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Who were the parent and siblings of Honora Manning? She married Robert Finn on Nov. 30, 1847 at Holy Trinity, Torbay.

Who were the parents of this Mary Ryan? Mary Ryan married Michael Walsh before 1914. They had Michael Walsh Jr. and he married Anne Roche in 1938. Anne is the daughter of John Joseph and Catherine Druken Roche. Michael & Anne Roche Walsh had Mary E., Michael Gerald, David, Cyril, Catherine Maureen, and Paul Michael.
One guess is: She was Mary E. Ryan, born in 1885, daughter of Patrick Joseph and Anne Mariah Bolger (Bulger) Ryan.

Answer Thanks to Robert Glynn we now know for certain this Mary was Mary Ellen Ryan, daughter of Pat Ryan & Anne Bolger and that Michael Walsh was the son of William Walsh and Catherine Lawlor. Thanks Bob!

Larry & Julia Ryan Whealen had at least six children, Patrick, Matthew, Mary, Bridget, Katheline and Annie. Does anyone know who the children of Larry & Julia Whealen married, or present day descendants?

Who were the parents and siblings of Peter Gosse and Mary Anne Bradbury?

Here is a reply from Carl Galeana:

Regarding the Parents of Mary Ann Bradbury. Hopefully this will help and maybe find closure and help in future research. It seems everyone is trying to find this tie to MaryAnn. From everything I gather and I have worked on this a lot in the past few months and spent a lot of time of the phone with Jake (Bradbury) and I re-asked him the same questions at different times trying to see if there were changes in his response, which there was not. Here is what I think:

I believe that Mary Ann is not the wife of Peter Gosse. Mary Ann's parents were John Thomas Bradbury and Mary Donovon. They lived on what is now Ryan's lane. I believe that he may have even lived in his Father and Mother's house which survived until about ten years ago when it was torn down. That house being the house of John Bradbury and Mary Shea. Jake does not recall Mary Ann being married and if she was, it was not in Torbay as she went away to NYC when she was in her early twenties. She never came home again as far as Jake remembers. Now there was a girl named Margaret(Mag) Gosse who was living with/adopted by? John Thomas Bradbury and Mary Donovon. She was in fact the daughter of Peter Gosse who lived down on the Bauline Line. Jake is sure that Margaret Gosse was not the daughter of Mary Ann or her other sister Rita who married Will Martin. I figure that 1. there was possibly another daughter or 2. She was just adopted. Jake remembers Mag well. She was about five or six years older than Jake and also went away to the States (Jake thinks NYC, and this was common then). She came home one time and was hanging out with the black Charles Tapper, and was thrown by a horse with Jake right there and it's a funny story which but Jake remembers it like it was yesterday. Margaret called both Mary Ann and Rita "Aunt". Jake does know for a fact that Peter Gosse's first wife died and thinks it COULD be a Bradbury, but only based on the fact that Mag was living with John Bradbury and Mary Donovon. In those days many people were taken in who were not related, anything is possible. Peter's second wife was a Furlong, I believe from Pouch Cove. They had a few children that I know of. One being Robert Gosse who lived next door to Peter Gosse on the Bauline Line. the other two were girls: 1. Molly Gosse, who married Mike Thorne and 2. Marie, who never married and Jake believes died young at around 14 or 15. Has anyone checked with Robt. or Molly? That is all I have in my file on Peter Gosse, but it may explain why there is no marrge record. One thing Jake is sure of however, is that Mary Ann was not the Mother. Any thoughts on this?

From Pat J

One thing that needs to be pointed out here is when people were referred to as "black", such as black Charles Tapper or black Jim Gosse, it was to identify them from the other Charles Tappers or Jim Gosses of the area. Perhaps their hair and eyes were darker than the others.
I can also add a few things to this story:

This listing is from the 1921 Census. Ann O'Toole was Anastasia Bradbury. She and Terry raised not only Ellen Gosse but also my Aunt Rose Ryan and Rich Riely (O'Riely). My Aunt Rose is in her mid 70's and her brother, Joe Ryan is in his mid 80's. Uncle Joe lived with a McGuire family from 1930 to 1937. Ellen Gosse was already moved away by the time Aunt Rose has memory but she and Uncle Joe say that the parents of Helen/Ellen/Nell were Peter Gosse and Mary Anne Bradbury. Mary Anne died in childbirth in 1906 when their daughter Margaret was born, according to Don Lopes. Helen was his Mother-in-law. Helen would have been three at the time of her mother's death. Aunt Rose and Uncle Joe said Helen had a sister, Maggie, who lived with other members of the Bradbury family as did Maggie Murphy. They went on to connect the Murphy's for me. As it turns out, one of these Murphys' raised his family a few doors from where I grew up in St. John's. I remember the children. Here in the 1921 census is proof of all they told me. This John Bradbury is John Thomas Bradbury, son of John and Mary Shea Bradbury and brother to Anastasia Bradbury Toole. Mary, the wife of John Thomas, is Mary Donovan. The child, Margaret Murphy was a niece of Mary Donovan. John Thomas did have a daughter, Mary Anne Bradbury, but I don't think this is the mother of Helen. Uncle Joe said the father, Peter Goss, was from the Bauline Line and married a Furlong woman. True. Peter's second wife was Margaret Furlong. Peter and Margaret were married Nov. 4, 1909. They had four children that I know of, two of whom were twins. If my records are correct, this Peter and his first wfie, Mary Anne, had twelve children... making a total number of children for Peter sixteen. I'm not surprised that so many people are attempting to find the right story about Mary Anne and Peter!

The census say Maggie Goss was born in 1904 not 1906 but I have found lots of errors among these census. From the 1921 Census for Torbay:

O'TOOLE, Terrence M Head Married 1861 Jun 60 Torbay
O'TOOLE, Ann F Wife Married 1871 Aug 50 Torbay
O'TOOLE, Mary F Daughter Single 1902 May 19 Torbay
O'TOOLE, Ellen F Daughter Single 1905 Apr 16 Torbay
O'TOOLE, Alice F Daughter Single 1909 Jun 12 Torbay
GOSS, Ellen F Niece Single 1903 Jun 18 Torbay

BRADBURY, John M Head Married 1871 June 50 Torbay
BRADBURY, Mary F Wife Married 1875 July 46 St. John's
BRADBURY, Robert M Son Single 1904 Aug 17 Torbay
BRADBURY, Mary F Daughter Single 1906 Mar 15 Torbay
BRADBURY, Retia F Daughter Single 1909 June 12 Torbay
GOSS, Maggie F Niece Single 1904 Aug 17 Torbay
MURPHY, Margret F Niece Single 1914 Sept 7 St. John's
BRADBURY, Catherine F Sister Single 1861 Sept 60 Torbay


Who were the parents of Peter Powers? Peter was the husband of Myria Bradbury. Myria was the daughter of Wm. Thomas and Sarah Anne Whitten Bradbury.

Who were the parents and siblings of William Gosse 1850-1936 and his wife, Mary A. Martin 1846-1927?

Who were the parents and siblings of John Gosse 1797-1860 and his wife Anne Oliver? John and Anne were the parents of William. Do you know of other siblings of William? William married Alice Bradbury. Alice was the daughter of Jonathan.

Who were the parents and siblings of John Frances Thorne? John married Madeline Ryan, daughter of John (Jack) Ryan and Myra Murphy.
Answer: Richard Thorne and Mary Manning.

Who were the parents and siblings of Philip Thorne? Philip was the husband of Stella Ryan.

Philip's father was Peter Thorne b. Jun 1859 and died Sept. 1945. Does anyone know who the wife of Peter was?

Who were the parents and siblings of Sarah Thorne? Sarah was the wife of Timothy Whitty.

My Aunt Rose and Uncle Joe said that Sarah was a sister to Pat Thorne. Pat and his wife Ann Nora used to own the house where Alex Byrne raised his family. When Pat died Ann Nora went to the states and died in the states. They said that Ann Nora was a sister to Matt McGuire.

Who were the parents and wife of James Ryan from Middle Cove? Among his siblings were Richard; Pat 1849-1939 - married Annie Mariah Bulger; Mary, I believe it was this Mary that married Pat Ryan, son of William, from Torbay. Among Jamesí children were Larry and Ellen.

Thanks to Dave Rose for his reply. I now know that the wife of James Ryan was Catherine Whealen and the parents of James were John & Ellen Grace Ryan. I also know that James and Richard's sister, Mary, was indeed my great-grandmother. I have also connected to the fact that another of their sisters was Annie Marie and she married John Roach. John was a brother to our Jim Roache's ancestor. Jim has sent me the descendants of John and Annie Marie Ryan Roach. I will upload it all soon in a Descendants of John Ryan File.


Who were the parents and siblings of James TROY and his wife, Margaret RYAN? Margaret was from Torbay. James and Margaret were the parents of Cornelius and Mary Troy. The daughter of Margaret and James, Mary Troy, was baptized on August 27, 1812 in St.John's at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist. Mary Troy's sponsors were James RYAN and Mary LONG. Mary Troy married Patrick HYNES in St. John's at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist, on Feb. 05, 1839. Mary Troy's Uncle, Rev. Father Edward R. Troy, performed the ceremony. Rev. E. R Troy was the first parish priest of Torbay. An article written by Brother Darcy in the Monitor, (an RC Journal) regarding Rev. Edward TROY, indicates Father Edward Troy was born in County Waterford, Ireland, in 1797. This leads to the assumption that his brother, James, was also born in 1790's in Waterford.
Margaret RYAN and James TROY's son, Cornelius, was baptized on Sept. 25, 1816 at St. John's R.C. Cathedral. The Godparents of Cornelius were John FINN and Judith LONG.

Would Mary Long and Judith LONG be related?

Who was this John Finn? - Godfather of Cornelius Troy. Could John have been the father of my great-great-grandfather, Robert Finn. Robert was born circa 1825. According to Seary's book, "Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland" John was a fisherman of Torbay, 1794-5, born in Newfoundland. (census 1794-5>

Who were the parents of this James Ryan?... James the Godfather of Mary Troy.

Who were the parents of Mary Long?... Mary the Godmother of Mary Troy.

Clare Long was the wife of Wm. Ryan, son of Martin Ryan. Are Mary, Judith and Clare Long related?

Who were the parents and siblings of Mary Anne Flemming, 1837 to at least 1921? Mary Anne was the wife of Martin Ryan.

Who was the mother of Martin Ryan, 1837-1903? Martinís father was William Ryan.

Who were the parents and siblings of these folks:

Taken from Torbay Burial Records 1911-1934

Pat Quigley D: March 21, 1912

John Quigley D: April 11, 1913 Stomach complaint

Elizabeth Quigley D: Feb. 21, 1914 Age 24

Ellen Quigley D: Oct. 25, 1915 Age 71

James Quigley D: Dec. 22, 1916 Age 25 Consumption

Michael Quigley D: May 22, 1930 Age 41 T.B.

Margaret Quigley D: June 28, 1930 T.B.

Reply from Gene Quigley:
Hello Pat:
I interviewed Pat Lynch age 84 of Torbay. He went to school with Margaret. She is the daughter of Mr. Thomas Quigley and Catherine Morey.




Ken, Linda Pinglora and Pat S. Do you know Kevin? I think he may be your cousin.

Kevin Baldwin
Kevin wrote:
Subject: BALDWIN
Hi am researching my family. William Baldwin and Marie Cole are my 2nd Great Grandparents I am looking for any info I can on the family tree. I have my Cole line done thanks to the gedcom I found on this web site. I believe that William's father was David and his Mother's name was Mary Butt. Any help about my family would be greatly appreciated.
Kevin Baldwin


Kimo Ward
Subject: POWER Family
Does anyone have data on the parents and siblings of the Patrick POWER?
Aloha & Mahalo
Wed. Oct. 21, 1896
POWER - At Torbay, Monday morning, Jane, the beloved wife of Patrick POWER, aged 56 years. She leaves a husband, three daughters and three sons to mourn their sad loss.


M.P. (Pat) Grant writes:

My EUSTACE line is from THOMAS EUSTACE who married HESTER ANN(ESTER)WILLIAMS.He was born June 8,1845 in Torbay the son of JAMES EUSTACE circa 1810 and ELLEN ?. James died 9 Feb 1882 in Torbay. We think he was the son of James and Charity Eustace born 1782 bap 27 Feb 1872 and that this James was the son of JAMES and GRACE (nee COX) EUSTACE who were married 28 Nov 1777 in St. John's. All of this came to me from a THOMAS EUSTACE who lives in BC and I do not have proofs back beyond my own grandfather who was JOHN HENRY EUSTACE born 31 Aug 1885 and baptised Cof E. One of his grandmothers was RC because he used to drive her in the carriage to her church when she got older. I do know that there are at least 2 branches of EUSTACE in Nfld. One from Ireland and one from the Devon area in England. In my family line I do not have any plain Ann or Anne's. James and Charity had a daughter MARY ANNE EUSTACE born 5 May 1816 baptised 16 June 1816 and a notation on the baptismal certificat reads"I don't think Eustace is a christian name of this child" which causes me to wonder as EUSTACE is a family name not a Christian or baptismal name We also have the mystery of the wife of JOHN JAMES EUSTACE . He married an AGNES THORNE on 17 Nov 1883 John James and as Ann Thorne were witnesses to the marriage of GEORGE EUSTACE and CAROLINE WEIR on 3 June 1882. AGNES was also known as MARY ANN THORNE. And she(we think) was married to THOMAS COLE Their first child was named Agnes and the youngest was SAMUEL born in 1884.Thomas Cole was lost and sea and according to family stories Mary Ann(Agnes) married again and this husband was also lost at sea. There is a record in the Ledger newspaper in St. John's that reported the marriage of Miss Ann Thorne married to a Robert Pretty by the Rev. Lind on 23 Nov 1856. The EUSTACE's are connected to COLE,BRADBURY,CLEMENTS,CODNER,SAMMS,GALLOPS,WILLIAMS and others. In Torbay, Petty Harbour, Pouch Cove, Portugal Cove,Codroy and North Sydney etc. If you can fill in some of my blanks I would appreciate it very much.


Ken Schneider reply:

This is an intriguing possiblilty. Mary Ann(e) Thorne Cole was my Ggmother. Our family story is that he died at sea. If, indeed, he died while Mary Ann(e) was pregnant with my great uncle Samuel Cole, and she married John James Eustace, there may be a narrow window of time in which to search for some notice of his death at sea. Samuel was born August 29, 1884. Agnes and John James were married November 17, 1883. This would require a 10 months' gestation if the dates are right! In any event, Tom could not have been very cold in his grave.
I grew up remembering that my Ggmother's name was Agnes, not Mary Ann(e) as is proven in the marriage records, so I guess she was known mostly as Agnes. What puzzles me is that the above marriage records did not include her Cole marriage name, as she would have been a recent widow. I remember Uncle Sam very well, as he and his family and some of his children and grandchildren (my first cousins) lived in Rutherford, NJ with me. The were Protestants, so we did not mix very much in those days because his brother (my Grandfather, Uriah Joseph Cole) turned Roman Catholic. However, Sam was definitely known as a Cole and not as a Thorne or a Eustace. I am quite sure that my siblings and I never heard of any Eustace relatives in Newfoundland.
This history note concerning the marriage of Mary Ann Hammond to John Joseph Cole, (a son of my GGgrandfather Thomas, by his first wife Jane Bishop, before he married Mary Ann Thorne) shows a John James Eustace among the witnesses. Per Pat Grant, "JOHN JAMES EUSTACE was born on 4, October 1855 in Torbay,Nfld. He was baptised on 28 Oct.1855 in Torbay. He died 24 Dec.1884. He was married to AGNES THORNE on 17 Nov 1883. [two days after marriage of Mary Ann and John]. She was born mid 1800's.Children of John James and Agnes were..WILLIAM ALEXANDER EUSTACE born 6 June 1885. He was baptised 14 June 1885. He died 24 March 1908.
Is it possible that John James Eustace, who was witness to my GGgrandfather Thomas' first wedding, subsequently married the widow of Thomas' son? I have some doubts, but many of my family birth dates are not documented with birth certificates.

-- Kenneth Cole Schneider

11/14/00 - l.r.tilley@roadrunner.nf.net
My family were farmers in Middle- Cove,St.John's Newfoundland. I would like to know more about my family. My great- grandfater.... John Kinsella was married to Mary Power Roche...they had 3 chrildern.... Phillip my grandfather married to Annie Quigley of Torbay....Catherine... I know she moved to Rhode Island ..... and Mary Kinsella who married Nicholas Quigley of Torbay they two had married and moved away I do believe.


When giving an answer, please try to provide a source of your information. I know the census and records are not in abundance for Newfoundland. There are records at Holy Trinity Parish going back to nearly the beginning of the establishment of the church. In many cases, if it wasn't for the ability of Yvonne Powers, the parish secretary, to read these registries, we wouldn't know what they said! Many of our sources are from the memory of our elders. Many times the records are just not there. Always attempt to verify any data you gather. I think a few old professional genealogist are turning in their graves with this brain storming approach to genealogy!

Here are a few suggestions for getting answers:

Check your own files, and don't overlook witnesses to your ancestors marriages and godparents.

When doing your own research, bring this list with you. You may run across a name or two.

Print this list out and bring it or mail it to older relatives... Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc.

Post this list at different places around Torbay... The Museum & the Town Hall. Ask Father Butler if we can post a copy on the bulletin board at Holy Trinity Parish and also ask at St. Nicholas. Ask Catherine Coady if we can put a copy on her bulletin board at Coady's Eatery! Once in awhile update the copies.

Newfoundland & Labrador GenWeb Site. There may be some clues in the 1921 Census, which I, along with Sue O'Neill, purchased and transcribed. They are posted at the NF GenWeb. There are not many complete census for Torbay.

If you have and would like to contribute other census, directories, data from church records, land grants or wills, please contact me.

My name is Pat Jenkins, Click here if you would care to...

For those reading this from a printout, my e-mail address is: bjenkins@clco.net

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