Create a SWIM BAND For Your Most Waterproof Swim Cap Seal!
When Your Hair Needs Maximum Hair Protection From Pool Chlorine!
Can you imagine swimming lap after daily lap in heavily chlorinated pools without damage to your hair?
Its possible with a SWIM BAND worn under a swim cap
The easiest way to keep hair really dry is to simply "double cap" wear two swim caps with a more water tight style of swimcap on the outside like the ones these ladies are wearing

Called a Bubble Crepe Swim Cap they are smooth on the inside and easy to slip on .They do not pull hair like most latex caps, and are stretchy to fit full or long hair styles.
On the inside they have a foam rubber seal that helps to keep water out, and a adjustable chin strap which maintains the seal around the ears and provides for a snug fit without pop offs.. They come in many colors and sizes small medium and large.

When wearing two caps to get a good seal, the inner swim cap must come down over your ears. A silicone inner cap often works great. If the inner cap can't cover your ears or its too tight with both caps on, make the inner cap into a "swim band"

Take the inner swim cap and simply cut a little bit off the top bit by bit until the inner cap comes down and covers your ears
. Then slip a bubble crepe swim cap over the "Swim Band".
If your hair is long or thick, wrap it around to the top of your head. Slip the swim band and the outer swim cap on in the locker room where you can see in a mirror to get all your hair up and protected. A wig cap liner or home made stocking cap under the swim band can also help to keep your hair in place

Swim Goggles with double headbands like the Barracuda Standard can also help your cap seal as they hold the cap down at the sides..You can also wear a swim band on the outside of any swim cap. Before you plunge in do a "Swim Cap Hug" Put both hands on the sides of your cap and squeeze any air out of the cap. This will help you to get a good swim cap seal. The Best Protection For Permed, Colored or Relaxed hair! Max Protection From Chlorine! email THE SWIM CAP GUIDE