The Little Black Book

This is my black book. Peruse through the list and see the people that had enough courage to attach their name to a page of such filth. You can be a part of this constantly growing clan of Nick Martucci groupies by signing the book also.

ATTENTION: Anything seen on this page does NOT originate from the creator of the page (i.e. Nick Martucci), nor is he responsible for anything written below. This page was created for people who had a sense of humor and could laugh about themselves.

Sam Brinley ( wrote:
Nick, you are the king of all web page creators. I wouldn't even have the s hitty little web page that I have if it weren't for you. You are the ruler of my world. -- 04/24/97


Kody Fedorcha ( wrote:
I like the page but I thought Mark Henry's breasts were bigger!!! -- 04/25/97

President of the local Joe Wiley fan club. ( ) wrote:
Yeah, uh....I was just wondering when you were going to do a feature on tha t super athlete Joe Wiley? -- 04/29/97

joe Wiley ( jmwa) wrote:
Kody, I saw Mark's breast in the locker room the other day and I must say I believe they are bigger than that pic portrays them. -- 04/29/97

Gus Puente ( gap4) wrote:
Hello, I'm gay. I heard this was a good page to pick up guys. Is there anyone out there available? -- 04/29/97

Sam Brinley ( ) wrote:
I think you are a cocksucker! I never said that, you falsely identified my greatness! YOU SUCK! Hey by the way, anyone who reads this please go to: thanks everyone, screw nick martucci!!! -- 04/30/97

Ryan Boyle ( ) wrote:
I was just wondering if anyone would like to go hang out at the mall? -- 05/01/97

donnie roberts ( ) wrote:
don't waste your time going to Sam's page. when is my boy Boo Smith going to get a page? how 'bout the DL leader, Mike Tuluski? -- 05/03/97

LEAF ( wrote:
BLACK POWER!!!!!! -- 05/04/97

Kevin Higgins ( ) wrote:
I'd like you to report to my office Nick. With a sense of urgency. I've never seen such filth. You embarassed the team, your family, the community and me. -- 05/05/97

Mark King ( mjk4) wrote:
I like the pic of BJ when he sees Rabih. However, due to this past spring, I think it would be more appropriate to make it Mike Taluskie's face. -- 05/05/97

BJ Neiderauer ( ) wrote:
I just wanted to wish my good friend Matt Grainger a happy and prosperous s ummer. I'll see ya in August. -- 05/05/97

Mike Santella ( ) wrote:
Stick their dicks in the dirt. -- 05/05/97

The Unknown Coach ( ) wrote:
LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!! -- 05/05/97

Matthew "AIRWAR" Grainger ( wrote:
Maybe you should try keeping your hands out of the sky when you jump. That way you wouldn't face plant. Also, those cliffs could be anywhere, probably Ca melback. Your sooooo hott.! Maybe this should be called the Ode to Fat Robs Ho mepage. If you put a picture of him on it I'd pay you good money. Learn to ski before I teach you.
P.S. I am Donnie Roberts' favorite player. I hang out with him all the time. I'm going to miss him over the summer! -- 05/07/97

Stephen Smith ( wrote:
hey buddie whats up I love the page . that picture is really funny . I am home now so we have to do something sometime soon. how is your back ? MY knee is getting beteer love ya bro steve -- 05/09/97

Sam Brinley ( wrote:
Come see me! -- 05/09/97

Mr. X(speed demon) ( ) wrote:
First off Sam Brinley is a bitch...not only doess he sleep with his new dog but also likes little boys....other than that this page is alright th e way what di dyou get in acct 152 -- 05/24/97

Roo Roo ( ) wrote:
Hee-Haw!!! -- 08/31/97

Coach Roberts ( twinkie? who said twinkie?) wrote:
Hey, Hey, Hey. What's up bro? I'd just like to say that I'm looking forwa rd to chilling with my boy Boo Smith and his 2 little bros, Trey and Dave Petitt e. Much Love. Also, a shout out to my favorite DL leader Mike "Meat" Taluskie. By the way, I hate you Grainger. When are you gonna become a player? -- 09 /11/97

B.J. Hill ( ) wrote:
Nick, you're picture of the face I make when Rabih runs at me is so realist ic. I actually also shit bricks! -- 09/23/97

Nick Martucci ( ) wrote:
Oww! I bruised my knee, get me off the field. I can't practice with this excruciating pain. -- 09/23/97

Frank Merrifield ( ) wrote:
I don't care what you all think, riding the back of that Towson running bac k was fun. It was quite a ride. -- 09/23/97

( ) wrote:
Can you please put a full body shot of Deron Braswell on your home page -- 09/25/97

( ) wrote:
I DON"T LIKE TO TALK! -- 10/09/97

Chris Spanellis ( CDS5) wrote:
What's up Nick -- 10/09/97

deUce ( wrote:
there are more pictures of the stadium at: the band's web page. -- 10/16/97

Keri Flynn ( ) wrote:
I thought you were going to put a naked picture of me on your web page! -- 11/04/97

Phil Stambaugh ( wrote:
Yeah, Pius pride -- 11/04/97

Michael John Somerville, Jr. ( wrote:
Yes does anyone know where I can get batteries for my portable butt-plug... Me and my house buddy GUZ were a little rough the other night and the battery pa ck detacched and got all messed up so now i have to use batteries and the Flamer s R US store was closed. So if anybody can help me out I would appreciate it. -- 11/04/97

Larry Thompson ( wrote:
Okay, I tried to get into your index, and I'm sorry. But I'm still waiting for you to give me my spanking! When are you gonna do it?! -- 11/06/97

Bill Clinton ( wrote:
Great page. I don't know where you get such ingenious creativty from. -- < i>11/14/97

Joe Wiley ( ) wrote:
I Love The Addition Of The Tommy O. Page, Pink Is Definately His Color. -- 01/22/98

Kelly ( ) wrote:
I tried to e-mail you but it wouldn't go through. Anyway, just wanted to le t you know I checked out your page and you definitely have way too much free ti me on your hands. -- 01/23/98

haywood jablowme ( ) wrote:
rnvjnw'jn'vlkjrlvkjfnjwejvc 'nvfjnr rvjvbn jjfd rjroj rj oe eoeepnn vrpnvrn 'l spmnv wp pwprnvp wp pwnrvwprnp wponpwvn ls pown v voknpwinpn !!!! -- 02/18/98

matt kerstetter ( wrote:
Nick, I must say, samuel brinley's page is quite good, and it is more suited to me, but your pictures and humor make me smile even on the worst of days. Now, instead of sam, I have found my true hero, it is you!!! -- 02/23/98

Deron Braswell ( wrote:
Nick, when you go to the NFL, please don't forget the little people likeme who helped you on your way -- 02/26/98

Daddy Fat Sacks (Coy) ( wrote:
What's up...This is Sam Brinley's daddy. You're right...he is a little bio tch, but I still love him. Peace. -- 03/09/98

Ali Durfos ( ) wrote:
Hey Nick! I like the web page, but I think you have a little too much time on your hands. The pictures of your friends are great but I think you could do without the porno links. I thought you said you weren't like other guys, too bad your a dawg too! -- 03/21/98

bridget termini ( wrote:
nice pictures :) -- 04/06/98

We're the 3 hottest chicks from the burg... You should cum check out our WEB page at DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM???? I am COY WIRE. Nick, your web page is cool, but did you know that SAM is still obsessed with CEDAR CLIFF??? -- 04/08/98

martine ( wrote:
this was one of the craziest sites i have been to -- 04/12/98

Jason Motts ( ) wrote:
Y'all gotta love the Spring Break page...c''s better than MTV's SB :-) -- 04/25/98

Danielle Teagno ( ) wrote:
nick youre the best...i just wanna tell you that all the girls up here at alpha phi really do want you and anytime you have any free time and if you wear that shirt needing to hook up, if you know what i mean...just come on up... us girls can help you out!!! -- 04/29/98

Tim Holt ( fatboy@i'm no tightend wrote:
Joe Wiley is gay -- 05/02/98

Joe Wiley ( wrote:
Tim Holt.....ahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- 05/04/98

Donald Roberts Donald Roberts Donald Roberts
Nick is no only the best player on the front 7, but he is captain sack. -- 05/08/98

Matt Martucci ( wrote:
What's up Nick !hope exams are going well . TALK to you soon Your bro ,Matt -- 05/11/98

Jerry Maguire ( ) wrote:
Nick has talent , unbelievable talent that's why he's decided to forego his senior year at Lehigh and sign an 8 year,$100,000,000 million dollar deal with the Rhein Fire of the world league.Questions can be sent to:SHOWMEDAMONEY@AOL.COM -- 05/17/98

L.T. ( ) wrote:
I'm only comming back to Lehigh on one condition...PROMISE to give me a goo d spanking...I probably deserve it anyway after such a long weekend hooking up w ith all those men on L.I. xoxo -- 05/26/98

( ) wrote:

Moleequa & Paulana ( ) wrote:
We want more shower scenes...and more naked bodies!!!Hey Nick, nice feet! - - 07/01/98

Dan Kendra, Becahi, FSU (Dan ) wrote:
Nicholas are the greatest representative to come out of the Lehigh Valley s ince Joe Uliana. Even though you didn't go to Becahi, your still great. Valley pride forever! -- 07/14/98

Dave a.k.a. Meat a.k.a. Beefstick Sunderland ( m ) wrote:
Hey Nick, remember when I used to toss you around like a little rag doll du ring individuals, when I wasn't going inside to take a poop. That was awesome. RESPECT ME! RESPECT MEAT! Lehigh Valley football is weak. -- 07/16/98

EVENFLOW (Joe Gnall) ( wrote:
Hey, this is Joe Gnall but to evertbody in the Lehigh Valley you might know me by my other name---"EVENFLOW". I used to write it on my test papers in high school and my teachers knew exactly who it was. Valley pride forever! Stop den ying it Nick, you are from the valley. -- 07/17/98

Irish Jim Whelan Irish Jim Whelan ( wrote:
Nick, you're ok.....But we all know who the real core of the defensive line is. That's right baby, bow down to me as I do my Irish jig. -- 09/11/98

Disgruntled Black Fan ( wrote:
You get all the publicity because you are white. My son.... I mean Boo Smi th is the real Sack King! -- 09/22/98

Stephanie Hahn ( wrote:
I think you should have more sexy pictures of sam brinley. If you want som e, let me know. I'll let you pick from the ones I took the other night. -- 1 0/09/98

Jill Your long lost friend!!!!!!!! ( ) wrote:
Nick, You definitely have too much time on your hands! I sat here and looke d at your home page with a girl I teach with, and we laughed the whole time. Wha t's up with those soriority girls stalking you? They ALL want you-you lucky thin g!!!! -- 11/11/98

Prince Paul ( ) wrote:
Is this what your learning in college? I hope you do make it to the NFL cause I sure hope you never become my doctor or something like that. Oh yeah by the way T.Burke rules!!! -- 12/02/98

Marino Saveri ( ) wrote:
Nick was really the 3rd team punter in High School. I was the real star, he stole my identity! Watch out for the Doppler effect! -- 12/02/98

shabazz ( ) wrote:
What the hell is the matter with these pius kids!?! Everyone knows dj ace w as the real star of pius! By the way I want kendra in an arm wrestling match! Th at punks nothing! -- 12/04/98

Caryssa ( ) wrote:
Hey Nick, you are really cute. E-mail me if you want to. -- 12/11/98

Brent Chicken ( wrote:
Just checking in from FSU to make sure you (and your groupies) will be watc hing the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 4!! Happy Holidays Nick. GO NOLES! -- 12/24/98

paula ! ( ) wrote:
Hey Nick where the fuck am i ? -- 01/13/99

SAM'S MOM ( ) wrote:
Nicky....Sammy....are you boys studying or are you just creating WEB PAGES? Oh yeah, I've seen ALL of your web pages! They're quite unique. -- 01/14/99

Dan Reeves ( wrote:
Yeah, I was just wondering if you would allow us to sign you in the second round Nick. -- 01/23/99

Kevin ( wrote:
Delaware has scheduled us as there damn homecoming game next year, lets sho ve it up those fuckers asses. -- 01/23/99

N.W.O. ( wrote:
If anyone out there wants the truth about Martucci, come talk to us up at D U, we'll tell all. Some of you may be surprised, others may already know what a bitch he really is. -- 02/22/99

Reverend Delta Dave (Triple chin@County wrote:
Hey Nick and the boys at APT. Sorry about your Christmas lights. -- 02/2 2/99

Bartender at the Ho ( We could be wrote:
Nick, I saw your commercial about not drinking. You are full of shit -- 02/22/99

Mike Fedash ( fatass@the wrote:
Tooch you made me so much better in practice this year. This is when you d id practice of course. I hope you make it in the NFL. It would really help the r eputation of us locals. Did you notice that I split my pants and dyed my hair at the banquet? I did it just for you. Luv Ya! Chi Psi forever! -- 02/22/99

Steve Ludwig ( wrote:
I am the biggest stud. I don't know what it is, but girls are just attracte d to me. -- 02/22/99

Mike Ludwig ( wrote:
I am so cool. I love my brother! -- 02/22/99

Joe Falzone ( give me the wrote:
This page is so booty! Kody's mom is such a sweetie. -- 02/22/99

Phil Pleasant ( big wrote:
Nick you my nigga yo! -- 02/22/99

Curtis May ( Get a life and leave wrote:
Nick, How did you like my highlight film? Great music huh? I picked it out myself. Well I have to go, Raph Stillings is in town and we are going out dancin g. Do you want to come? Call me. -- 02/22/99

Chuch Bednarick ( senial@fuck wrote:
Nick I heard you have plans to play for the utopian gay boys next year. Bes t wishes against the philadelphia tampons. -- 02/22/99

Sam Yoakum ( pickle sniffer@butt wrote:
Nick did you like my outfit at the banquet? Coach Coen says that I have a c hance to become the best center ever at Lehigh. how do you feel? Oh ya, by the w ay..... I'm gay! -- 02/22/99

James Moore ( wrote:
hey nick did you ever notice that the sky is blue but the clouds are white? why do you think that is? huh? do you know? -- 02/22/99

Bill Clinton ( wrote:
I would just like to say that I didn't have sexual relations with any of th e girls at Lehigh except for one. Whoops! -- 02/26/99

MUSHMOUTH ( wrote:
hayba nik, youba da gweadest fubba ballba playba in da wold -- 02/26/99

Bill J. Clinton (I' wrote:
Yes, I'd like to come clean with my sordid account of my sexual encounters with Lehigh women.... As you have already noticed by my little Monica fling, I don't have the highest standards in the world. I came up to a party and I was w asted. This young woman named Corina came up to me in my drunken stupor and rap ed/molested me. I have talked to people and found that that is a common occuran ce with her, except the victims are usually drunken freshman football players... .. -- 03/15/99

Brent Hoffman ( wrote:
Yes, I would like to tell Sam Yoakum that I thought he looked cute in his n ew outfit at the banquet. I especially liked how tight it made his cute little ass look. Now I get to caress it every night, but i wanted it more than ever af ter the banquet. -- 03/15/99

a caring member of the lehigh football team ( gonnawinitall@nexty wrote:
I was just wondering how many other people out there have noticed how fat F atRobs has gotten. Its ridiculous..... His son Roobhenn should be helping him with his obesity. I've also noticed sons trey and dave are a bit out of shape t hemselves...... We can't have that if we wanna win. -- 03/15/99

Teary eyed colored ( ) wrote:
Nick, how do you feel about Donald Roberts leaving for UCONN? It must be ha rd to see me, I mean see him leave. He was such a big loving hunk of chocolate a nd will to share a roll with anyone. Even though I'm leaving Jason and the twins (Trey & Dave) you need to know that I was and am proud to call you son, I mean h e was almost like a father to you. -- 03/17/99

Joe (you blow chucks ) w rote:
You are a worthless piece of shit who when he leaves the valley will wither and die, I hope. You suck and are over rated. You'll be luck to make it to the lockerroom of an NFL team. No one ever said that the true didn't hurt. -- 03/ 17/99

also not a local guy (joe non-local is gay@come and get some. f-u) wrote:
i just wanted to commend Joe non-local guy on his english. He obviously wa sn't recruited by Lehigh and probably settled for Lafayette. His bitterness is an obvious example of his jealousy. You go kick some ass where ever you land Ni ck. -- 03/18/99

Kody Fedorocha ( ( wrote:
Dear Nick, I am sure looking forward to hearing about the "Martucci's" and the "Brinley's" in every single speech Coach Higgins prepares next year. As an a spiring captain next year, I was wondering if you could give me some pointer on how I can fake about a half dozen injuries next year so I won't have to practice , just like you. i was wondering if you could also give me some pointers. Good l uck w/ your future plans and keep in touch. -- 03/24/99

Phil Anderson ( big goofy dufus@the wrote:
matt grainger is the biggest butt-pirate i've ever seen. when you think of flaming, you should think of him. he definatly bats for the pink team. he suc ks at football and is just an all around little bitch. a rudey poo candy ass pil e of monkey crap. but i still love him cause the sex with him is the best i've ever had. -- 03/26/99

Mike Fedash ( wrote:
I am really really sorry to have to tell everyone this, but it must be anno unced..... I AM FAT!!!!!!! i guess you all knew that huh? well i guess it's my turn to face up and realize that I'm disgusting. -- 03/26/99

big o-lineman from New Hampshire ( ) wrote:
Hey I was just wondering did you get my mouthpiece out of your chest? -- 03/27/99

Stacy (Wiley's Ex) ( (if you really want it..ask JOE)) wrote:
I found your page through Joe Wiley... I think you are the sexiest thing al ive. Your pictures really turn me on! Joe thinks it would be fun if we had a t hreesome...but I know you have heard how good I am in bed, and I sure as hell ha ve heard about you, so... how about just you and me baby? A little fun never h urt anyone! (unless you want it to hurt?) I can rock your world. ;) Stacy -- 04/04/99

Nick Canuso ( wrote:
Nick, you are the fucking man even after seeing all of this bullshit. The best part of this whole thing is definitely the BBP page. -- 04/07/99

Guy who boned half of Alpha Phi (they line up for me@alpha.phi) wrote:
I'm just wondering why the signing of the book by that hostile girl from Al pha Phi was erased Nick.... I didn't think you were the type to give in like th at. Erasing signings? Jeeze. Thats shitty Nick. -- 04/13/99

"the bitch from alpha phi" ( ) wrote:
your weak attempt to name yourself as the guy who boned half of alpha phi i s beyond pathetic. if you had enough balls to sign that as your name, why don't you tell us who you really are? or is your guy anatomy too small to take upon this challenge...i'll be anxiously awaiting your weak response... -- 04/14/99

the guy who boned half of alpha phi, plus one since last time. ( t hey pay my bills@for a few miutes of thrills.) wrote:
Uh yeah.... this is in response to the bitch lady miss whatever. Obviously if you're in such a mood as you say you are you aren't one of my satisfied cust omers, if ya know what I mean.... Oh and if you don't know? You ass better cal l somebody!!!!!! -- 04/16/99

"moody" ( ) wrote:
thank you...i take it as a complaint that i've never been a so-called "cust omer" of yours. i have a much higher taste in quality than you could ever imagi ne. and by the way, that is exactly what you are...a few MINUTES of thrills. -- 04/16/99

Mike Fedash ( Fat worthless piece of shit) wrote:
Good Luck in the Draft tomorrow Nick. I'll be rooting for you hun. -- 04 /16/99

guy who boned half of alpha phi ( Stud wrote:
Bitch you know you want me! I'll give you a ride you will never forget. Jus t ask around your house they'll tell you who I am. Ask them who fucked them har der and longer than anyone else. -- 04/16/99

( ) wrote:
Hey NIck, what is gonna happen to your page now that you are graduating? I s it still going to exist? Or what? Please sign your book and let us all know buddy. Thanks. -- 05/04/99

i figured since you're graduating soon, i better check out your site before it's gone. since i am a member of the bbp, i wanted to check out that page but , the link isn't working. fix that, will you, and make it snappy!! just kidding :) -- 05/07/99

Nick Martucci ( ) wrote:

Jon Gruden ( wrote:
Our d-ends out here in Oakland are prepared to beat your ass when you get out here for training camp. We shall see if you are the player Kevin Higgins told me you were. Oh by the way we really suck dick! -- 05/10/99

the one and only; me! (only1moreyr@lehigh.thankGod ) wrote:
Hun, you're a little too cocky for your own good! You better get a reality check before some of the Raiders decide to slap you around and take your head and shove it up your ass, after all you're coming from Lehigh, a VERY small school with NO reputation what-so-ever on the west coast, trust me I know! St. Mary's is probably the lamest school Higgins could have chosen for the Lehigh squad to play........but I'm sure you'll represent us well and enjoy the "women the weather and the weed," as Big Pappa used to say, "I'm going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali!!!" -- 05/12/99