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Think a Thing

I Love My Sisters

Muddy Waters' Mannish Boy

Jaggar/RichardsOff of the Hook
with C.R .on beatbox 

recorded by Michael Louw @the Listening Society

Think a Thing                              (2001) 

I took the boy to a pizza joint and fed him 3 pizzas 
while he watched Dragon Ball Z. I sat outside in the rain reading 
a very interesting book on aesthetics,
but one thing I didn't do is think a thing about you

Last night I was intrigued by a bloom I've never seen before.
Last week at work it was my last day and I kissed the elelvator.
Right now at Value Village they got a whole set of silver tipped silverware.
Oh yeah. One thing that I forgot to remember was anything about you.

I'm in a place where I can just see the horizon is headed towards me.
I'm in a place where my fate penetrates the restraints that existed without any reason.

The pizza cost $3.50, and the pizza man's named Leem, 
and he comes from Korea, and his daughter plays the violin 
for the Vancouver Orchestra at the age of 16.
There are many people I know who bare absolutely no relation to you.

...                 (1996)

Did I see you just yesterday, running down the drain? 
Were you crying or was that gleaming? Were you glistening?
Just last night while you were sleeping someone asked me your name.
I was wondering if you could hear me. Were you listening?

Ain't it hard to imagine? Ain't it hard to explain? 
The kind of things that I'm feeling. The kinds of things that I'm saying.

Yesterday while I was working I was trying to remain
in a condition where I'd be willing not to get onto a greyhound.
Ai't it funny  how we could be here attempting to arrange
the type of situation where we could always go out and get an orange.

Ain't it a mystery? Ain't it inane?
Ain't it utterly heart wrenching? Ain't it kinda degrading?

Just this week I've been moving furniture instigating a change.
I'm preparing for those inevitable days when we're momentarily aligned.
But when I see you in the distance I just have to give in.
When you want to make love to a woman I undersatnd what you mean.

Ain't it curious? Ain't it strange? 
Are you serious? Is this some kind of marriage

I Love My Sisters (Yes, I Do)                   (2000)

I love my sisters. Yes, I do. Thats one thing that will always be true.
Whenever I'm feeling down, man, listen: I just pick up the phone and I call up my sisters.
Whenver I'm feeling down and just hurt, well, then I call my sisters.

Well, Maureen said "Man, you just gotta forget her. Put her stuff in a crate and (woo) look at it later."
& Eileen said "Man, the way you've been dumped is the worst and now you gotta take care of yourself."
After all you've been through you could do better.  I love my sisters.


Well, Tina said "Man, Mike your beautiful," and Vicki said it too and she said it cuter.
And then (woo) did I feel better and glad that it was finally over.
"Hey Mike Why dontcha come over." I love my sisters.


Jennifer                 (1987)

Jennifer lives in room 304 shooting up heroin for the pain in her heart. 
Keeps her supply up by standing on corners, trying to smile pretty, leaning in cars. 

She walks like a lily blowing through the alley way with her head swaying sadly and gentle hair falls, 
walks like a leaf drifting through a rainy day when the rain falls a s soft as a tear in the hall. 

Jennifer sits inthe window for hours watching the sunset, plucking a flower. 
Moon on her sillhoutte will not forget her. One by one dandilions swing through the air. 


Now a ll of you indians can wail your sorrow. All of you cowboys can stand in your beer, 
all of you hookers can stand on corners while the rain falls as gentle as Jennifer's tear. 

the Pink & Blue Puberty Bop                 (1987)

She's a china doll from the shopping mall in a herd of bulls from the liquor store. 
She's got a pretty pink dress and a big white smile and her hair's a mess boppon' on the dance floor.
Oh, Lois Lane, you cannot lose. I got a pair of neat feet and a chug-a-lug-a-loo. I got a....(tbc)

(chorus:)Oh, won't you be my valentine, babe, I got a heart on my sleeve and a bar of soap.
Got an eye for an eye and a tounge for the truth. We could be doing the pink and blue puberty bop.

Come boppin to me my nuclear gal. There's a revolutiond brewin' but aren't we all.
I'm a genuine product of the nuclear war and I know just what I was put her for.
Oh, Lois Lane, how red you groove. I got  pair of black glasses and a bubble of blue.
I'm a grubby little hobo in the heart of a storm and there you are boppin on the dance floor.

(chorus)Build another balroom and paint the town again. she's a pokadot helicopter in her bathroom
with a fashionable ass and some magazines and a story book mirrir and a movie screen.
Oh, Lois Lane, you're not alone. I got candy floss stains on my telephone.
You got neon lips in the acid rain. You got eyes up from your ice cream cone.

Lullabye  (for 2 affections)               (2000)

If I were a really good tailor I'd tailor make you something to wear.
But I am a fortune teller so let's turn on the radio and listen for the weather.

If I was any good at shopping. I'd go out and buy you a really nice earring.
However, I happen to be a magician so lets whirl up a tempest and do some conjuring.

If I was a lion of course I'd sit down and get ready to let out some roars. 
Contrarily I am a mythical creature. I've got extraordinary wings and imaginary features.

If I was Cinderella 'd invariably hook up with some lucky fella.
I am, incidentally, an ugly gorilla, carrying an argyl umbrella, smoking a cigarilla


Mike has been playing live at El Cocal, the Cottage Bistro, and in May, the Railway Club. Here's the cover for the listening society compilation:

Anticipate a show at the Britannia Branch Public Library in July. 
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