Walraven Family
                     Walraven Jansen de Vos and Christina Thorrson

Olof Thorsson, sailor, his wife, Elise, his sons, Lars and Olle and his daughter, Christina arrived in New Sweden in 1641, aboard the Kalmar Nyckel (above).

Walraven Jansen de Vos was born ca 1635 in Sweden, (some records say Holland) and came to America about 1656 as a soldier in the service of the Dutch West India Company. In that year it is believed that he married Christina, Sources being Minutes of the Government of New York, minutes of January 16, 1660, and Edward J. Sellers, "Allied Families Delaware, pages l52-153 2nd 159; but there is much conflicting information, and much study would be required to resolve the confusion.  I have seen her name several different ways: Christina Olledotter (her brothers have been listed with the same last name, Christina Tussey Thorsson, and Christina Thorsson. 

As his health was poor Walraven asked for a discharge from the service, and it was signed by Beeckman, Vice Director of the Company in New Amsterdam, January 24, 1660, He retired to raise tobacco on his plantation at Christina, and a family consisting of sons (Gisbert or Gilbert) in some records corrupted to
Jesper; and Jonas, and daughters, Mary, Anna, and Christina. A note Is made that the children of Walraven Jansen de Vos and their descendants consistently used Walraven as their surname, and did not use the rest of the name after the first generation. Walraven is current to the present time in Delaware.

Walraven died about March 1, 1681, and his widow Christina, married as her second husband the Swedish surgeon, Tymen Stedham, and they are carried in the records of holy Trinity Church for the rest of their lives.

Christina Tussey (Thorsson) Walraven Stedham died before March 13, 1698, when her will was filed for probate.

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Settlers Arriving on the Kalmar Nyckel 1640 -
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Children of Walraven Jansen De Vos and Christina Thorrson:

Aeltie 'Elsie' WALRAVEN b: in New Castle Co, Delaware
Maria 'Mary' WALRAVEN
Christina WALRAVEN
Hendrick WALRAVEN b: ABT 1656 in New Castle Co, Delaware
Gisbert WALRAVEN b: ABT 1659 in New Castle Co, Delaware
Jonas WALRAVEN b: ABT 1672
"The Walraven Family, 1635-1993, The Descendants of Walraven
Jansen De Vos"

Author: Compiled by
Mary Nell Walraven Ash, Annandale Virginia
Publication: 1996
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Hendrick Walraven's wife is unknown.  He died about 1715 in Appoquinimink Creek, New Castle Co, Delaware.

His children were:

Peter WALRAVEN b: in New Castle Co, Delaware
Cornelius WALRAVEN b: in Appoquinimink Hundred, New Castle Co, Delaware
Peter Walraven married Tenneken Koren (or Tanne Van Horen). He died 13 OCT 1713 in St. Georges Hundred, New Castle Co, Delaware and was buried there.

Their children were:

Jacob WALRAVEN b: ABT 1708 in Dragon Swamp, New Castle Co, Delaware
Johannis John WALRAVEN b: 1710 in St. Georges Hundred, Dragon Swamp New Castle, New Castle Co, Delaware
Isaac WALRAVEN b: ABT 1712 in Dragon Swamp, New Castle Co, Delaware
Johannis John married Susanna Margat(?)

Their children were:

Susannah WALRAVEN b: 1743 in New Castle Co, Delaware
John WALRAVEN b: 1745 in Appoquinimink, New Castle Co, Delaware
Margaret WALRAVEN b: 1749 in New Castle Co, Delaware
William WALRAVEN Sr. b: BEF 1755 in New Castle Co, Delaware
Elias WALRAVEN b: 1753 in New Castle Co, Delaware
William Walraven married Mary - last name unknown.  They moved to Harrison Co., Ohio, sometime before 1805. His family were among the first church members at the Methodist Episcopal Church in South Branch of Short Creek, Harrison Co., Ohio.

According to a deed signed Jan. 13, 1806, in Jefferson Co., Ohio,  Joseph & Sarah Holmes deeded land to William Walraven.  He deeded land to John Walraven Feb. 25, 1809. His will was filed Sept. 25, 1810, in Short Creek Twp., Jefferson Co., Ohio.
According to the 1820 Short Creek Twp. Census, Harrison Co, Ohio, the Walraven household contained:
William Walraven
Males, one under 10, one 18-26, Females, three under 10, one
16-26, one 26-45, one in agriculture.

Their children were:

Elias WALRAVEN b: in Harrison Co, Ohio
Providence WALRAVEN b: 15 SEP 1799 in New Castle Co, Delaware
John WALRAVEN b: ABT 1784
William WALRAVEN Jr. b: 1797 in Maryland?
Susannah Walraven was born and married Thomas English (b. Dec. 2, 1798 ) Oct. 20, 1820 in Harrison Co., Ohio.The marriage was officiated by Thomas Dickerson, a J. P. and Methodist evangelist.

The children of Thomas English and Susanna Walraven were:

Patrick English:  Born Ohio

Mary D. English:  Born Aug 8 1821 - Ohio
                            Married 1849 - James Lott Smith

Harriet English:  Born about 1824 - Ohio
                           Married 1850 - Elias Walraven

Jared Parish English:  Born Dec. 4, 1825 - Ohio
                                    Married 1847 - Mary Arbuthnot Lyons
                                    Married        -  Louisa Buckner Pope
                                    Died Oct. 20, 1897 - Greene County, Indiana

Thomas Dunn English:  Born June 24, 1827 - Ohio
                                       Married 1850 - Rachel Rice Talley
                                       Died Oct. 18, 1882 - Greene Co., Indiana

Nancy R. English:  Born Abt. 1829 - Ohio
                             Married 1855 - Edward S. Hunt
                             Died Oct. 20, 1897

William W. English:  Born about 1832 - Ohio
                                 Married 1856 - Sarah J. Anderson
                                 Died about July 4 1900 - NE

John English:  Born: 1834 - Ohio
                       Died 1888
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Walraven Jansen De Vos and Christina Thorrson
Henrick Walraven and wife
Peter Walraven and Tenneken Koren
Johannis Walraven and Susanna Margat
William Walraven and Mary
Susannah Walraven and Thomas English
Thomas Dunn English and Rachel Rice Talley
Albert Dunn English and Laura Markle
Mariah Floe English and Raymond Roudebush
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