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Allied Cemetery in Tobruk , graves with pointed tops belong to fallen Polish soldiers.

The main cross of the same cemetery.

Close-up of some Polish graves.

The main entrance.

Monument on the same cemetery of the SBSK (Samodzielna Brygada Strzelcow Karpackich) Brigade, during the All-Saints Holiday Celebrations.

Some more graves of the SBSK soldiers.

The Australian obelisk at the Allied cemetery.

The main view of the British cemetery.

Same place from the opposite side.

French cemetery, the main entrance.

One of the field guns at the same cemetry.

Another of the field guns.

French graves, probably defenders of Bir Hakeim.

Inside of the German castle/cemetry, (sorrounding walls are covered with names of DAK soldiers killed in North African campaign).

View from the top of German castle, in the background Tobruk harbour.

Sunset at the Allied cemetary near Sfax, Tunisia.

Still well preserved fraction of the coastal "Via Balbia" (late 1970's)

Above is the so called "Rommel's Cave" in Wadi El-Kuff and below is the view from it on what is left over from "Via Balbia" . I was never able to confirm if Rommel did actually spend any time in the cave but that's what local Libyans claim. (1984-85)

Left and below parts of "Via Balbia" near Appolonia/Susa.

Typical view of the Cyrenaican desert.

El-Beida , town in which our family spent almost 9 years.

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