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I am pleased to introduce myself and my organization: Non Government, Non Profit, Non Political Association "Bunebis Kari" ("Nature Entry").  Our organization was established in 1996 and was re-established according the new law in 1998 . There is a about 60 members in Association "Bunebis Kari". We have successfully developed some ecological and technical assessment projects:

  1. Trans Caucasus Joint Project "Mtkvari-Araxy River problems" (Founded by TACIS).
  2. Organization of Business Trip For Foreign Advisors (Founded by "MNSP").
  3. Ecological Education in Schools and Kindergarten (Founded by NGO "B K" )
  4. Statistical Database about kindergartens in Tbilisi. (Founded by NGO "B K")

We have just started development of several projects:

Nani Kheladze,                  Head of Association "Bunebis Kari"
PHONE: + (995 32) 92 37 24          International Fax: + ( 1 603 ) 590 - 4699
E-mail: NGOBK@yahoo.com
Web Page:   www.reocities.com/ngobk/ngobk.html