Locations, Information & GPS Numbers For Southeast Florida Ocean Inlets
Southeastern Florida has several inlets that allow boaters to pass through barrier islands to the Atlantic Ocean.  The quality and safety of these inlets varies greatly.  Note that some inlets are poorly marked and were never intended for navigation.
  Always obtain
local knowledge before using any inlet.  You can get local knowledge from the dockmaster at a local marina or from the local Coast Guard office.   You can also talk with towboat operators such as TowboatUS or Sea Tow.  Call for a towboat on VHF 16, and then move off to another channel to inquire about an inlet.
A half dozen boaters die each year using South Florida Inlets. Boaters should have good seamanship skills before using inlets.  Strong currents and shoaling (in the inlets and just beyond the jetties) are common Florida inlet dangers.
Tip: When using an inlet, wait for a locally-based boat that is larger that your boat.  Follow that bigger boat at a safe distance.  This will help you avoid shoaling and dangerous currents.
Click here for additional inlet boating tips.
Click here for tips on running inlets in rough weather.

  Here are the
locations and some general information about each inlet.  Inlets are listed in order, northernmost to southernmost.  ***Note-Not For Navigation: All GPS numbers location information are provided as a general reference.  This information is NOT reliable for navigation.

GPS Numbers:***
N 270 51.400' W 800 26.500'

See Aerial Photo Of Sebastian Inlet
See Another Aerial Photo Of Sebastian Inlet

Bottom Line On Sebastian Inlet: Users warn of “treacherous” and “ugly” conditions.  Inlet should not be attempted without significant local knowledge.

Sebastian Inlet Boating & Fishing
Sebastian Inlet General Information
Additional General Information

GPS Numbers:***
N 270 28.555' W 800 16.213'

See Aerial Photo Of Fort Pierce Inlet
See Another Aerial Photo Of Fort Pierce Inlet
Yet Another Aerial Photo Of Ft. Pierce Inlet

Fort Pierce Inlet Park

GPS Numbers:***
N 270 10.000' W 800 08.400'

Intercoastal Waterway Statute Mile:
987 (approximate)

Best Ramp Access: Sandsprit Park, off St. Lucie Blvd. (Stuart area)

Nearby Services: Pirate's Cove in Manatee Pocket (772) 223-9216
River Palm Cottages and Fish Camp, 1-800-305-0511

See Aerial Photo Of St. Lucie Inlet
See Another Aerial Photo Of St. Lucie Inlet

The Bottom Line On St. Lucie Inlet: Local fishermen like the St. Lucie Inlet.  However, don’t try using it without local knowledge or excellent weather.  As alternative use the Fort Pierce Inlet or the Lake Worth.  Both are more user-friendly.

Information: St. Lucie Inlet is in Martin County, Florida.  The largest nearby city is Stuart. 
  The inlet provides access to the Atlantic Ocean from the Intercoastal Waterway, Indian River Lagoon and the Hobe Sound Narrows. 
  The inlet runs between Hutchinson Island (to the north) and Jupiter Island (to the south.) 
  The inlet is dredged every 2-4 years to maintain a 7-foot depth.

Boating Fun In The St. Lucie Inlet Area
St. Lucie Inlet Boat Park & Nude Beach
Nearby Boating Destination: Peck Lake
St. Lucie Inlet Overview
Photos: Inlet & General Area
Web cam: Martin County Beach

GPS Numbers:***
N 260 56.624' W 800 03.805'

Intercoastal Waterway Statute Mile:
1005 (approximate)

Best Ramp Access:
Burt Reynolds Park, West Side Ramps

Nearby Services:
JIB Marina (See pictures & information)
Jupiter Seasport Marina (561) 575-0006

See Aerial Picture

The Bottom Line On Jupiter Inlet: Jupiter Inlet is considered unnavigable by the Coast Guard.  It should be avoided by all boaters except experienced locals with an up-to-date shoaling report.

Information: The Jupiter Inlet is in northern Palm Beach County in the city of Jupiter.  It’s a small, narrow opening in the barrier beach, about a mile east of the Jupiter lighthouse. 
  Jupiter Inlet is “The Meanest Inlet In South Florida.”  Sand is constantly shifting, especially on the northern side.  Shoaling and fast currents make this an especially dangerous place to boat.  Do not attempt to use this inlet without local knowledge!
  Many times the Jupiter Inlet area is congested on weekends. 
Click here to see photos of weekend boating conditions.
  Current inlet information can be obtained through the Jupiter Inlet District Commission at (561) 746-2223.  It’s always fun to watch boaters try to navigate the inlet from Dubois Park in Jupiter.

Nearby Boating: Jupiter Ropes Swings
Nearby Boating: Loxahatchee Sandbar
Nearby Boating: Jupiter Island Beach
Nearby Boating: Hobe Sound
Nearby Boating Restaurant: Jetty's
Nearby Boating Restaurant: Crab House
Nearby Floating Fast Food

(aka “Palm Beach Inlet”)

GPS Numbers:***
N 260 46.300' W 800 03.500'

Intercoastal Waterway Statute Mile:
1018 (approximate)

Pictures Of The Lake Worth Inlet
Click here to see inlet photos.

Best Ramp Access:
Phil Foster Park, Singer Island

Nearby Services:
Sailfish Marina
Riviera Beach Marina
New Port Cove Marina
Cannonsport Marina
Dockside Restaurant: Crab Pot

See Aerial Photo

The Bottom Line On Lake Worth - Palm Beach Inlet: Lake Worth Inlet is deep and well marked.  It may be South Florida’s easiest and most user-friendly inlet.

  The Lake Worth Inlet is located in central Palm Beach County near the city of West Palm Beach.  It has a wide channel with Palm Beach (“The Island”) to the south and Singer Island to the north. 
  For navigation assistance there is a range located on Peanut Island.  By sight, line up the two large orange range markers and you’re in the center of the channel. 
  Watch for manatee speed regulations in the winter months.  Manatees will gather at the nearby
Riviera Beach Power Plant.

Nearby Boating: Peanut Island
Nearby Boating: Blue Heron Bridge
Lake Worth Inlet Web Cam   
Snorkeling At Lake Worth Inlet
Fishing The Lake Worth Inlet Area

(aka “South Lake Worth Inlet”)

GPS Numbers:***
N 260 32.400' W 800 02.350'

Intercoastal Waterway Statute Mile:
1033 (approximate)

See Aerial Photo

The Bottom Line On Boynton Inlet: This inlet was created to allow ocean water into the Intercoastal Waterway.  It was not designed for navigation.  It should be avoided by all except experienced locals.

Information: The Boynton Inlet is located in south Palm Beach County near the city of Boynton Beach.  The inlet is located at the south end of the Lake Worth water basin.  Shoaling, strong current and a bridge with 18’ of clearance make this an extremely difficult inlet.  Use extreme caution.  On the north side watch out for party boats on “Beer Can Island.”

Boynton Inlet Info & Reef GPS Numbers
Boynton Surf conditions
Photograph Of Boynton Inlet
Ground Level Photo
Boynton Inlet Park Information

GPS Numbers:***
N 260 20.050' W 800 04.150'

Intercoastal Waterway Statute Mile:
1048 (approximate)

The Bottom Line On Boca Raton Inlet: Use of this dangerous and unmarked inlet is not recommended.  It should only be attempted with local knowledge from the Fort Lauderdale Coast Guard.  It is far better to use Hillsboro Inlet (in nice weather) and Port Everglades Inlet to the south or Lake Worth Inlet to the north.

Information: The Boca Raton Inlet is located in extreme southern Palm Beach County near the city of Boca Raton.  Shoaling and underwater rocks are found adjacent to the north and south sides of the jetties.  The inlet is dredged deep enough to allow use by larger pleasure boats.  Approach from the Atlantic Ocean is unmarked and very difficult.  Watch for large swells, especially with a strong easterly wind.

Boca Raton Inlet Photos & Information

GPS Numbers:***
N 260 15.200' W 800 04.600'

Intercoastal Waterway Statute Mile:
1054 (approximate)

See Aerial Photo Of Hillsboro Inlet

See Photo Collection Of Hillsboro Inlet

The Bottom Line On Hillsboro Inlet: The Hillsboro Inlet requires skill and some local knowledge.  It is easier to use than the Boynton Inlet or the Boca Raton Inlet.

Information: The Hillsboro Inlet is found about ten miles south of Boca Raton.  Look for the Hillsboro Inlet Light, a white and black steer beacon.  Watch for shoaling near the Light (to the north side, just outside the jetty.)  The inlet is reasonably wide and navigable.

GPS Numbers:***
N 260 05.300' W 800 06.350'

Intercoastal Waterway Statute Mile:
1066 (approximate)

Best Ramp Access:
Southeast 15th Street ramp in Fort Lauderdale

See Pictures Of Port Everglades Inlet

See Aerial Photos Of Port Everglades Inlet

The Bottom Line On Port Everglades Inlet: Wide, deep inlet is very busy.  Port Everglades services cruise ships and cargo ships.   Abundant pleasure boats from Fort Lauderdale make this a crowded area with a lot of wakes.

Information: The Port Everglades Inlet is located in Fort Lauderdale.  The channel is wide and 45’ deep.  When approaching from the Atlantic, watch out for shoaling to the north and east sides of the channel.  The channel is well marked by red and green flashers.

Port Everglades Area Boating Information


Intercoastal Waterway Statute Mile:
1080 (approximate)

See Map Of Bakers Haulover Inlet Area

See Aerial Photo Of Bakers Haulover Inlet

Information: Bakers Haulover Inlet is located near Hollywood.  It looks deceptively easy.  In reality it is a very difficult inlet, with strong current and terrible chop.  Watch for the 32’ fixed bridge and shoaling.  The inlet is well marked but not recommended.

GPS Numbers:***
N 250 45.500' W 800 07.200’

Nearby Services: Miami Beach Marina (305) 673-6000

See Aerial Photo

The Bottom Line On Miami Harbor Inlet: Wide and deep inlet is easy to navigate.  Watch out for large ships.

Information: Inlet is located near the city of Miami Beach.  It’s called “Miami Harbor Entrance” or “Bar Cut.”  The inlet is used by a major port.  It is wide and maintained to a depth of 41 feet.  Water outside the jetties can be turbulent, but are manageable inside.

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All information on this page is for general information purposes only.  It is not for navigation.
All information on this page is for general information purposes only.  It is not to be used for navigation.
All information on this page is for general information purposes only.  It is not to be used for navigation.
All information on this page is for general information purposes only.  It is not to be used for navigation.
All information on this page is for general information purposes only.  It is not to be used for navigation.
All information on this page is for general information purposes only.  It is not to be used for navigation.