIELD, indicates that Elizabeth is the sister of "Martyr spy" Nathan Hale. (Page 701).



                      i      Elizabeth TAYLOR, b. 26-Jul-1785.


                             She married Nathaniel HUBBARD, resided in Manchester,  Hartford Co., CT.


            17.     ii     David b. 26-Jul-1789.


13.  David TAYLOR, Jr., b. 8-Oct-1771, d. 16-Aug-1816.


       He married Milicent LEWIS, 13-Jun-1791, (daughter of Isaac Booth LEWIS and Millicent BALDWIN) d. 30-Apr-1857 in Plymouth, CT.



                      i      Lewis D. TAYLOR.

                      ii     Lucius TAYLOR.

            18.     iii    Chloe b. 1796.

            19.     iv    Sophia Marie b. 13-Apr-1800.

                      v     Infant TAYLOR.


Sixth Generation


14.  Samuel TAYLOR IV, b. 23 MAR 1764 in Middle Haddon, Middlesex, CT, d. 23 NOV 1830.


       He married Thankful CLARK, 29 MAR 1790 in Middle Haddon(?), CT., b. Cir:   1768, d. 18-Oct-1809.



                      i      Nodiah TAYLOR, b. 22 APR 1791, d. 26 JUL 1821.

                      ii     Ursul TAYLOR, b. 6 OCT 1792.


                             She married Charles SPOONER.


                      iii    Bettsy TAYLOR, b. 20 JUL 1794.


                             She married Alsah HOLMES.


            20.     iv    Epaphro b. 9 JUN 1796.

                      v     Hurstley TAYLOR, b. 14-JUN-1798.

                      vi    Timothy Cline TAYLOR, b. 14-JUN-1800.

                      vii   Thankful TAYLOR, b. 14 NOV 1801.


                             She married William RUSSELL.


                      viii  Sally TAYLOR, b. 1804, d. 11 SEP 1837.


                             She married Unknown RILEY.


15.  Jeremiah TAYLOR, b. 1773, d. 1849, military Col. Nat. Guard,CT.



                      i      Knowles TAYLOR, d. Age 29, occupation Head of an importing firm in NYCity., occupation Taylor,Little & Co.,.

                      ii     James Brainard TAYLOR, b. 15-Apr-1801.

                      iii    Fitch TAYLOR, military Civil War as Chaplain, USN.  The History of Ancient Wethersfield indicates he was on Farragut's ship.

            21.     iv    Augustus.


16.  Abigail TAYLOR.


       She married Nathaniel BACON.



            22.     i      William Walter.


17.  David TAYLOR, b. 26-Jul-1789, d. 18-Jun-1817, buried in Trinity Church Yard, New York City.


       He married Chloe TAYLOR, 1812, b. 1796, (daughter of David TAYLOR, Jr. and Milicent LEWIS).



                      i      Lewis TAYLOR, d. in Infancy.

                      ii     Mary Eliza TAYLOR, b. 13-Mar-1816 in New York, NY, d. 18-Mar-1858 in Hunt's Hollow, NY.


                             She married Charles WILLIAMS, 20-Aug-1837, resided in Hunt's Hollow, NY.


18.  Chloe TAYLOR, (See marriage to number 17.)


19.  Sophia Marie TAYLOR, b. 13-Apr-1800, d. 12-Oct-1882.


       She married Washington Morton HAXTUN, -Aug-1824, resided in New York, NY.<



                      i      Adelaide HAXTUN.

            23.     ii     Milton.

                      iii    Southerland Reid HAXTUN.

                      iv    Sophia Kennett HAXTUN.


Seventh Generation


20.  Epaphro TAYLOR, b. 9 JUN 1796 in Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT, d. 15 AUG 1870 in Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT, buried ?Family Cem. in Huntley's Corners, N. Winfield, NY.


       He married Caroline MORSE, 11 JAN 1819 in Middle Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn., b. 28 SEP 1799 in MA, (daughter of Willard MORSE and Irene NEEDHAM) d. 15 JUL 1858.



                      i      Infant Son TAYLOR, b. 20-NOV-1819.

                      ii     Infant Son TAYLOR, b. 19-JAN-1821.

            24.     iii    Caroline Thankful b. 9-JAN-1822.

                      iv    Homer E. TAYLOR, b. 25-Mar-1824, d. 24-Jun-1825.

            25.     v     Riley Treadway b. 29 JUN 1826.

            26.     vi    Louisa Morse b. 31 MAY 1828.

                      vii   Homer E. TAYLOR, II, b. 28-Apr-1830, d. 24-Jan-1858.

                      viii  Willard Morse TAYLOR, b. 23-Jul-1832, d. 24-Jun-1858 in LA, buried in LA.


                             He married Nancy WARRINER, Oct-1856.


            27.     ix    Calvin Huntley b. 4 JAN 1835.

            28.     x     Freelove Elizabeth b. 22 FEB 1837.

            29.     xi    Sarah D. b. 6 SEP 1839.

                      xii   Irene A. TAYLOR, b. 15-Nov-1841, d. 8-Jun-1874.


                             She married Henry O. COATES, -May-1868.


21.  Augustus TAYLOR, resided 1827 in new york city, occupation Merchant.



                      i      Howard TAYLOR, occupation Law Firm ofTaylor,Anderson & Seymour-NYC, occupation Attorney.  Mr. Taylor resided on his great grandfather's farm at Cobalt (Rocky HIll), CT on the Air LIne RR According to The History of Ancient Wethersfield by Stiles, (Page 700).

                      ii     Frank M. TAYLOR, occupation Executive of Anaconda Copper Mine.

                      iii    Charles G. TAYLOR, occupation President of Portland CT Silk Mills.

                      iv    Henry O. TAYLOR, occupation Author.


22.  William Walter BACON.


       He married Jane PLUMB.



            30.     i      William Plumb.


23.  Milton HAXTON, military USN Commander.


       He married Annie A. UNKNOWN.  Annie: According to THE HISTORY OF ANCIENT WETHERSFIELD, by Henry R. Stiles, Annie A. Haxton was the well-known editress of the Geneal. Dept of the NY "Mail & Express". (Page 702).



                      i      Adelaide HAXTON.

                      ii     Milton LeRoy HAXTON.

                      iii    Sutherland Reid HAXTON.

                      iv    Sophia Kennett HAXTON.


Eighth Generation


24.  Caroline Thankful TAYLOR, b. 9-JAN-1822, d. in Schuyler Lake, NY, buried in Schuyler Lake, NY.


       She married Orton Gregory ROSE, 13-Jan-1847 in Schuyler Lake, Saratoga Co., NY, b. 3-JUN-1820, d. 17-JUL-1886 in Schuyler Lake,Saratoga Co. NY.



                      i      Taylor ROSE, b. 12 DEC 1847, d. JULY 1886.

            31.     ii     Frances Caroline(Clara) b. 27-FEB-1853.

                      iii    Cora Louise ROSE, b. MAY-1856, d. 19-AUG-1933 in MA.


                             She married Wayne BREWSTER.


25.  Riley Treadway TAYLOR, b. 29 JUN 1826, d. 1-Nov-1909 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD, buried in Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD, occupation Pres.Beaver College/Preacher.  According to Margaret (Hukill) Taylor, Riley built the home in Randolph, NH that was her summer home for many, many years. An educated guess is that it was built about 1904. This is a five bedroom, two story house north of the White Mountain range and Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Madison are in view. Mt. Washington with it's "carriage road" is just out of sight and a bit further south and west of the "cottage". A copy of the Deed giving the property to Edgar Taylor, Jr. (omitting another son, Bruce) gives the legal description.


       He married Amelia SPENCER, 29 JUL 1856 in Baltimore, MD, b. 29 AUG 1832, (daughter of Julius SPENCER and Julia Ann BERRY) d. 24 OCT 1911.



                      i      Julia Berry TAYLOR.

                      ii     Caroline TAYLOR.

                      iii    Edmonia Kramer TAYLOR, also known as Edna, b. 27-Sep-1858, d. -Jan-1952.


                             She married Samuel Alexander HILL, occupation British Army Officer, occupation Professor of Science, Allahabad College,India.


26.  Louisa Morse TAYLOR, b. 31 MAY 1828.


       She married Solomon ARMSTRONG, -Feb-1848, b. 16 NOV 1819, (son of Unknown ARMSTRONG and UNKNOWN).



            32.     i      Eugene.

                      ii     Clara ARMSTRONG.


                             She married Edwin WORDEN, also known as Edwin Norden?.


27.  Calvin Huntley TAYLOR, b. 4 JAN 1835 in Otsego,Otsego Co., NY, d. 2-Apr-1921 in Nampa, Canyon Co., ID, buried 4 APR 1921 in Nampa, Kohlerlawn Cem, ID, cause of death "Senile Cirritosis", occupation Farmer.  All information about the Taylor line are from notes of Bruce Hukill Taylor and Edgar Asahel Taylor, Sr. & cousin, Rose Weber who worked in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. and a copy of Calvin Huntley Taylor's death Certificate. Calvin's obituary in the Nampa Leader-Herald indicates a son and two step-sons survive Calvin. Died of "leakage of the Heart"; death certificate indicates "Senile cirrtiosis".


       He married (1) Caroline (Carrie) KELSEY, 9 SEPT 1858 in Petrolia, Butler Co., PA, b. 4-Mar-1840 in Petrolia, Butler Co., PA, (daughter of James KELSEY and Susan BRACE) d. 23-Nov-1885 in Petrolia, Butler Co., PA, buried in Petrolia, Butler Co., PA.  Caroline: All information for the Taylor, Kelsey, Brace families are from Bruce Hukill Taylor's genealogical records. Earlier records from handwritten lineage of Caroline Kelsey handed down to her grandson, Bruce Taylor. Calvin's obit in the Nampa Leader Herald indicates Caroline died in "New York State".



            33.     i      Edgar Asahel b. 30 NOV 1858.


       He married (2) Melissa FRANCIS, Cir:  1886 in Nampa, Idaho ?, b. 9 JUL 1844 in Ohio, (daughter of William FRANCIS and Chloe CLOFLUR) d. 9 FEB 1924 in Nampa, Canyon Co., Idaho, buried in Nampa, (Kohlerlawn Cemetery), Idaho.


28.  Freelove Elizabeth TAYLOR, also known as Libbie, b. 22 FEB 1837.


       She married David ARMSTRONG, 24-Nov-1858, b. Cir:   1833, (son of Unknown ARMSTRONG and UNKNOWN).



            34.     i      Nella.

                      ii     Inez ARMSTRONG.

            35.     iii    Earle.


29.  Sarah D. TAYLOR, b. 6 SEP 1839.


       She married Melvern ROSE, 11-Nov-1864, b. 15-Aug-1835.



            36.     i      Jessie.


30.  William Plumb BACON.  Wm. Plumb Bacon grad .C. 1861, comm. Oct. 1861, as extra lst Lieut. and Adj't 5th Reg. NY Cavalry; prom. Major, Nov. 1862, and Mch. 29, 1864 Lieut-Col; while in service was app. Judge Advocateand Pres. of several general and special Court Martials andMil. Comissions; served in Bank's Shenandoah Valley Campaign, with Pope in Va., and Meade, in Pa. and in 1864 ws specially commended in Gen. Wilson's report for gallantry, etc. in the VA Central RR raid; he was with Grant at Vicksburg, and Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley;.


       He married Emma PARSONS, 9-Nov-1864, (daughter of William H. PARSONS and Maria Clark WHITTEMORE).



                      i      Mary Corinne BACON, b. 1865, occupation Librarian-New Britain Insurance Co.

                      ii     Adele BACON, b. 1869.


                             She married Clinton PETERS, occupation Artist.


                      iii    William Stevens BACON.

                      iv    Arthur Whittemore BACON, graduated from Yale U.- Sheffield School.


Ninth Generation


31.  Frances Caroline(Clara) ROSE, b. 27-FEB-1853, d. 26 -JAN-1940 in Washington, D.C.


       She married John A. VEBER, -Sep-1875, d. 26 JAN 1940 in Washington, D.. C.



                      i      Rose VEBER, b. 28-Aug-1882, d. in Washington, DC.


32.  Eugene ARMSTRONG.


       He married (1) Minnie GOODYEAR.



                      i      Edith ARMSTRONG.

                      ii     Avis ARMSTRONG, d. Died Young.


       He married (2) Mary TRENHAM.



                      iii    Gertrude ARMSTRONG, resided in Unadilla Forks, NY.


                             She married Frank GILSON, d. in Unadilla Forks, New York.


33.  Edgar Asahel TAYLOR SR., b. 30 NOV 1858 in Unidilla Forks, Otsego Co., NY, d. 26 DEC 1935 in Westfield, Chautauqua, Co., NY, buried in Franklin Cemetery, Franklin,Venango,PA, medical condition Died of: "Senile Ciretiosis" on Death Certificate., occupation Bank Cashier & Farmer.  Information from two sons, Edgar Asahel Taylor, Jr. and Bruce Hukill Taylor. They owned a farm on Lake Erie in Westfield and grew grapes mainly for the Welch company. From Family Genealogical Records, compiled by Francis W. Hukill of Middletown, Delaware, in 1969.  Cemetery marker indicates birth date is Nov. 30, 1858, however, wife may have made this error as she did with her son, Bruce, who was born August 25th, 1914, however, she changed birth certificate to 24th.


       He married Margaret Seaton HUKILL, 26-Nov-1906 in Oil City, Venango Co. PA, b. 28-Aug-1880 in Oil City, Venango Co., PA, (daughter of George Perkins HUKILL and Margaret Jane LAMBERTON) d. 24-Nov-1979 in Tigard, Washington Co., Oregon, buried 13-Jun-1980 in Franklin, Venango Co., Penna., occupation Weaver.  Margaret: Margaret was known as "Murdy" by her family. She graduated from Goucher College in Baltimore, Md. After the death of her daughter, Peggy, she started weaving and made blankets and yard goods which she sold to be made into men's suits and tams or hats. Her sign read "Weaves & Tweeds" and was out in front of her house in Randolph, New Hampshire. From Family Genealogical Records, compiled by Francis W. Hukill of Middletown, Delaware in 1969.

       The picture was from her High School Graduation, about 1897 or 1898.



            37.     i      Edgar Asahel b. 17-Oct-1908.

                      ii     Margaret Lamberton (Peggy) TAYLOR, b. 22 FEB 1910 in Buffalo,Erie Co., NY, d. 16 SEP 1929 in Clifton Springs, Ontario Co. NY, buried 19-Sep-1929 in Franklin, Venango, PA, cause of death  "Ulcerative colitis &Perforation of bowl".

            38.     iii    Bruce Hukill b. 25-Aug-1914.


34.  Nella ARMSTRONG.


       She married Judson KILBOURN.



                      i      David KILBOURN, resided in Utica, NY, d. in Hoosick Falls, NY.


35.  Earle ARMSTRONG.


       He married Mary LLOYD, d. in Utica, New York.



            39.     i      Willard.

            40.     ii     Elizabeth.

            41.     iii    David.

            42.     iv    Donald.

            43.     v     Susan.

            44.     vi    Byrde.


36.  Jessie ROSE.


       She married Fred RUSSELL.



                      i      Henry RUSSELL.


Tenth Generation


37.  Edgar Asahel TAYLOR JR., b. 17-Oct-1908 in Buffalo, Erie, New York, graduated in B. A. Amherst, Attended Columbia U., d. 13-Dec-1993 in Portland, Multnomah Co. OR, occupation Administrator, Spec. Ed. Portland Sch.  Edgar and family lived in San Diego, CA for a few years and then he accepted a position with the Portland, OR school system to head their "Special Education Program" for the City schools.


       Kathryn & Edgar are second cousins.


       He married Kathryn WILSON, 26-Jun-1937 in Westfield, Chautauqua Co. NY, b. 8-Apr-1910 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co. PA, (daughter of William Washington WILSON, Jr. and Grace Watkins HUKILL) d. 25-Nov-1993 in Portland, Multnomah Co. OR, buried Columbarium in St. Marks Parish, Portland, OR.



            45.     i      Brian Brace (details excluded).

            46.     ii     Kerry Ross (details excluded).


38.  Bruce Hukill TAYLOR, b. 25-Aug-1914 in Westfield, Chautauqua Co., NY, d. 29-Sep-1990 in Tulsa, TulsaCo., OK, buried inurnment in Franklin, Venango, PA., education Attended Fenn College, Cleveland, OH, occupation Lead-Aircraft Mechanic.  Bruce was born in Westfield, NY, married in Hempstead, NY(Marriage Certifi- cate)transferred to Tulsa, OK in 1945 by American Airlines, where he retired and died. He is buried in the Lamberton family plot next to his mother. Bruce was a Charter Member of the Tulsa Chapter of the Antique Aircraft Association and a member of the Sons of the Revolution, N.Y.City Chapter and the Sons of The American Revolution, Tulsa Chapter, OK.


39.  Willard ARMSTRONG.


       He married Joanna UNKNOWN.



                      i      Marjory ARMSTRONG.

                      ii     Robert ARMSTRONG.

                      iii    Donald ARMSTRONG.

                      iv    Keith ARMSTRONG, resided in Riviera Beach, FL, military Korean War Vet.


40.  Elizabeth ARMSTRONG.


       She married Ed EVANS.



                      i      Unknown EVANS, resided in CA.


41.  David ARMSTRONG, resided in Hoosick Falls, NY.


       He married Sybil MOORE.



                      i      Polly ARMSTRONG, occupation A traveler-Europe.

                      ii     Jean ARMSTRONG, occupation Dentist-PA Univ.& Columbia.

                      iii    Alan ARMSTRONG, education - Ohio College-1963-4.


42.  Donald ARMSTRONG, resided in Sayre, Bradford Co., PA.


       He married (1) Emma UNKNOWN.



                      i      Mary Jo ARMSTRONG.

                      ii     Sharon ARMSTRONG.

                      iii    Terry ARMSTRONG.


       He married (2) Elnora UNKNOWN.


43.  Susan ARMSTRONG.


       She married B. W. KILTY.



                      i      Ellen KILTY.

                      ii     Anthony "Tony" KILTY.

                      iii    John "Jack" KILTY.  Married, wife unknown.


44.  Byrde ARMSTRONG.


       She married Charles DAVIS.



                      i      Martha DAVIS.


                             She married Phillip HALL.


Eleventh Generation


45.  Brian Brace TAYLOR, (details excluded).


       He married (1) Edith L. CHASE, (details excluded).



       He married (2) Martha BERNUS, (details excluded).



                      i      David Asahel TAYLOR, (details excluded).


       He married (3) UNKNOWN.



                      ii     Leith Lamberton TAYLOR, (details excluded).


46.  Kerry Ross TAYLOR, (details excluded).


       He married Dianne Lee WRIGHT, (daughter of Johnnie C. WRIGHT and UNKNOWN).



                      i      Kristopher Brace TAYLOR, (details excluded).

                      ii     Lindsey Ann TAYLOR, (details excluded).