Flamingus Fakus Americanus Here it is...hot off the keyboard...you asked for it! Phoenicopterus Ruber, The American Pink Plastic Flamingo... Universal Symbol of Good Taste and Psychometric Excellence for 40 Years. An American Classic... Yes.... It's those classics of tackydom, the flower garden variety of Pennsylvania flamingos, gracefully formed in hot pink plastic. 

This guy has optional feet! If you want to make Ms/Mr Flam look like he is ankle deep in salt water, and make piecing easier, just leave off his little pink feet. And, if you hate itty-bitty piecing like I do, make the beak section one piece and just use a permenant pen to color in his big humpy beak. Don't forget to *dot its eye* ...hahaha...

Now you all know that flamingos are only as pink as the food they eat so the colors vary from here to there, so you can make him light pink or bright pink or even white pink. I would make the wing section middle #3 lighter or darker flamingo pink for a little demension...have fun!
Patterns are here but first you have to suffer through my antics to get them!
Flamingo to the left
Flamingo to the right

Kylie with pet flamingos
Our rules here... 
#1 You can never have too much fun 
#2 You must always wear a fashionably loud shirt!
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