Once Upon a Downtown Thursday Cafe

Once upon a downtown Thursday
cafe filled with beats and words
I saw you stir the steaming tea
with magic gesture hands.

A second's echo cleared the room
as your spoon chimed on the cup.
A sparkle on the silver caught
my coffee wearied glance.

And as your lips were sipping tea
and eyes were raised above the scent,
the steam would claim your mystery
and hold you in a trance.

Trickle down the Cigarette Machine

Trickle down the cigarette machine,
coins in the hand of a pretty waitress.
Stockings form moons and stars on her calves
beneath a black skirt and a clean white shirt.
Her hair is all ragged like granny's favourite doll
all black and brushed to one side to silhouette her face
with features as pretty as her delicate palm.
Thick lashes around her bright round eyes.
Thin lipstick around her smiling white teeth.
Skin white and around her soft bone cheeks.

Pace of a Waitress

the pace of a waitress clearing up a table
flip, tap. flip, tap. placed upon a cork top
sugar, salt & pepper, shuffled and assembled. ching.
she does a dance of ashtrays dropped. tingle and stay put.
plop here (prance prace), drop there (prance prance)
what shoes plop softly on the rug floor
what metal chimes fall from her waist or wrist
what does a pretty waitress find beneath a teapot

a little ditty from a shitty poet, to cheap to tip.

Then passed the suede pimp
brass chains and silver
earrings for the look on his face
and leaving like a lover

Then came the gypsy girls
black lace and sneakers
with hair that hangs like ornaments
to hide their curious glances

these poem are all by Mike Sullivan

infinitely developabale sketches from coffee shop patios

20odd poems for the end of the last century

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