Nov 26- SM has a new member Drowned_SM(aka Drowned God) hes pretty good needs a little pratice..Also Tuff_Texan hosted a Tourney today and the results was 1st MD_Daffy_Duck (AkA ELiTe Savior), CheifCortez (AkA Frost), 3rd SixthOrpheus (AkA MistaMan me =), 4th was Hmn_SmIIles..Map in this tourney was Bunkers, 1v1, 20 kills or 15 mins! Great Tourney and congrads to Savior! Hope to beat ya one day =:P




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Nov 21- The links and Great Gunners page are updated and as also..I do not have much news right now so when I get more ill update it again..Well I have joined a new clan and it is SM =)  CaeSaR_SM is me but im going to keep this site going..Im gonna turn this into Caesar's Palace and have the SM members on here..MistaMan


Nov 20- New gang (clan) seen in zone today SM I really dont know what the hell it stands for but that famous mofo _DonMaximo_ is in it so I guess it is a alright clan hope it goes kinda far =)..As you can see there is no news in the zone so I had to write something (no offense SM =)..MistaMan