Knapping Clubs and Organizations

If you are a member of an existing knapping group or are thinking of starting one, let me know and I'll post information on your club.

Society of Primitive Technology

A non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, fostering, and supporting individuals and groups in their pursuit, practice, teachings and research of all aspects of primitive technology. Members will recieve The Bulletin of Primitive Technology and may place a free notice in The Bulletin. For more info please visit their homepage.

The Society of Primitive Technology: PO Box 905 Rexburg, ID, USA 83440 (208) 359-2400 (Voice/Fax)

Annual membership fee: $20.00 US

Newfoundland Knappers

We are an informal group of flintknappers in the St. John's area who regularily meet two evenings a week. You can find us in the Graduate Student room in the Archaeology Unit, Queen's College, Memorial University of Newfoundland every Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 10:00 pm. We have plenty of materials to help you get started and no experience is necessary. If you would like more info call Tim at 709-576-4456 or e-mail me at:

The Dallas/Fort Worth Knappers Club

On the Cutting Edge of Stone Technology

The DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) Knapper's Club is a group of flintknappers that meet on a regular basis and make arrowheads and knife blades. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex (TX) and your interested in learning and or improving your skills , then send me an email.

Richard Sanchez

Elk River Knapper's Association

There are no membership fees, no meetings, and no officers. This is an information sharing organization. Visit the brand new Elk River Knapper's Association Home Page! (Be sure to check out the Old Stone Fort Knap-In Report while you are there. tim.)

Snail mail info can be sent to:
Elk River Knapper's Association
3154 Markay Lane
Lynchburg, TN 37352
E-mail questions and info can be sent to:
Martin Hall

The Michigan Flintknappers

The Michigan Flintknappers are a group dedicated to the study and sharing of information about flintknapping history and replication. For more details check out their web page.

Bob Love
8185 Kiowa Trail
Pinkney, MI
USA 48169

Puget Sound Knappers

The point of contact for the Puget Sound Knappers is:
Joe Greenwell
3313 SW 102nd St.
Seattle, WA. 98146
Phone (206) 932-6137

Great Lakes Primitives

These folks are into Flintknapping and a lot more!

For Information, Contact:
G-3450 South Linden Road Suite 119
Flint, MI 48607

phone: (810)-230-1872

There is also a lot more information to be found on their Web Page!.

Amateur Calgary Knappers

Amateur Calgary Knappers (ACK) is a small group of knappers who are just beginners in the craft. We try and get together about once every one to two weeks to share some coffee, jokes, techniques, bandages, and to just have a good time while we break some rocks. We are also planning to go on some field trips to gather some flakable material (weather permitting). As well, we plan to do some other out door activites during the summer such as heat treatments and making and using (on inanimate objects) bows and arrows and atl atls. The main goal of ACK is to have fun while providing an arena to learn and share with other beginner knappers. For more info and member profiles check out ACKs Home on the Web.

Brian Beaulieu

Genesee Valley Knappers Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 527
Belfast, NY

Annual contributions are as follows:
Student $3
Adult $5
Benefactor $50
Patron $100

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