WELCOME TO STAMOUERS OF SOUTH AFRICA - Many South Africans whose ancestors lived at the Cape are part of one big extended family. The custom of referring to seniors as "oom" or "tannie" is not just out of respect but in deed reflect the reality of our close familial bond and the small collective genetic pool. South African Stamouers / progenitors came from Africa, Europe, Asia and other places. Some were VOC workers, free settlers, Huguenot, Slaves and Indigenous. This web page provides the following information -

1. Stamouers who lived at the Cape prior to 1795. To get a surname click on the alphabet below.
2. The VOC - History, Structure, Recruitment, Ships, Sailing to the Cape, Positions and Payment, Punishment, Trade. A section on the VOC Institutions at the Cape - The Fort, Hospital, Garden, Church, and Slave Lodge.
3. Slaves - The world of the Cape Slave. Stamouer families who had slave connections. Glossary of the World of Slavery
4. Indigenous
5. Burghers
Huguenot - Contribution to SA and a list of family names
7. Churches - Information on the early Churches, and list of Dutch Reformed Churches at the Cape
8. Place Name Index - Information on meaning of place name in South Africa
SA-Rulers - A list of the VOC Governors to the present President and Premiers
Beroepe - Information on occupations such as sick comforter/ sieketrooster
Arrivals - A list of ships and some early arrivals to the Cape
Stamouers in Pama - list of family names in Pama

Some facts about our stamouers / progenitors, who were at the Cape prior to 1795.

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