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That's me in 1990 ,while serving with the Royal Regiment of Canada.

Crest of the Royal Regiment of Canada (Fort York Armoury, Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

Me again , during the "bushmasters course"

My section after a typical summer field training.

Both of my Grandfathers fought as soldiers during some of the most brutal battles of WWI and WWII. One of them died on the battlefield , the other one while the Reds were still in power in Poland. To their memory I want to offer this brief section.

Logo of the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division , which was a part of 2nd Polish Corps of the British 8th Army.

Second Lieutenant STANISLAW SEKULA, officer of the 4th. Company, 18th Lwow Rifles Battalion, 6th Lwowska Infantry Brigade, 5th Kresowa Infantry Division, Polish 2nd Corps, British 8th Army. Avoids being executed by the Soviets due to his then rank of private (almost all officers taken into Russia in 1939 as P.O.W's were shot). As a member the army of Gen. Anders manages to leave Siberia and ends up in Kirkuk in Iraq where whatever is left of the force comes under British command and gets restructured. Together with 5th Kresowa lands in Italy (late1943 or early 1944). During the battle of Monte Cassino,commands a platoon and is wounded. For his actions during the battle he was awarded "Order of Virtuti Militari" , Italy Star and a Combat Cross (Krzyz Walecznych). Killed in action on July 3rd 1944, while leading the troops during the battle for the small town of Centofinestre. His grave is at the Polish cemetery in Loreto near Ancona. Died without ever seeing his only son (and my father) who was born after his mobilization to army in 1939.

Stan Sekula in 1939, at the infantry training camp in Kowel (Eastern Poland).

My grandfather (in the desert hat) in Kirkuk, Iraq (1943).

Stanislaw Sekula with two of his comrades before their unit's departure for Italy (Jerusalem 1943).

This is probably the last photograph ever taken of my grandfather (Italy 1944).

My father at my grandfather's grave in 1985.

Monte Cassino Veterans Search Engine

STEFAN WOZNIAK . Volounteered for service at the age of 18. Soldier of the Polish Legion (Legiony Polskie) under the Austrian command during WWI. Belonged to the Light Mounted Artillery Regiment (part of the Cavalry Brigade). Fought against Russians on all southern parts of the Eastern Front, including the offensive in Galicja. Awarded the Combat Cross as well as Independence Cross. After the war involved with the para-military organization "Sokol" which was training Polish youth in the basics of military readiness. Too old to be called upon in 1939, he concentrated on supporting his wife and 3 daughters. He died in the late 1970's in a country for whose freedom generations gave their lives and yet those who lived in it could hardly call it "Free".

Stefan Wozniak while in the School of Artillery, Obersdorf near Vienna, 1915.

Stefan after his return from the front in 1919.

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