Our Trip to the Southwest
December-1999  Heath and I (Ray) spent 2 weeks mostly in Arizona, Utah and Colorado taking 24 rolls of film and absorbing all the beautiful scenery. We experienced everything from 0 F. (-18 C.) to 70 F. (21 C.) It never rained and had not really snowed much yet. We went from 1000 ft. elevation up to 10,000 feet. Cold at night and warm in the daytime sun. We experienced some of the cleanest air in the U.S. at Bryce Canyon and saw such deep blue sky it was unreal. We crossed the Navajo Indian land, experienced another culture and saw the rare Bald Eagle in the wild.  Such extremes of beauty and climate.

  Me beside saguaro cactus                                                         Heath looking down on Sedona, Arizona

          near Superstition Mountains
          close to Phoenix, Arizona

Red Tail Hawk north of Phoenix, Arizona                            Heath and Ray at the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Heath at the Grand Canyon


                                 Heath and Ray at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah


                                     Male Mule Deer near Capitol Reef National Park in Utah


                 Ray at Canyonlands National Park                       Heath- 2000 feet above the Colorado River
                        near Moab, Utah


                              Navajo girl at Monument Valley on Arizona-Utah border

 American Bald Eagles in Colorado

Magpie in Colorado

Magpie near Great Sand Dunes in Colorado

Heath at Great Sand Dunes Colorado


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